UFO Digest Newsletter August 15, 2013

This week Christian Mace submits 3-more oddities on Mars. Examine the photos yourself and be the judge. Next, Diane Tessman reports on Zombie Comets from the Comet graveyard. Then, Doc vega reports on more unsettling facts about Dulce. Chris Holly is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Next, Carolyn Shield reveals video proof of a water elemental! Seeing is believing. New contributors Terry Mejdrich writes about big-eyed aliens, and Jeffrey G. Roberts reports on the face on Mars. Scott Corrales is back with another video of a UFO over the Popocatepetl Volcano.Another new contributor Jose Antonio Cangco writes about UFOs and Alien Matters. Shy Brown continues her On Top Of The Roof series. I report on a MUFON sighting and Raelians. Ron Murdock writes about unreality. Christine Day Reviews ‘Pleiadian Principles for Living‘ and Peter Kapnistos writes about King Solomon’s gold. Finally, Paul Schroeder pens an article about the Ark of the Covenant and reptilian aliens. Enjoy Dirk



MANY BUILDINGS DISCOVERED ON MARS by Christian Macé. The photo that interests us here, on this official website. It was taken by the robot on the ground on Mars “Curiosity” on August 12, 2013 and posted on the official website August 13, 2013. The coordinates are: MastCam Left, SOL 361. I said and extended the suspect area. It shows a set of well-geometric constructions: rectangular building height, horizontal rectangular building, a large horizontal cylinder, dome … : More… Also read: CURIOSITY ON MARS CAPTURES ANOTHER ODDITY! Also: STRANGE TANK-LIKE VEHICLE ON MARS?

ZOMBIE COMETS ARISING FROM COMET GRAVEYARD by Diane Tessman. Comets which scientists assumed were “dead,” having melted and otherwise disintegrated in their long journeys around the Solar System, are coming back to life, their cores re-forming. More…

THE FACE ON MARS CONTROVERSY by Jeffrey G. Roberts . Around 2035, an interplanetary craft from Earth will touch down in an area of the Northern hemisphere of Mars; an area known as – Cydonia. Location: 9.5 degrees W. longitude, 41 degrees N. Latitude. And as the crimson sands of the Martian deserts wail across the cold forbidding plains -90 F., what will the emerging crew see before them? That al depends upon what the Viking I orbiter saw in that exact same area, fifty-nine years earlier, on July 25th, 1976. More… Also read: THE FACE ON MARS CONTROVERSY – PART II

MORE UNSETTLING FACTS ABOUT DULCE PART VI by Doc Vega. In our last segment of a remarkable journey taking us back to the darkest moments of unofficial history where government policy was forged from mysterious and critical hidden knowledge that shaped our society in many unseen ways, more facts are unearthed. In the wake of a ferocious firefight waged by the non-human underground inhabitants of the Archuletta Mesa and elements of the 1940 Army Air Corps Muroc Expedition, a new approach was adopted. More…

I’M MAD AS HELL AND NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE! by Chris Holly. II continue to watch the sky and continue my amazement at what goes on over our heads with little or no notice by the society living below! My family and I watch as incredible displays of strange large clouds or long lines of lingering cloud like mists covers the sky for miles until it forms with other sprayed mists to develop a complete cloud cover. We watch as without any effort to conceal what they are doing jets turn on and off the spraying so there is no question to what they are doing. It is a display that is enormous and flamboyant. Without hesitation they openly go about the business of changing our sky and most likely weather and environment. More…

AMAZING NEW JAPAN TSUNAMI VIDEO MAY REVEAL WATER ELEMENTAL by Carolyn Shield. A video released may show two Undine water elementals frightened and climbing out of the water. They appear white misty creatures who are very frightened and climb out of the rushing waters. Viewers have spotted two of these mystical and beautiful creatures of water. One is seen 10:40 to 10:52 and climbing out of the water into a building. Another undine was spotted in frame 11:21 climbing over a roof in the background. Elementals are mythological creatures reported by the alchemist Paracelsus. Four types exist water elementals are called undines, earth elementals are called gnomes, fire elementals are called salamanders, and air elementals are called sylphs. Paracelsus describes in his book Liber de Nymphis, sylphis, pygmaeis et salamandris et de caeteris spiritibus how amazing these mystical beings are intertwined with the Earth. More…

UFO OCCUPANTS AND BIG-EYED ALIENS by Terry Mejdrich. The term UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) has become synonymous with extraterrestrial beings, and the phenomenon goes way back in human history. Long before humans took to the air, first in lighter than air balloons and then with the Wright brothers’ controlled and powered flight, people had reported strange and unexplained objects in the sky. Ancient civilizations and even biblical accounts have stories of UFOs coming down to earth. Some accounts talk about ‘angels’ coming from above. Were these angels actually extra-terrestrial beings? Did they come with advice on how to survive human adolescence? More…

ANOTHER UFO PHOTOGRAPHED OVER THE POPOCATEPTL VOLCANO by Scott Corrales. Majestic and imposing Popocatepetl, the Mexican volcano, has returned to the world’s headlines as a result of a strange unidentified flying object having been photographed in its vicinity. The mountain, which has acquired notoriety since last year as a result of the multiple and enigmatic photo sequences of UFOs taken over its crater, is once more a mute witness to these anomalous phenomena. This time, a fixed camera from the “Webcamsdemexico” site, which monitors activity at “Don Goyo” – the mountain’s nickname” – captured an object following an erratic trajectory. More…

UFO AND ALIEN MATTERS by Jose Antonio Cangco. Recently, I have been watching a DVD about aliens and the show was a bit discouraging. It amazes me how scientists and researchers come up with all sorts of theories, explaining UFOs and alien visitations. A lot of their theories were more fantastic than the phenomena they were investigating. To name a few of these farfetched conjectures, the researchers said that aliens moved from the planet Mars to Earth after Mars became an inhospitable planet; aliens come from the future and are visiting Earth because this planet is their past, aliens bred with snakes (because a lot of artifacts showed winged serpents and flying snakes); they can do time travel – in the past and into the future – physically. More…

ON TOP OF THE ROOF by Shy Brown. There were a few times when Joey and I went up on the roof. We climbed a skinny ladder attached to the television antenna to get up there. Once there, I felt we were in a magical world. More…

MUFON SIGHTING OF UNKNOWN OBJECT REPORTED OVER PUGET SOUND by Dirk Vander Ploeg. An Oak Harbor couple watched an object they could not identify in the night sky above Puget Sound two weeks ago. Isha Hendricks reported the very unusual object to the Mutual UFO Network, known as MUFON, becoming one of a growing list of Whidbey Island residents to describe unexplained lights in the sky. More… Also read: RAELIANS OF UFO FAME WISH TO REHABILITATE THE SWASTIKA!

UNREALITY AT ITS WORST by Ron Murdock. Keeping an eye on the paranormal has been a hobby of mine since I’ve been a youngster. With the recent flurry of paranormal shows hitting the small screen, it’s given me the opportunity to see how things are developing in this field. I’ve been rather diappointed on the questionable material and psychic pollution these shows come out with. The sky is the limit here but that’s probably not a good thing here. It’s as if credible information is set aside, making what is left very doubtful to believe in. If this trend continues, will future paranormal shows start resembling the worst of TV day time talk shows? More…

PLEIADIAN PRINCIPLES FOR LIVING: YOUR NEXT STEP by Christine Day. You are meant in this lifetime to change the dynamic, the relationship with your humanness to self love; from a 3rd dimensional stand point of separation and self condemnation to a 4th and 5th dimensional experience of self love; of accepting yourselves in your humanness with your vulnerabilities and your imperfections. More…

THE ISLE OF SOLOMON’S GOLD by Peter Fotis Kapnistos. The gold of King Solomon is perhaps the greatest lost treasure in history. A mountain of gold was supposedly taken from the fabulous mines of Solomon, who constructed the first temple of Israel out of gold from the land of Ophir. More…

THE ARK OF THE COVENANT INCLUDING REPTIAN ALIENS by Paul Schroeder. The O.T.Bible has stories within, identical to and taken from Sumerian writings 7,000 years before Israel: The Commandments, some “rules” in Leviticus, the garden of Eden, the Great Flood, and The Creation of Earth; do those facts impune the Old Testament’s legitimacy, as God’s word? More…

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UFO Photographed Over the Popocatepetl Volcano – https://www.ufodigest.com/video/ufo-photographed-over-popocatepetl-volcano

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