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This week, Diane Tessman, reports that the European Space Agency Claims that Mars’ Moon Phobos is Hollow! Doc Vega has a good piece on the late William Cooper and why he was a patriot. Sean Casteel writes about bizarre expertimentations and underwater USOs. Pat Regan reports on Liverpool UFO sighting. Christian Mace publishes more strange photos of Mars. Jon Kelly reports on UFOs over San Francisco and more. Scott Corrales relates on a Russian Speaking Alien and his Corkscrew-Shaped UFO. Roger Marsh reports on UFOs across America. Finally, Carloyn Shield connects President Lincoln to Rennes Chateau! Enjoy Dirk


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European Space Agency Indicates Mars’ Moon Phobos is Hollow and Artificial! by Diane Tessman. ESA, the prestigious European Space Agency which is the equivalent of NASA, has confirmed what has long been rumored: Mars’ moon Phobos is hollow but also, it is likely artificial! Here it is: Proof of intelligent life beyond Earth! The ESA study which has appeared in Geophysical Research Letters states that Phobos is not a captured asteroid; this old explanation for Phobos’ many anomalies was accepted by science for many years. More…

William Cooper a casualty of UFO secrecy by Doc Vega. William Cooper was a patriot. He was a highly decorated military servant of the US. Honorably discharged in 1965 after serving in the US Air Force in the B-52 bomber command among other units. He then joined that US Navy and attained a high rank in record time as a Chief Petty Officer in the 8 years he served. Cooper was once again honorably discharged from his commission as a Naval intelligence officer. More… Also read: The bizarre fate of Phil Schneider

Bizarre Experimentations by Sean Casteel. Are aliens taking abductees to their underwater lairs to administer frightening physical examinations out of the way of prying eyes? Is a “secret invasion” about to take place that is being kept veiled for the time being because the ETs – or whoever they are – have hidden themselves in our vast bodies of water? More…

Pre-Yuletide Liverpool UFO sighting by Pat Regan. I was recently contacted by a lady as her son (who wishes to remain anonymous) had witnessed a UFO over the Liverpool area. Initial feelings were that the UFO in question may have been a large meteorite or possibly space debris entering the earth’s atmosphere, yet this opinion is as yet unsubstantiated. More…

Curiosity Photos Strange Stone Sphere on Mars by Christian Macé. Strange stone sphere photographed on Mars Curiosity December 7, 2012. Above, I indicated by a white arrow where you see this stone sphere is the photo taken by Curiosity December 7, 2012. And I enlarged. More…

San Francisco UFOs over the Mission impossible? by Jon Kelly. CBS San Francisco reported on December 10, 2012, how a cluster of UFOs were captured on video and seen by multiple witnesses during a mysterious overflight of the oldest neighborhood in Northern California’s leading financial and cultural center. Enrique Barrios was reportedly heading home with his wife early Sunday morning when “she noticed these lights in formation.” More… Also read: Russian prime minister’s ET remarks follow 1997 official disclosure Also read: Silence of a Michigan UFO reflects psychic nature of ET contact

Russian Speaking Alien and his Corkscrew-Shaped Vehicle by Scott Corrales. On 20 October 1954, Louis Ujvari, 40, a native of Slovakia, got on his bicycle and pedaled away from home. After 10 years in the French Foreign Legion, he had lived in France with his wife and five children for 3 years, specifically in the town of Le Bas in a small, isolated farm near the picturesque road from Saint-Remy to the Fraispertuis Valley. More…

Two objects emitting ‘vertical beams of light to ground’ by Roger Marsh. A Pennsylvania witness at Erie reported watching two stationary lights in the sky that appeared to be sending vertical beams of light to the ground about 5:15 a.m. on December 6, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness was outside on a back porch when the first light was observed. More… Also read: UFO Described as ‘Skinny Cigar Shape’ Over Indiana!

Lincoln and the Rennes Chateau Mystery by Carolyn Shield. The first thing I want to do before you read this article on Orbs is to be sure you understand the definition I am referring to when I use the term Orb to describe what I talking about in this article. More…

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