This week’s newsletter has something for everyone. Nick Pope writes about the UK’s second most famous UFO case: the Cosford Incident. Then, Regan Lee, reports on UFOs and aliens encountered during ghost hunts! Next, Norio Hayakawa suggests a Horton 229 crashed in Mexico in 1947! Nick Redfern contributes an article about ETs (monsters) in our morgues. I found several articles including a recent MUFON report describing a UFO separating into two parts and more. Roger Marsh is back with witnesses seeing black-disc UFOs and a giant sphere-shaped object over Georgia. Next, WB Graeme reports on a photographer taking a photo of a UFO fireball. Then, Scott Corrales writes about humanoids and more. Carolyn Shield asks has life been discovered on Mars? John Foster cites a UFO contactee’s look at reality. Then, man videos a Chupacabra in Texas and finally Nancy Talbot reports on 2014’s first crop circle. These are just a few of the new articles we have for you this week. Click here for additional articles. Also see new videos at the bottom of these articles.  Enjoy Dirk

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THE COSFORD INCIDENT by Nick Pope. The UK’s best-known and most compelling UFO case is undoubtedly the Rendlesham Forest incident. In second place, however, comes the Cosford incident – a more recent case that tells us much about ufology, and a few interesting truths about ufologists. The basic facts of the case are as follows. Late on the 30th and in the early hours of the 31st March 1993, over a period of about six hours, a wave of UFO sightings took place over large parts of the UK. Several dozen reports were made to the Ministry of Defence, but many more were sent to civilian UFO groups, or went unreported. I ran the British government’s UFO project from 1991 to 1994 and these sightings took place pretty much midway through my tour of duty, so, naturally, I led the MoD investigation. More…

UFOS AND ALIENS ENCOUNTERED DURING GHOST HUNTS by Regan Lee. Recently, I wrote about a ghost hunting paranormal program — The Dead Files — with an interesting twist: the encounter with an alien entity, for Tim Binnall’s site. (Use Mediums in UFO Investigations.) Alien, as in ET, not a spiritual, angelic or demonic entity. Last night’s Ghost Adventures, a show I actually enjoy despite the sometimes heavy dude vibe and ghost provoking drama, investigated sites in Transylvania. Very exciting! While most of us know about that area’s vivid history concerning Count Vlad (Dracul) and his inspiration for Dracula/vampire lore, the Hoia-Baciu Forest in that region might not be as familiar. More…

DID THE REAL HORTON 229 CRASH SOMEWHERE IN NEW MEXICO IN 1947? by Norio Hayakawa. WIn 2009 Northrop Grumman completed its full-scale (non-powered) replica of German Horton 229. RCS measurement tests were conducted at Northrop’s remote test facility in Tejon Ranch, northwest of Lancaster, California. In the late 1930s, Germany produced several prototypes of flying wing aircraft. More…

ALIENS OR MONSTERS IN THE MORGUE by Nick Redfern . There can be very few people (if any!) with an interest in UFOs who have not heard of the tales of so-called “alien bodies in the morgue.” Area 51, “Hangar 18,” Homestead Air Force Base, the Dugway Proving Ground, and many more highly secret, fortified installations have all been suggested as the final resting places for the preserved corpses of extraterrestrial entities. But, what of so-called cryptids, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Abominable Snowman, the Chupacabras and other mysterious, or unacknowledged, creatures? More…

FLORIDA UFO SEPARATED INTO 2 OBJECTS! by Dirk Vander Ploeg. From my balcony I witnessed this pulsating blue-green object hovering, rising slightly and finally moving from Southeast to the Northeast over the Atlantic Ocean. I was able to capture a few images of the object. It traveled without sound and split into two distinct objects before moving to far away to photograph any longer. More… Also read: SILVER ORB FLIES OVER HOUSE IN CHARLES TOWN, WV? Also read: IN 1942 DID RUSSIANS HAVE CONTACT WITH ALIENS?

COUPLE PHOTOGRAPHS HOVERING BLACK-DISC UFOS! by Roger Marsh. Two West Greenwich, RI, witnesses reported watching and photographing “two hovering black disc” UFOs about 5:33 p.m. on January 31, 2014, according to testimony in Case 53853 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The two were driving along a local highway when the objects were spotted while looking out their passenger side window. More… Also read: GIANT SPHERE-SHAPED OBJECT OVER CONYERS, GA?

PHOTOGRAPHER ACCIDENTLY CAPTURES UFO FIREBALL! by WB Graeme.. A photographer accidentally captured a fireball UFO in a photo he took in Cornwall, England. Michael Potter recently photographed Mounts Bay, just off the coast of Cornwall. He did not notice anything out of the ordinary when he shot the photos. But he did detect an anomaly later when he uploaded the photos to his computer. As he explains to local newspaper West Briton, he almost deleted the photo in question because he noticed an “apparent sunspot over part of the image.” More…

MORE HUMANOIDS AMONG US – CHANCE ENCOUNTERS by Scott Corrales. The thought that humankind shares the planet with other sentient species – dolphins and whales – did not become popular until some point in the 1960s or 1970s. Prior to that, we rested comfortably in the thought that no matter where our journeys might take us on the surface of the third planet orbiting the Sun, we would come across fellow humans of various heights and skin tones, but they would always be exactly that: fellow humans. More… Also read: MORE HUMANOIDS AMONG US – CHANCE ENCOUNTERS – PART II

HAS LIFE ON MARS BEEN DISCOVERED: NASA LAWSUIT LOOKS FOR ANSWERS by Carolyn Shield. An astrobiologist is suing NASA to have Rover photograph what he says maybe a biological organism on Mars. On January 8, a strange rock caused uproar at NASA because of its mysterious appearance and color which some classified as looking like a “jelly doughnut”. The agency classified it as a rock but Dr. Joseph believes NASA should have Rover photograph the rock for possible fungi. More…

TAKING A LOOK AT REALITY…FROM YET ANOTHER UFO CONTACTEE’S POINT OF VIEW by John Foster. I’ve noticed that many readers of this website have valid questions concerning the true nature of paranormal events. Sometimes it seems we have no answers. (I know how much one suffers after experiencing mysterious paranormal encounters because there is no one out there who might be able to provide the answers.) Especially UFOs remain a mystery. Yet, I’ve found by digging through some of the available literature, throughout the past several decades we as a culture have had several capable researchers and investigators who contributed new ideas and concepts to the general public paranormal knowledge pool. More…

TEXAS MAN CLAIMS TO HAVE SPOTTED A CHUPACABRA by Keith Garvin. In one Texas community, people say they are concerned about a mysterious animal that’s been spotted in the area. Some are calling it the chupacabra, but before you roll your eyes, there may be a legitimate explanation for this mythical animal. More…

THE FIRST CROP CIRCLE OF 2014 HAS BEEN DISCOVERED IN HOLLAND! by Nancy Talbot. The first-ever crop formation in January in the northern hemisphere, in frozen grasses, has been reported by Dutch medium Robbert van den Broeke on January 29, 2014. As in the past, Robbert became aware of the “uneasy” feeling he always perceives when crop circle energies are close by and, although a few other crop formations have appeared in his general area in winter, this was the first time he felt crop circle “creators” around him in January—and the first discovery of a winter formation immediately not in snow, but in frozen, foot-high grasses. More…

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