As I publish this edition of the UFO Digest Newsletter, the summer marches on and the good weather continues throughout most of North America. Our contributors have submitted some great articles for your reading pleasure. First up is Steve Erdmann who writes about Nick Pope and the Rendlesham Matrix. Next, Jeff Krause reports on the possibility of West Coast UFO bases! Then, Doc Vega continues his epic article concerning the long legacy of military intelligence and flying saucers. Pat Regan contributes two articles this week: the first about the meaning the Pagans gave to the summer months and in the second he describes his book about Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia: the Return of Bremetennacum in relationship to his son, Jason. Next, Jon Kelly reports on how UFO videographers blew the whistle on a culture of denial! Then, Theresa J Morris believes that we have various levels of sentient intelligent beings on this planet and that disclosure will be by those who know that alien civilizations exist. Author William J. Hall writes about how ghost hunters battle a demon at Florida home. Cheryl Costa of the Syracuse NewTimes takes us back to 1954, the UFO Summer of Deja Vu. Finally, Mary Alice Bennett writes about the Alchemical Blackbird of Rennes-Le-Chateau: the Pierre Plantard Tarot. Enjoy Dirk

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THE RENDLESHAM MATRIX  by Steve Erdmann. “In the early hours of December 26, 1980” Airman First Class John Burroughs spotted “strange lights in the forest” of Rendlesham at the Twin U.S Air Force bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge. The twin bases were home to the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing, which in 1980 operated the A-10 Thunder Bolt II aircraft, nicknamed the Warthog. They were part of a large number of USAF bases in the United Kingdom, known as the 3rd Air Force; Bentwaters and Woodbridge operated as a single entry. More...

POSSIBLE WEST COAST UFO BASES  By Jeff Krause. On Sunday August 3rd, I attended the MUFON Los Angeles meeting in Burbank, where Preston Dennett gave his presentation; “Is There an Undersea UFO Base Off the Coast of California?” Mr. Dennett presented much evidence in support of that theory, plus discussed many fascinating cases that have occurred in California. More…

THE LONG LEGACY OF MILITARY INTELLIGENCE AND FLYING SAUCERS – PART IV  by Doc Vega. If the general public were aware of the degree that military intelligence, tampering in domestic affairs, and the intimidation of witnesses that has occurred in the long history of the UFO mystery they would not only be shocked, but would come to understand that our federal government is not always concerned with our best interests. However, for government SOP (standard operating procedure) is usually the utilization of secrecy as a form of power over its people. This policy applies to most nations of the world. As opposed to the hacks and paid trolls who try to convince us that conspiracies don’t exist, you can be assured that they invariably do! More.

LUGHNASADH: TIME OF THE HARVEST  by Pat Regan. July has, in the UK at least, frequently been a time of squally weather and drizzle with little or no respite. What can we deduce though from the ancient and mysterious mythological background associated with August, the late summer month ahead? More…

HOW SUMMER UFO VIDEOGRAPHERS BLEW THE WHISTLE ON A CULTURE OF DENIAL  by Jon Kelly. A new video published to YouTube on July 31, 2014, further substantiates the case for a UFO corridor in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood by revealing luminous discharges from the flight of a tumbling opaque body during early evening hours. A second video published on August 1, 2014, demonstrates what many have suspected all along; that golden orbs over English Bay are executing dramatic turns while crossing midnight skies. At least one inevitable conclusion drawn from such freely-available instrumental findings points to the existence of derelict publicly-funded federal institutions steeped in cult-like legacies of ritual abuse, denial and secrecy. More

ALLIED COUNCIL ORBIT ET CONTACTEE TJ THURMOND MORRIS  by Theresa J Morris. We have various levels of sentient intelligent beings on this planet and off. We are the ones we have been waiting for. The disclosure sought by many will be by those who are in the know that alien civilizations exist. More…

GHOST HUNTERS BATTLE DEMON AT FLORIDA HOME – A TRUE STORY  by William J. Hall. Laura Goodin was distraught. She was exhausted and concerned, fearing she was nearing the end of her rope. “Why us? Why us?” she repeated in her characteristic loud and less than pleasant, voice. It had been her question for many days now but something about it was different that time. Her tone seemed more reflective than before. She lowered her head into her hands and sobbed.  More…

PETER SWIFT AND THE SECRET OF GENOUNIA: THE RETURN OF BREMETENNACUM  by Pat Regan. My time travel ghost story, Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia, was largely based around the ancient Roman settlement in Northern Britain at Ribchester. In those far off days this horse fort was known by the legions as Bremetennacum. The young hero of this mysterious ghost tale is called ‘Peter Swift’ and since I wrote the novel my youngest son, Jason, has to us affectionately become the figure in this book. He also featured on the front cover of the novel. More…

1954 THE SUMMER UFO DEJA VU  by Cheryl Costa. Larry tells us that he was fifteen years old in July of 1954, and he lived in Port Jefferson, NY, on the north shore of Long Island. “The night was clear and moonless; four of buddies and me were walking to a club house on the highest point of Sound Beach.” More…

THE ALCHEMICAL BLACKBIRD OF RENNES-LE-CHATEAU-THE PIERRE PLANTARD TAROT by Mary Alice Bennett. The famous scholar of the Merovingian dynasty, Pierre Plantard of Priory of Sion fame was a draftsman adept at architectural drawing. He left to us five major arcana tarot card drawings which include buildings from Rennes-le-Chateau and Rennes-le-Bains in the backgrounds. This collage is the first of them that I colored to bring them to life, she is the Imperatrice, the Empress. Kissing her foot is a Templar knight whom I believe to be a self-portrait of the artist himself looking out at us. More…

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