This week we begin with Nick Pope asking is Roswell dead? Then, Carolyn Shield reports that NASA is planning to create a Lunar National Park on the Moon. Next, Scott Corrales files articles on luminous entities in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and anomalous humanoids appearing in Argentina. Journalist Cheryl Costa writes about 65 years of UFO sightings in New York. I review L.A. Mazzulli ‘s WATCHERS 7: Physical Evidence and report on UFOs in Devon and Leeds in the UK and 5 strobing Orbs over Huntington Beach. The Examiner’s Jon Kelly posts an anticle on touching the light of the ETs and one on a DIY automated telescopic camera. Author Sean Casteel reports on a new book of magical beasts, ghostly animals and more. Louis Hart is back answering some pressing questions. Paul Schroeder writes about Derrel Sims the Alien Hunter. Finally, Dennis G. Balthaser is back with ‘no shortage of UFO sightings’. Be sure to check out this week’s videos at the end of the articles. Enjoy Dirk Vander Ploeg

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IS ROSWELL DEAD? by Nick Pope. As most people in the UFO community will be aware, Jesse Marcel Jr died in August. Jesse had been 10 in 1947, when his father, the intelligence officer at the military base at Roswell, woke him to show him pieces he said had come from the crash of a flying saucer. Whatever one believes crashed, with Jesse Jr’s passing, the last witness with a direct and undisputed link to the Roswell story is gone. The time is right, therefore, to ask what many ufologists might regard as a heretical question – is it time to give up on Roswell? More…

APOLLO LUNAR FORBIDDEN ZONES PROPOSED TO BE MADE INTO LUNAR NATIONAL PARK by Carolyn Shield. China has launched on December 1 the Chang 3 Moon Mission in which Yutu a rover robot will explore the moon. NASA has announced that Apollo Lunar landing sights are forbidden zones for China and other countries. The question will be in the future will these countries abide by these rules? I’m watching here on Earth territorial tensions and now territorial tensions on the moon will be a subject of debate. China and Japan are having arguments over air space what happens if China’s rover lands near a Apollo Lunar landing site? More…

ALLEGED “LUMINOUS ENTITIES” PHOTOGRAPHED IN PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MEXICO by Scott Corrales. On March 20, 2013, a highly interesting and controversial event occurred: photographs of 3 luminous entities at the place known as Plaza Fundadores in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. These images were taken by Ernesto Z. Ortiz, a known professional with a master’s degree in Regional Development and Sustainable Touri Salvador Mora:, a Nicaraguan national who has lived in our country for a long time, residing at Playa del Carmen. He is also the leader and founder of an NGO that supports the ecology. His probity and honesty are therefore assured. More… Also read: ANOMALOUS HUMANOID FIGURE IN NECOCHEA, ARGENTINA Also read: HUMANOIDS AT PAMPA DE AGNIA, CHUBUT, ARGENTINA (1978)

OVER 65 YEARS OF UFO SIGHTINGS IN NEW YORK by Cheryl Costa. In the past few years there has been a considerable effort by UFO researchers and experts to advocate for disclosure. “Disclosure” in this context means lobbying the government or whatever is sitting on information about the truth regarding UFOs, to get them to step forward and be square with the American people. More… Also read: OVER 65 YEARS OF UFO SIGHTINGS IN NEW YORK – PART II

YOU WILL BELIEVE IN UFOS by Dirk Vander Ploeg. This video takes us on a journey, which explores the modern history of UFOs, beginning with Roswell and leading us to today’s headlines of UFOs being witnessed worldwide. In fact, we see examples of traditional oval shaped UFOs, to huge cigar-shaped, tube-like craft to bizarre objects that look like flying snakes, to the weirdest floating objects you’ll ever seen. In Russia today the skies are home to gigantic motherships! More…

DEVON WIND FARM HAS UFO VISITOR by Dirk Vander Ploeg. A mysterious object was caught on camera hovering above Fullabrook wind farm in Devon, UK last Saturday. A gray coloured flying saucer shape was seen floating above West Country turbines in broad daylight. It is speculated that aliens are observing Earth and they may even have chosen the perfect landing pad, the vast lush green fields of a West Country wind farm. More… Also read: UFO CAUGHT ON VIDEO OVER LEEDS, UK Also read: FIVE STROBING ORANGE/RED ORBS OVER HUNTINGTON BEACH!

MARS CURIOSITY PHOTOGRAPHED STRANGE SHAPES TODAY by Christian Macé.I circled in black these two strange shapes, and I enlarged. The photo that interests us here: it was taken Dec. 2, 2013, and posted on the official website December 2, 2013. Coordinates are: Right NavCam B, SOL 470. More…

TOUCHING THE LIGHT OF THE ETS by Jon Kelly. UFO ENCOUNTER EVOKES TANTRIC CHAKRAS, EMBODIES COSMIC CONNECTION. A new video published to YouTube on November 30, 2013, takes a fast look at a close encounter with what is described as an “ET spacecraft” over the ECETI Ranch near Mount Adams, Washington. The UFO’s interactions with light beams from the ground evoke conceptions of a conscious intelligence offering visible communications to multiple cameras and witnesses. More…Also read: DIY AUTOMATED TELESCOPIC CAMERA SYSTEM CAPTURES UFOS

MAGICKAL BEASTS, GHOSTLY ANIMALS AND WOLVES WALKING LIKE MEN by Sean Casteel. Down through the ages, magickal beasts have played a prominent role in the folklore and mythology of civilizations worldwide. The Bible even records that a donkey spoke in a human tongue at the behest of the Lord. In a world filled with paranormal phenomena of all kinds, our animal friends have sometimes wrought apparent miracles and far exceeded our normal expectations of what a beast is capable of. . More…

SHORT ANSWERS TO PRESSING QUESTIONS by Louis Hart. Many are wondering what is going on in this world. Are we being told the truth by those supposedly in the know or are we being led astray? Below are some often asked questions, followed by brief answers you aren’t likely to hear from the “official” sources. More…

THE ‘ALIEN HUNTER’ IS DERREL SIMS by Paul Schroeder. When I was younger, I was distressed and frantic about my sightings of overhead UFOs; confused and alarmed by accompanying, concurrent paranormal experiences, I by fortuitous chance, stumbled upon Derrel Sims. He was patient, wise and reassuring to me, over the telephone. More…

NO SHORTAGE OF UFO SIGHTINGS by Dennis G. Balthaser. All one has to do to see that there remains no shortage of UFO sightings around the world, is look at a few websites such as Frank Warren’s, TheUFOChronicles.com/ ; George Filer’s, NationalUFOCenter.com; or Errol Bruce- Knapp’s, UFOUpdatesList.com; to mention just three of my favorites. On these sites and others, sightings from all over the world are documented pertaining to current sightings as well as previous ones. There is no shortage of what is being seen in the skies by common people and professionals that in some cases defy anything we, or any other country on earth have developed. More…

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