This week’s newsletter begins with a miracle from Brad and Sherry Steiger’s hometown. Next, Steve Erdmann, writes a two-part article on The Triangle UFO Mysteries. Then, Sean Casteel, reports on UFOs, astral travel, and other dimensions. UFO Digest contributor A.J. announces that the Alien Jigsaw Is Back With Global ET Research. Next, Pat Regan, writes about How A UFO Sighting Can Change A Person’s Life Into A Passion! Then, Scott Corrales reports on UFOs Over Gualeguaychu, Argentina and other Latin American news. Contributor Cheryl Costa reviews a 19th century UFO sighting. Dr. John Reizer wonders if NASA’s Orion will travel to Mars anytime soon. Ghost-hunter  Paul Dale Roberts reports on a cursed house  in Stockton, California. Finally, Deanna Jaxine Stinson, explores The Magical And Extraordinary History of Horses.  Enjoy Dirk

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AN INSPIRING WINTER MIRACLE FROM OUR HOMETOWN  by Brad and Sherry Hansen Steiger. On the night of March 21, 1993, 32-year-old Ward Krenz was snowmobiling with two friends when they were caught in a sudden snowstorm. Deciding to speed across the ice of frozen Clear Lake, Iowa, to seek shelter, Krenz lost sight of his buddies in the blinding snow. He was also unable to see the 200-yard hole in the ice that loomed before him. More…

TRIANGULAR UFO MYSTERIES by Steve Erdmann. David Marler analytically laid out the contours of special types of UFOs that somewhat appeared as triangular aircraft or similar phenomena going back as far as 1882. “These are craft of unknown origin. We appear to be confronted with something other than human technology, therefore the implications are profound,” said Marler. “The objects may be spatial, temporal, or dimensional in origin.”  More.. Also read:  TRIANGULAR UFO MYSTERIES – PART II

UFOS, ASTRAL TRAVEL AND VISITING OTHER DIMENSIONS by Sean Casteel. When one ventures beyond what is called the “nuts-and-bolts” approach to UFOs, beyond the notion that UFOs are simple physical ships occupied by simple physical aliens, one is forced to confront the mystery anew in some quite confounding ways. While the more prosaic “nuts-and-bolts” aspects of the phenomenon admittedly continue to defy concrete explanation, delving into the paranormal, even occult, overtones of flying saucers at once opens a metaphysical can of worms that eludes our understanding to an even greater degree.  More...

ALIEN JIGSAW IS BACK WITH GLOBAL ET RESEARCH  by AJ. We have joined together some of the World’s most knowledgeable researchers to bring you the most accurate representation of the ET Contact phenomenon possible. This includes information regarding associated anomalies ranging from bigfoot sightings to lunar and solar anomalies. We include a special focus on Exopolitics which is an interdisciplinary scientific field with roots in the political sciences. Exopolitics’ focus is on research, education and public policy regarding the actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life and the wide range of implications this entails, through public advocacy and newly emerging paradigms.  More…

HOW A UFO SIGHTING CAN CHANGE A PERSON’S LIFE INTO A PASSION  by Pat Regan. I recently reported on a UFO sighting from England’s Manchester area. Scott Williams-Collier had kindly forwarded details to me of an interesting UFO sighting that he has witnessed. UFO witnesses may naturally just drift away after such a sighting, yet one or two stay the course and this is largely because they wish to discover ‘more’. Scott fits into this latter category.  More… Also read:  OBEY THE HOLY BOOK – OR DIE!

UFOS OVER GUALEGUAYCHU ARGENTINA  by Scott Corrales. Carlos Rieger, a member of the Ufología Gualeguaychú group, reported recent sightings of lights in the sky over the Nandubaysal beach resort, the Pueblo Nuevo district and Plaza San Martin. According to Rieger, lights were seen over the beach resort on Saturday, November 22, which were also sighted over Pueblo Nuevo. He added that last Tuesday, in the area of Plaza San Martin, a large, transparent violet-hued circumference had been seen. More… Also read: SPECULATIVE UFOLOGY DIED AFTER DECEMBER 21, 2012 IN CHILE Also read: LEGENDARY UFO CASES FROM LATIN AMERICA

19TH CENTURY UFOS IN NEW YORK STATE by Cheryl Costa. A month doesn’t go by that someone contacts me and pronounces that UFOs are hogwash and simply some sort of mass hysteria or urban legend propagated since about 1940s. These individuals usually go to great verbose lengths to assure me that UFOs sightings are a recent occurrence over the past seventy years or so. More..

WILL NASA’S ORION GO TO MARS ANYTIME SOON?  by Dr. John Reizer. On Friday, December 5, 2014 NASA launched the Orion Spacecraft into the heavens and proclaimed to the world that it had officially set its cross hairs on the planet Mars. People watching the live telecast on the mainstream media networks might have thought the spacecraft was actually heading to Mars on December 5. The caption printed on the television screen read, “Mission to Mars” as the large and impressive looking rocket was visible in the background. More….

A CURSED HOME IN STOCKTON CALIFORNIA  by Paul Dale Roberts. Today we have an investigation in Stockton, it appears to be a cursed home, a Roman Catholic blessing of the home will be conducted and if the occupant feels she has an attachment, she will be receiving a full submersion Baptist baptism, which is a basic form of exorcism. A baptism will immediately get rid of any attachment. More…

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THE MAGICAL AND EXTRAORDINARY HISTORY OF HORSES  by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Horses are a very extraordinary creature that has been described as intelligent, spiritual and strong beings. Horses have a long history of magic in their bloodlines. Even the average persons can sense the powerful aura emanating from a horse. Horses have a magical ancestry and a future mixed with glory. More….

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