This week’s newsletter begins with Chris Holly asking “Is There An Alien/Human War Debate.” Next, Carolyn Shield reports that Congress is in talks about searching for alien life. Then, Scott Corrales writes about more anomalous humanoid figures and interviews a puma hunter about cattle mutilations. Sean Casteel publishes Part II of MAGICKAL BEASTS, GHOSTLY ANIMALS AND WOLVES WALKING LIKE MEN. Pat Regan reports on the Kestrel UFO. Sean Thompson reports on UFOs spotted in Australia. I have chosen several recent MUFON sighting reports to share with our readers. The Examiner’s Jon Kelly writes about filming UFOs using intuition. Christian Macé has found strange circular objects on Mars and more. Ron Murdock is seeking answers and Paul Schroeder share, Twinkle, twinkle, little star… Finally, Igor Bukker writes about Mexico’s Olmecs and the Basalt Disk. Enjoy Dirk Vander Ploeg

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IS THERE AN ALIEN/HUMAN WAR DEBATE? by Chris Holly. Occasionally I find myself in extremely odd circumstances due to the nature of my interests. Last summer I found myself in the middle of an argument between one of the real time abductees I wrote about during the past two years and one of her longtime friends who is an avid UFO enthusiast. More… Also read: IS THERE AN ALIEN/HUMAN WAR DEBATE? – PART II

CONGRESS TALKS ABOUT SEARCHING FOR ALIEN LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS by Carolyn Shield. After years of being laughed at and censored, UFO Digest readers can take comfort that Congress are talking about Aliens. In fact they are discussing giving funding of millions of dollars for that search. The question was asked “Are Earthlings the only life in the galaxy?” Scientists answered this question with a probably not. The James Webb Teleoscope would be looking for “biosignature gasses”. Congressman Bill Posey believes that finding extraterrestial life is just a matter of time. It is about time for Congress to admit to the American people that life probably exists out there in the Universe. Conciousness is beginning to change. More…

THE ANOMALOUS HUMANOID FIGURE OF NOVEMBER 2010 by Scott Corrales. ARGENTINA: While we are still on the lookout for the results of the photo analysis on the towering Necochea “humanoid”, Guillermo Giménez has sent us another photograph – taken on November 10, 2010 – that shows a humanoid silhouette standing in the water (or advancing through the water) also in Necochea. More… Also read: INTERVIEW WITH A PUMA HUNTER REGARDING CATTLE MUTILATIONS Also read: ALLEGED “LUMINOUS ENTITIES” PHOTOGRPAHED IN PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MEXICO – PART II

MAGICKAL BEASTS, GHOSTLY ANIMALS AND WOLVES WALKING LIKE MEN – PART II by Sean Casteel. There is also a wealth of supernatural animal information to be found in the Global Communications book “Timothy Green Beckley’s Big Book of Werewolves: In Reality! In Folklore! In Cinema! And In Lust!.” The book has a chapter by Brad Steiger in which he examines stories of real-life vampires, werewolves and ghouls that are not presented as simple entertaining fiction, but based on factual, historical accounts going back centuries in some cases. On the subject of werewolves, Steiger gives us his usual no nonsense approach. More…

THE KESTREL UFO, PHOTOGRAPHED CLOSE TO RAF WOODVALE AIRBASE by Pat Regan. It was a slightly hot but dull August afternoon in the Ainsdale pinewoods, on the edge of Southport, UK. I could see the RAF base at Woodvale past the tree line. I was taking photographs of all manner of wildlife including butterflies, plants, insects and birds. More…

UFOS SPOTTED OVER MT ANNAN, AUSTRALIA! by Sean Thompson. A Macarthur Chronicle reader has sent in pictures of a mysterious light moving across the sky, which were snapped at 8.30pm on December 1. The reader, a local business owner who did not wish to be named, said she and her family watched the four UFOs pass over their home. More…

MULIPLE SIGHTINGS OF TRIANGLE UFOS by Dirk Vander Ploeg. I take out trash at about 11:30pm every night. The first instance occurred late last spring. I looked up, and saw an outline of an extremely large triangular object with six round white lights on the bottom, moving north with no sound at all. It wasnt moving fast. The second two were about two weeks apart in time, but were the same object. The first time I thought it was a very large piece of plastic rolling along with the wind. But I thought that was strange as it was moving at a high rate of speed. These were both very similar, and spotted both moving the same path from north to south. More… Also read: DIAMOND SHAPED OBECT HOVERS OVER POULTNEY VERMONT Also read: STROBING UFO OFF 1-90 SOUTH DAKOTA

HOW TO FILM UFOS USING INTUITION by Jon Kelly. A new video published to YouTube on December 4, 2013, explores how videographers captured mind-expanding UFO footage at the ECETI Ranch during a historic 2013 summer of contact. SoundCloud’s Esoteric Voices went behind the scenes to interview Vancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly while frequent Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE-5) were taking place over the Washington property. More…

STRANGE CIRCULAR, RECTANGULAR OBJECTS ON MARS by Christian Macé. Here I circled in red the very curious geometric shapes, juxtaposed next to each other, and I enlarged. You can see this particular form of Ferris wheel, right next to a rectangular shape, etc.. This seems to have been fashioned in stone … yes, but WHO? More…

SEEKING ANSWERS by Ron Murdock. All of us at one time must have wondered what is really going on in our world. It’s like no one is leveling on the line with us. If we are being lied to for any number of reasons, it’s no longer funny as we lose a lot of our humanity in the process. More…

TWINKLE, TWINKLE, LITTLE STAR by Paul Schroeder. “Daddy? What’s “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”, mean? Every night, was another question, one that was sometimes designed to delay bedtime, but every so often one of childlike philosophical cosmology. More…

THE OLMECS AND THE BASALT DISK by Igor Bukker. During the excavations of the ancient Olmec capital of San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan city, archaeologists found a basalt disk with two carved prints resembling eagle claws, as well as a damaged sculpture of a jaguar with an open mouth and crossed front paws (one of them damaged). These artifacts could belong to some notable resident. More…

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