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This week we begin with an article about the Chauchilla Cemetery that I visited in Peru. Next, Scott Corrales wonders if the pilots of UFOs could be ultraterrestrials! Sean Casteel salutes ‘The Conspiracy Journal’, an online and print magazine published by Timothy Green Beckley, and Tim Swartz for their ongoing commitment to conspiracy-related topics. Then, Norio Hayakawa writes about black projects, CIA fronts, secret military patches and more. Doc Vega uncovers more evidence of UFO military UFO denials. Next, Roger Marsh reports on UFO sightings in New York and Connecticut. Then, Chris Holly writes about Facebook! Paul Schroeder wonders about telepathic alien abductees. And then, Dennis G. Balthaser, gives us a tour of Roswell. Finally, Christian Macé writes about more curious shapes on Mars. These are just a few of the new articles we have for you this week. Click here for additional articles. Also see new videos at the bottom of these articles.  Enjoy Dirk

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THE MYSTERIES OF THE CHAUCHILLA CEMETERY by Dirk Vander Ploeg. A few years back in October 2012 my partner and I were in Peru on tour exploring the country. After leaving the Nazca Plain we continued heading south and stopped by a very famous cemetery, discovered in the 1920s, called the Chauchilla Cemetery located in the desert peninsula of Paracas. Although the cemetery was discovered in the 20th century it had not been used for burials since the 9th century. Many of the bodies discovered were of prehispanic mummified human remains and included archaeological artefacts. More… Also read: THE MYSTERIES OF THE CHAUCHILLA CEMETERY- Part II

ARE PILOTS OF THE SPACEWAYS ULTRATERRESTRIALS? by Scott Corrales. “We are well aware that the word humanoid is not in the dictionary;” wrote Charles Bowen, editor of the United Kingdom’s world-renowned Flying Saucer Review, “that it was coined somewhere along the line by a writer or researcher. Nevertheless it seems to suit our purpose far more than those other words of anthropology like hominid, which means kin of man (Neanderthal man was one of these) and hominoid, which means man-like ape.” These were the words that formed part of his foreword to Gordon Creighton’s anthology of cases from around the world entitled – what else? – The Humanoids (Chicago: Henry Regnery, 1969). This far-reaching book, published only a few years after it became acceptable to speak openly about the possibility of UFOs having occupants. Bowen also drops the hint that Dr. Edward Condon and his committee had access not only to The Humanoids and issues of FSR in assisting with their evaluation of the phenomenon. More… Also read: UFO INVESTIGATION OFFICE REOPENS IN PERU

UFO CONSPIRACIES FROM THE SHADOWY SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE by Sean Casteel. “The Conspiracy Journal” is a venerable publication that has gone unnoticed by a huge swathe of readers who most likely would enjoy receiving a free subscription, either of the print or online editions. The print edition, which is sent through the mail several times a year, is published by Timothy Green Beckley of Global Communications and covers a wide range of conspiracy-related topics, from the UFO cover-up to government mind control efforts to covert political intrigue of all kinds. The online chores are handled by Mr. Tim R. Swartz, who, in addition to being the author of “The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla,” co-hosts his own weekly ipod show, “The Outer Edge.” More…

BLACK PROJECTS, SATELLITES, CIA FRONTS AND SECRET MILITARY PATCHES by Norio Hayakawa. Although people around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the United States’ global geography of surveillance, covert action, and other secret programs, much of this landscape is invisible in our everyday lives. The drone war, for example, seems to happen somewhere else while surveillance programs take place among the (largely) invisible infrastructures and digital protocols of the internet and other communications networks. Moreover, the state agencies responsible for secret programs strive to make them as invisible as possible. More… Also read: AIR FORCE UNINTENTIONALLY RELEASES DISTANT PHOTO OF AREA 51 IN 2013

MORE EVIDENCE OF EARLY UFO DENIAL IN US MILITARY by Doc Vega. Much to the apparent uninformed state of the American public, during the 1950’s a pervasive attempt by the US military was making incredible strides in conducting a cold war with the Soviet Union and trying to convince civilians that the UFO mystery was simply benign and irrelevant. Yet, another monumental effort was underway in all this. In instructing every rank from sailor to airman, from General to Bird Colonel, methods of recognition of conventional enemy weaponry was being distributed among the various branches of the armed services. However, it did not stop there. A wide ranging effort was discreetly introduced into internal military media sources to educate US servicemen on the difference between conventional aircraft and threats from the ubiquitous UFO! More… Also read: 1960 A STRANGE YEAR MARKED BY GIANT UFOs

UFO SPHERE MOVED CLOSE TO NEW YORK WITNESS by Roger Marsh. A Wellsville, NY, witness reported watching a “sphere of light” at the tree top level that moved close and then quickly gained altitude and disappeared from view, according to February 10, 2014, testimony in Case 53999 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More… Also read: WITNESS SEES TRIANGLE UFO NEAR FARMINGTON RIVER, CONNECTICUT

MY PERILOUS JOURNEY INTO FACEBOOK LAND! by Chris Holly. I did not have an active FaceBook page until a few months ago. I thought I would get involved to see if FaceBook would help me organize and communicate with the paranormal community in a way I had not yet looked into. At first it was going well. I was finding new friends daily. I took my time and tried to keep my friends list as a list of paranormal minded people who were interested in the subjects I am involved with. More…

TELEPATHIC ALIEN-ABDUCTEES? by Paul Schroeder. Spending a lifetime, recalled in snippets, with highly psychic, abducting entities, has made my intuitive prowess mushroom, dramatically. Why does religion impugn psychics? There’s only a razor’s thin edge difference between encounters with the supernatural and psychic experiences. Most religious Fundamentalist Christians and Jews refuse to accept paranormal realities, yet they deeply accept God, Holy Ghosts, saints, Heaven, Hell, angels and demons, and one CANNOT get more paranormal and supernatural, than THAT! More…

DENNIS G. BALTHASER TOURS ROSWELL by Dennis G. Balthaser. Being a long time researcher of the 1947 Roswell Incident, and now doing Roswell UFO Tours here in town frequently, I’m fortunate to be able to share my research with many people who have different perspectives of the Incident from all over the world. Many, in fact most, have heard about Roswell through one means or another, and for the most part are curious to find out more. That’s particularly true of those visitors that book the tours from foreign countries. Many of those have a deeper interest of the event than Americans, perhaps because most of us in this country have been hearing about Roswell for the past 35 years in books, radio, movies and other media outlets. All that exposure however doesn’t appear to have gotten us any closer to the truth, as we continue to seek information about what actually happened here 60 some years ago. More…

ANOTHER CURIOUS SHAPE PHOTOGRAPHED BY MARS CURIOSITY by Christian Macé. Curious shape photographed on Mars by Curiosity February 4, 2014. The photo that interests us here. Taken by the robot to the ground on March CURIOSITY. Details of the photo are: MastCam Left. SOL 533. Taken Feb. 4, 2014, and posted on the official website here Feb. 5, 2014:More…

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