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This week we begin with Sean Casteel who takes a look at an occult view of UFOs and the Paranormal. Next, Diane Tessman wonders if human time travelers walk among us and marvels at the return of the cat Holly!. Then, Chris Holly writes about Aunt Betty’s ghost. Pat Regan has his own UFO sighting and writes about The Lady: Her Lessons Are There For All to See! Jon Kelly suggests that social networking is not just for humans anymore! Then Roger Marsh reports on UFO reports from the U.S. Scott Corrales reports on strange lights, a Star-Trek like object and a diamond shaped UFO. Doc Vega finishes his article about Captain Mantell and then offers one about Maury Island! Finally, Ron Murdock, ponders when will it all end. Enjoy Dirk

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An Occult View of UFOs and the Paranormal by Sean Casteel. As with many people who encounter the UFO phenomenon, Maria D’ Andrea’s experiences began in childhood. Maria is a native of Hungary, and in 1956, she fled along with her family from the coming tyranny of the Communist revolution raging all around her there. “Basically,” Maria said, “I was hearing about UFOs at that point because, when we were escaping, every now and then people would look up and look for them. We were used to hearing about them.” It was also around the young age of eleven or twelve that Maria had her first personal UFO experience. “I was going out-of-body,” she explained. “It wasn’t a physical experience. It was through astral travel. More…

Human Time Travelers Among Us? by Diane Tessman. The one stumbling block in the argument that some UFO occupants might be human time travelers is that science stated many years ago that time travel is impossible; in fact, it was Albert Einstein who stated that time travel can’t happen because you can’t go faster than the speed of light. In 2013, we can only watch in wonder and dread as high tech and advanced quantum science obliterate the old “can’t be done” taboos. Specifically, our own military has and is experimenting with “time reassignment” as one possible way to travel time, bypassing the “speed of light” barrier. If you saw the film “Source Code,” you know that a dying combat pilot was hooked into a quantum computer (that’s the closest I can describe it), and was able to “be” in another place and time in order to stop a terrorist attack. More… Also read: Holly, the Cat: How Did She Do It?

When Betty’s Ghost Visits by Chris Holly. I was born in the 1950’s. I have one younger brother. All my other siblings are older than I am. Our parents have passed over as well as most of our Aunts and Uncles. On my father’s side we had only one Aunt left who was in her early 90s. Aunt Betty was a lively lovely woman who always had a happy attitude that was positive and strong no matter how difficult her days were-. Betty would always be found standing strong with an attitude that was marveled at by those who knew her. Aunt Betty lived through enormous trauma that would have snapped most people but Betty was not everybody and Betty survived it all. More…

Alien Abduction: The Odyssey of Betty and Barney Hill DVD

The Lady: Her Lessons Are There For All to See by Pat Regan. We hear our grinning politicians spout on and on about the ‘Lord’ and praise his name whenever they righteously launch missiles at any given enemy. We hear the same patriarchal rhetoric from the priesthoods of east and west when they decide to tell us how to run our lives. However, the ‘Lady’, the divine counterpart of the Lord, has slowly over time been demoted or in some cases completely eradicated from society. More… Also read: UFO over Southport’s Royal Birkdale Golf Club

Social networking not just for humans anymore! by Jon Kelly. On Jan. 12, 2013 a UFO appeared in the video feed from a night vision skywatch camera broadcasting live over YouTube. The recording shows a UFO emitting intermittent pulses of varying intensity light as it travels south to north over a 21-second period of observation. The apparently first-of-its kind recording (facilitated through Google+ and archived directly to YouTube’s servers) may provide evidence that social networking online is no longer an exclusively human domain. More…

Arizona witness captures triangle lights over Chandler by Roger Marsh. An Arizona witness standing in a Chandler strip mall parking lot reported watching “three lights flickering like lanterns in a large, triangle shape formation moving silently west to east” about 8:35 p.m. on January 12, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More… Also read: Star Trek-Like Object Seen 500 Feet Above Tree Line: Georgia Witness Also read: Diamond Shaped UFO Over Greensburg, PA!

The Strange Lights of La Tapera Argentina by Scott Corrales. Many claimed that strange lights could be seen at Estancia San Carlos, in the region known as La Tapera. It was for this reason that the place was often visited by UFO followers, although access was not allowed, since it was private property, leaving them with no choice but to stop along the side of a rural road leading to Tres Bocas and leading to Route 11, nearly facing La Pepita. Hunters of vizcacha – a rather large rodent, whose meat is a delicacy – also met at this site, given the animal’s nocturnal habits, and which is readily immobilized by shining a beam of light on it. This is why the “vizcacheros” employ powerful beams of light from their pickup trucks to find their prey and render it helpless. More… Also read: The Escalante Entity (Spain, 1914)

This the anniversary of Captain Mantell’s UFO chase Part II by Doc Vega. More often than not when we have been assured by supposed authoritative evidence, things are not always what they seem to be. Sometimes the truth untangles itself from the layers of forgotten lies and fabricated cover stories and suddenly emerges from the mist of time to illuminate the persistent mysteries that dull our senses and better judgment. More… Also read: Mysterious Deaths connected to Maury Island Mystery

When Will It End? by Ron Murdock. Well we made it through another end of the world prediction when December 22, 2012 arrived. I think in this case the Mayan Calendar was misinterpreted. More…

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