This week we mourn the loss of Jesse Marcel Jr. a key player in the Roswell incident. Kevin Randle writes about the man he knew. Then Robert D. Morningstar and Jerry Wills pay tribute to the Kevin Smith, world renown radio host and UFO investigator. Next, Sean Castell reports on Paola Harris and human looking ETs. Then, Ed Komarek writes about a Galactic Cultural Center. Alfred Lambremont Webre believes the NSA wants to spy on the entire planet. Bob Morrison informs us about his strange life with UFOs and aliens. Edward Crabtree introduces directed panspermia with paleo contact. Regan Lee is back writing about layers of paranormal theories. Paul Shishis is studying the sky and has more evidence of UFOs. Diane Tessman explores life after death. Scott Corrales files three reports on the strange. I report on a strange video of a UFO and the discovery of footprints and sky people in rock. Chris Holly reports that orange lanterns are being confused with UFOs. Doc Vega is back and submits three articles: more about Dulce and UFO sightings. I write about a crashing UFO and footprints and sky people. Intersted in hidden treasure and ancient artifacts. Well we have a story for you. Regan Lee reports on conspiracy theories on C2C. Paul Shishis wnts to know if helicopters chase UFOs? Finally, Christian Mace finds more oddities on Mars. Enjoy Dirk

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JESSE MARCEL JR. DIED OF A HEART ATTACK AUGUST 24 by Kevin Randle. I have known Jesse for more than a quarter century. I first met him while we both were in Roswell to film a segment for the old Unsolved Mysteries that aired on NBC. We had gone out to dinner with a number of those in town for the program and since we shared a military background, including that of Army Aviation, we connected immediately. As medical doctor, he was trained as a flight surgeon and I, of course, had been a helicopter pilot. More…

IN MEMORIAM KEVIN SMITH – UFO INVESTIGATOR @ WORLD RENOWN RADIO HOST by Robert D. Morningstar and Jerry Will. It is with a heavy heart, and with great sadness that we announce the passing on Wednesday August 14th, 2013 of our friend and UFO Digest Asian Correspondent, Kevin Smith, the long-time host of The Kevin Smith Show, which was syndicated across the country and around the world for over a decade. More…

JOURNALIST PAOLA HARRIS LECTURES ON THE IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN LOOKING ETS by Sean Casteel. On July 27, 2013, UFO researcher and author Paola Harris spoke to a meeting of the Close Encounter Research Organization International, a group founded and led by hypnotherapist and alien abduction researcher Yvonne Smith. The meeting was held in Thousand Oaks, California, a city just north of Los Angeles, and drew a packed house. More… Also read: JOURNALIST PAOLA HARRIS LECTURES ON THE IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN LOOKING ETS – PART II

DO WE NEED A GALACTIC CULTURAL CENTER? by Ed Komarek. Recently I had heard that Wendelle Stevens claimed to have been approached by an extraterrestrial interested in developing an extraterrestrial cultural center. More… Also read: ET CULTURAL CENTER PART II

NSA SET UP PROGRAM TO SURVEY ENTIRE PLANET by Alfred Lambremont Webre. Press TV has conducted an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, international lawyer, from Kuala Lumpur, about payments by the NSA to Internet companies to cover up the Prism spying program. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview. More…

MY STRANGE LIFE WITH UFOS AND ALIENS by Bob Morrison. For sixty years, four months and 20 days I never knew. Looking back how could I have not known? I should have known but for some reason my thoughts would not take me in that direction. But the reality was I was not ready. It would take 60 years to prepare me for the shock of my life. For most of my adult life I could never figure out why my life was stranger than fiction. More… Also read: MY STRANGE LIFE WITH UFOS AND ALIENS PART II

DIRECTED PANSPERMIA: ESTABLISHED SCIENCE MEETS PALEO-CONTACT by Edward Crabtree. That scenario is, of course, science fiction. In a notorious exchange with the controversialist Ben Stein, however, a respected British ethologist said something that was to create shockwaves. He said: `I could be that at some earlier time, somewhere in the Universe, a civilisation evolved, probably by some kind of Darwinian means, probably to a high level of technology, and designed a form of life that they seeded onto this planet. Now that is a possibility, an intriguing possibility`. More…

LIFE AFTER DEATH: DO WE SET SAIL INTO THE COSMOS? by Diane Tessman. How narrow and limited mainstream science often is! Every now and then, it comes up with a study which says near-death experience such as the consciousness leaving the body and encountering a wondrous “alien” universe – is just a myth. Medical researchers have announced (again) that near-death experience may well be caused by a surge of electrical firing in the dying brain. This new research was done on animals; many of us object to the use of research animals in this way – a subject for another day. More…

POLICEMAN REPORTS UFO PHENOMENON ALONG ROAD TO GERENA, SPAIN by Scott Corrales. Mr. Antonio Márquez, a resident of Gerena, member of the National Police on duty at a commissariat in Seville, kindly visited ufologist Joaquín Mateos Nogales to report the following: “While travelling in my car to Seville from this community of Gerena to join the ranks, I witnessed something unusual at Kilometer 9 of the Gerena Road, at the crossing with the road to Extremadura. The time was 20:45 hours on the night of 6 February 1990. A brilliant, triangular-shaped OBJECT was some 40 meters to the right of the road, at an altitude of approximately 100 meters.” More… Also read: FOLLOW UP – “A STRANGE AND ENORMOUS” FOUR METER FISH WASHES UP ON A BEACH IN VILLARICOS

CONFUSION REIGNS AS UFOS AND ORANGE LANTERNS COMPETE! by Chris Holly. I have been getting emails from all over the country with photo’s attached by people upset by what they saw floating by them in the night sky. I understand how easily the large bright lanterns now available can look like a very strange object aglow in the night sky. As I looked at the photos being sent to me and read the description of how they silently floated together in the sky until they blinked out or some have a flame drop before they blinked out I knew – it was most likely lanterns. More…

BIZARRE LEGEND INCIDENT AT FLAT ROCK by Doc Vega. At the turn of the Twentieth Century an obscure but terrifying event occurred in Australia. At Flat Rock or Ayers Rock as it is also known as in Australia, a mysterious incident occurred that left people horrified over the aftermath and asking questions. Ayers Rock is a strange rock formation that rises high above a predominantly flat surrounding region of desert and arid plains. It is here that a strange event transpired that left a public elementary school teacher and school children in an inexplicable state of shock that leaving them speechless and unable to articulate just exactly what had actually happened! More… Also read: MORE UNSETTLING FACTS ABOUT DULCE PART V And: A 1957 SIGHTING THAT READS LIKE A SCIENCE FICTION ADVENTURE

UNUSUAL CRAFT PLUMMETS TOWARD GROUND by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Margaret Pfeiffer, who states that she lives in west central Georgia, was outside of her house on August 21, 2013 She had her video camera and was recording the aftermath of an electrical storm that had struck her property. More… Also read: FOOTPRINTS IN ROCK REVEAL EVIDENCE OF SKY PEOPLE

SPELLBINDING ACCOUNTS OF HIDDEN TREASURES by Warwick Associates. Why are so many people fascinated by treasure? Is it purely a desire for wealth or is it also the romantic appeal of tales of lost ancient artifacts? Indeed the stories behind certain treasures, especially those looted from their archaeological context, read like a cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond. Such a case is Sevso Treasure, a hoard of 14 large silver vessels from the late Roman Empire, estimated to be worth $200 million on today’s market. More…

LAYERS OF PARANORMAL (CONSPIRACY) THEORIES  by Regan Lee. Michael J. Wood was the first hour’s guest on Coast to Coast last night: “Mike Wood is a PhD student and Associate Lecturer at the University of Kent, Canterbury. His research concerns the relationships between different kinds of conspiracy beliefs, persuasive techniques used by pro-conspiracy-theory and anti-conspiracy-theory advocates online, and conspiracy theories as a worldview or ideology.” More…

DO HELICOPTERS CHASE UFOS? by Paul Shishis. On the following day, August 4th 2013, I was walking my dog in the park In Oshawa when a helicopter appeared into the area shinning it’s bright white light. This had been a constant at night in Oshawa/Whitby and surrounding areas in Durham, Ontario. It is my understanding that it is a Police helicopter monitoring. Yet it’s movements appeared to be searching for something. More…

STRANGE OBJECT PHOTOGRAPHED BY CURIOSITY ON MARS by Christian Macé. Curiosity on Mars photographed this strange form August 23, 2013. I surrounded in white “THING” and I enlarged. could think of a Martian emerges from its “engine”: See the photo here, taken by https://www.ufodigest.com/article/curiosity-mars-0823 robot Curiosity ground August 23, 2013, and posted on the official website this August 23, 2013. More…

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UNUSUAL CRAFT PLUMMETS TOWARD GROUND – https://www.ufodigest.com/video/unusual-craft-plummets-toward-ground
UFO CAPTURED ON VIDEO OVER THE TAJ MAHAL (VIDEO) – https://www.ufodigest.com/video/ufo-captured-video-over-taj-mahal-video 

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