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Last day of the month so let’s hope the weather improves in March. This week Diane Tessman writes about ‘Red Dwarf X’. Next, Jon Kelly reports on a night vision UFO video. Then, Chris Holly considers moving to higher ground! Pat Regan claims we are an endangered species. Steve Erdman re-examines what happened in Rendlesham Forest in the UK. Dr. Rita Louise wonders if the Nephilim really were the sons of gods. Christian Mace finds the Mothman on Mars. Roger Marsh reports on Kentucky family with multiple sightings and then on a report of a helicopter following a low flying triangle. Scott Corrales states the Chupacabras has returned to Puerto Rico. Doc Vega is back writing about the secret space war! Next, Louis Hart writes about disclosure and Richard Carter writes about the shell game of fear. Finally, Anil Kumarson wonders how UFOs and aliens move! Enjoy Dirk

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RED DWARF X: The Last Human Returns! by Diane Tessman. I recently bought a DVD which makes me very smeggin’ happy! Red Dwarf is back! I first watched Red Dwarf in Ireland in the early 1990s from the BBC. It was a combination of utter silliness and intelligent humor full of paradox and human truth – and Red Dwarf X, filmed in late 2011 and early 2012, holds true to this insane stew except it is funnier than ever. More… Also read: Ultra-terrestrial Dark Plasma: The Source of Angels, Aliens, Old Gods, and Ghosts? (OTHER-EARTH, Part Two)

Night Vision Video Captures Strobing UFO by Jon Kelly. On Monday, Feb. 25, 2013, a silent strobing UFO was captured on digital night vision video by a witness in Yaletown who claims that an orange-amber orb could be seen with the naked eye travelling southwest to northeast in the early evening sky. Videographer Charles Lamoureux explains in the YouTube description how, at around 6:28 p.m. PST, he first observed the visitor “just hovering then started slowly to move [over] downtown Vancouver about 1000 feet up” in what he would go on to describe as “an extraordinary night for UFOs over Vancouver.” More… Also read: Are the ‘UFO Hunters’ COINTELPRO as former Intelligence Operative Claims?

Moving To Safer Ground To Avoid Close Calls! by Chris Holly. This seems to be the season of asteroids and close calls with space objects heading our way. I sure was happy to hear the huge one coming would be a near miss as it would have hit at being as big as it was it would have meant pure misery for us on earth. More…

Humanity is potentially an endangered species. But ‘still’ no escape plan to save us from the global killer! by Pat Regan. Science editor for the BBC Paul Rincon has now reported that the recent Russia meteor’s origin has now been tracked down. Earlier this month many Russians were injured subsequent to the arrival of the unexpected visitor from outer space. I reported this story here: https://www.ufodigest.com/article/russian-space-attack. More…

Who goes there? by Steve Erdmann . A blow by blow account and history of what happened at Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, Eastern. England December 26 to December 29, 1980 near the Woodbridge and Bentwaters Military Bases: where several people witnessed and recorded the antics of UFOs and occupants. Security Policeman, Spec-Exp-RQMT-AT, Larry Warren was a party to that incident. Left at East Gate is his account and story. More…

Were The Nephilim The Offspring Of Sons Of God And The Daughters Of Man? by Dr. Rita Louise. Long before the flood that devastated mankind, according to Biblical sources, a group of angels, the sons of God, came down to the earth. These “fallen angels”, as they are often referred to, rebelled against God. They taught mankind the secret arts, sharing with us knowledge that was reserved for the Gods. They had intercourse with the women on our planet, fathering semi-divine offspring. The acts of these “fallen angels” caused the earth and its inhabitants to become defiled and impure. More…

The Mothman On Mars? by Christian Macé. Above, I pointed and extended this curious shape resembling a Moth (Moth, in English). See the photo of this insect Moth (Moth). A.Keel John wrote a well-researched book on Creature Mothman of Point Pleasant. Talk about a movie called “The Mothman Prophecies” … More…

Series of UFO Sightings Concern Kentucky Family by Roger Marsh. A Kentucky witness at Falmouth reports being “concerned for my family’s well being” after watching a series of UFOs with multi-colored lights that appear to be getting more frequent and closer, according to February 25, 2013, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More… Also read: Helicopter Follows Low Flying Triangle

The Chupacabras Returns To Puerto Rico by Scott Corrales. The Puerto Rican media approached the subject of the paranormal predator again in 2012, when reporter Yaritza Santiago wrote an article for El Nuevo Dia about the entity’s return to the scene, this time in the island municipality of Vieques. “A strange wild animal prowls the verdant fields and communities of this island municipality. This is the only way to explain the discovery of dead horses, hens and rabbits in situations that terrified Viequenses have ascribed to a panther that allegedly escaped from an American tourist’s possession. More…

Ancient Alien Question: From UFOs to Extraterrestrial Visitation











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A secret space war? by Doc Vega. There is a veteran’s information website that has been unveiling the type of ultra top secret rhetoric of black operations that most Americans will never see proof of or get solid evidence of, yet the impact felt by society will the same, none the less. The denial, the official ridicule, the secrecy that President John F. Kennedy addressed in a speech he gave just weeks before his assassination are all the corroborating factors that lead us on the dark trail of a risky hunt for the evidence behind a literal “War of the Worlds”. More… Also read: Two important aspects of the Roswell Incident to consider

The Deep Pit Of Disclosure by Louis Hart. There is a great deal of ongoing talk about disclosure. There exists a group of people who are clamoring for the governments of the world to admit their long ongoing knowledge about the UFO/ET presence. More…

The Shell Game of Fear by Richard Carter. In the early days of our predominance over the life on earth, mankind handled its problems in very direct way. There was little finesse or intrigue, and diplomacy was a crude skill at best. Soon, though certain men came to realize that tens of thousands of deaths were not necessary to achieve their ends. Groups of the wealthy and the powerful individuals, instead, invested their time in getting to know mankind better. By that I mean learning what motivates, inspires and repels us. More…

How does a UFO move? by Anil Kumarsoni. We have been listening and reading about UFOs. Creatures from other worlds have been trying to explore our World. How do they survive? How do they look? What do they eat? How long do they live? What do they look like: they can be in form of particles, mountains or may be equal to size of planets. More…

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