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This week Tony Elliott reports on a mysterious hum heard around the world! Then, Doc Vega claims 1949 was a tough year for Russian test pilots chasing UFOs. Next, Diane Tessman wonders about comet Ison, will it be a dud or a revelation? Carolyn Shield wants you to know that 20 asteroids are heading to earth, but don’t worry. Next, Pat Regan explores the spiritual legacy of our pre-Christian ancestors. Michael Horn wonders if Director James Fox would give Billy Meier $100,000 for proof of UFOS. Scottt Corrales reports on a multilated horse found in Argentina. Dennis G. Balthaser writings about the continuing curiosity of the Roswell incident. Next, Christian Macé is still studying photos of Mars and has found an engine block. I have found and published more UFO news that you can find below. Then, Edward Crabtree reviews Star of Dense Matter by Robert Temple and finally Roger Marsh reports on UFO secrets and leaky intelligence. Also watch this weeks videos immediately following the articles. Enjoy Dirk

Mysterious Hum Heard Worldwide: A Mind Control Operation BY US and UK Governments by Tony Elliott. It seems this year we have yet another strange acoustic event taking place on a worldwide scale, replacing that of the trumpet sounds reported during the latter half of 2011 through 2012. This time, it is a low pitched hum heard by about 1 person in every 50 and mostly experienced by older people above 50 years old. More…

1949 Tough Year for Russian Test Pilots Encountering UFOs by Doc Vega. Attending my first Crash Retrieval Conference master minded by Ryan and Robert Woods in Las Vegas was an incredible experience. Their approach was bold and refreshing and most UFO speakers were compelling. Ryan Woods had a funny and easy going style that relaxed some of the obvious tension around a controversial subject. A guest was there. A Russian expert on aeronautical history, the Cold War, and UFO’s served as one of many speakers to take the podium. More… Also read: More Unsettling Facts About Dulce Part IV

UPDATE COMET ISON: a Dud or a Revelation? by Diane Tessman. Is Comet ISON still coming our way, due to shine brighter than the moon in November, 2013? It is said to possibly be “Comet of the Century,” and is a brand new comet. It has never come by Earth before – and it will be in relatively close proximity! More…

Don’t Panic but 20 asteroids on same path as Russian asteroid that hit Earth by Carolyn Shield. Don’t panic but scientists have announced that twenty asteroids have been spotted on the same trajectory course as the recent Russian asteroid that hit Chelyabinsk. The Russian Urals saw a meteor the size of the house explode causing panic and chaos. No one saw it coming? We have telescopes and satellites and yet no warning to the public. We are getting a heads up from the scientists this time that twenty asteroids have been seen on the same course as the Chelyabinsk. They admit it will take them two years to determine all these asteroids or meteors trajectories. More…

Lughnasadh (Lugh’s Commemoration) by Pat Regan . So, how many curious individuals in contemporary society have ever pondered over the spiritual legacy left behind for us by our pre-Christian ancestors; who once dwelt in the fair green isles of Britain, etc? More…

Surveillance Camera Captures UFO! by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Monday night, security officer Debralee Thomas was watching the camera feed from behind a Gulfshore Boulevard condo building just across the street from Venetian Village, when she noticed strange lights swoop in over the pool. More… Also read: UFOs Invade Dorset Skies And: Diamond Shaped UFO Over Colombia

Director James Fox to Award Billy Meier $100,000 for UFO Proof! by Michael Horn. In February of this year, Mr. Fox made a widely publicized offer announcing that he would reward anyone who could present actual proof of an extraterrestrial spacecraft with the sum of $100,000. While there is no shortage of photos, films and videos of blurry, fleeting, unidentified flying objects, conclusive proof that any are of extraterrestrial origin has been completely absent…with one notable exception. More…

Mutilated Horse Found With Bizarre Incisions in Santiago del Estero by Scott Corrales. Information concerning animals found with strange incisions is constantly received by our working group. This instance involves a horse – found and reported by its owner – in the locality of Fernández, Santiago del Estero. More…

The Continuing Curiosity of the Roswell Incident by Dennis G. Balthaser. When asked how I became interested in UFOs, which I’m asked a lot, my answer is always the same. Some 30 years ago I would lie in the backyard and look up into the night sky, and wonder what might be out there. More…

Strange form on Mars like a engine block by Christian Macé. The photo that interests us here, taken by Curiosity on 04 August 2013 and posted here on the official website on August 5, 2013 .. The details of the photo are: NavCam Right B, SOL 354. Below I circled in black the “THING” and I enlarged. Sounds like a ENGINE BLOCK! While there, the last picture is an example of ENGINE BLOCK More… Also read: UFO filmed in Pornic Loire-Atlantique in France July 31, 2013

Robert Temple: Star of Dense Matter by Edward Crabtree. The Sirius Mystery is a totemic non-fiction work. It was launched almost forty years ago. The book sets forth a dramatic case for humans having made First Contact with intelligent beings from space five thousand years in the past. Considered by many to be the deluxe model among all the Ancient Astronaut theories, it is by Robert Temple. More…

Keeping the Secrets of UFOs is Difficult with Intelligence Leaks by Roger Marsh. U.S. intelligence leaks involving UFO activity seem to be a bit of a quandary for federal government agencies. How do you publicly admonish someone who is passing along information that the same government denies? UFO-Nukes researcher and author Robert Hastings is putting the odd puzzle together, according to a July 30, 2013, press release issued from his website. More…

This Week’s Videos

UFO Caught on Surveillance in Naples, FL – https://www.ufodigest.com/video/ufo-caught-surveillance-naples-fl
Attorney,Author,Futurist and Lecturer,Alfred Lambremont Webre,interviewed.interview – https://www.ufodigest.com/video/alfred-lambremont-webre-interviewed
Circular-Shaped UFO, Very Bright, In Skies Over Leeds, UK – https://www.ufodigest.com/video/circular-shaped-ufo-very-bright-skies-over-leeds-uk

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