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Welcome to 2013. This newsletter begins with an article by Sean Casteel about the UMMO Affair. Next, Diane Tessman, asks will 2013 become what we feared in 2012? Chris Holly begins the new year with a ghost story. Jon Kelly writes about ET remarks and occult psychology and UFOs. Roger Marsh reports on various UFO sightings. Scott Corrales submits UFO sighting reports and a time-slip article. Doc Vega writes about Texas alien abductions and official contact. Christian Mace examines more anomalies on Mars. Ron Murdock takes a look at the full moon. Finally, Louis Hart writes about the dawn of a new age. Enjoy Dirk.

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The UMMO Affair: Are Extraterrestrials Living Among Us? by Sean Casteel. The UMMO phenomenon is an anomaly unto itself in the world of UFOlogy. It is as yet a still unsolved mystery and cannot be easily dismissed in spite of how unlikely it would appear to be on the surface. Is this a genuine case of extraterrestrials reaching out to make contact with mankind in terms humans can understand? Something more direct and open than New Age channeling or the searching through by regressive hypnosis of people claiming to be abductees? More…

COMETS of 2013: Is 2013 To Be What 2012, Was Not? by Diane Tessman. Two comets will be traveling very close to Earth in 2013 and all those ancient legends, warnings, and prophecies find their way into our worried minds again. No, I’m truly not trying to kick the can down the road to 2013! And for the record, I never thought 2012 was the End of Days; it is simply that these two comets approach us with all the mysticism, fear and eventual spirituality, with which comets have always been associated. More…

Ghosts: When Their Mother’s Spirit Spoke by Chris Holly. During the holiday season I was able to visit and catch up with friends and relatives. One of my friends comes from a large Irish family living here on Long Island New York. My friend told me the following account of a strange situation that took place with his family during the past year. His life and that of his family was both saved and changed by the warnings of his mother’s ghost. Below find the story exactly as my friend shared it with me. This is what he told me happened to his middle brother as well as his older brother and sister. The event took place on the east end of Long Island New York: More…

January: The Doorway Opens by Pat Regan. Subsequent to the festivities of Yuletide and the Midwinter Solstice in December, we quickly arrive at the start of another contemporary year. I emphasise the word contemporary because calendars have so frequently changed over the centuries. The pastoral, pre-Christian, Celtic land dwellers regarded the time we now call Halloween as the end of summer and commencement of winter. It marked the start of the New Year. More…

Russian prime minister’s ET remarks follow 1997 official disclosure by Jon Kelly. The Telegraph reported on Dec. 8, 2012 how Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s supposed off-camera remarks concerning his government’s secret files on extraterrestrials described an “absolutely secret special service” exerting control over ETs operating under cover in northern Asia. The London-based newspaper, once owned by Canadian-born Conrad Black, reported that the former Russian president cited “Men in Black,” (a 1997 Hollywood movie glamorizing domestic black operations and government UFO cover-ups), as a source for “more detailed information” concerning the status of ETs in his country today. More… Also read: Occult Psychology Reflected In UFOs!

UFO Appeared To Be Watching Scared Witness by Roger Marsh. A Westland, MI, witness appeared to be followed by a UFO and became frightened just after 7 a.m. on December 26, 2012, as the object shined four beams of light to the ground level, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More… Also read: UFO Year in Review: 2012 Also read: UFO expanded to reveal ‘silver plated top’: Queens witness

Another “Time Slip” Reported in La Pampa, Argentina by Scott Corrales. Two young men whose duties cause them to travel National Route No. 5 on a regular basis between the communities of Catriló and Santa Rosa reported feeling “disoriented” during the trip on three separate occasions. After several minutes had elapsed, they noticed that they continued the trip without any further incident, but without any recollection of the distance they had already covered. More… Also read: Hunters Startled by UFOs in Serra de Grandola, Portugal

The baffling stories of alien abductions by Doc Vega. From all over the world bizarre witness reports of strange aerial objects and the kidnapping of hapless victims from China to South America, spanning the United States and Europe make their way into the media. On this article, however, we will concentrate our sightings to Texas and it’s residents. More… Also read: How long until the day of official verification of contact?

MicMaq Indian star, Egyptian Sirius, and Magi Star of the East by Carol Shield. The MicMaq Indians of Nova Scotia had hieroglyphic writing and we have evidence of this writing in which the MicMacs wrote the prayer “Our Father who art in Heaven” MicMaq Indians are the people who lived in Acadia (Arcadia) when the first European and Viking explorers came to its shores. Their flag is a red cross on field of white with a five pointed star and crescent moon. The red cross on a field of white flag resembles the Crusader flag of the Crusades. The MicMaq wizards were said to received their power from the master magicians. More…

More Strange Shapes In Curiosity Photos From Mars by Christian Macé. Curiosity took pictures of these strange shapes on Mars December 28, 2012! For many more photographs and analysis of the Curiosity rover photographs follow the links below. More…

Full Moon: Not Quite What’s It’s Cracked Up To Be by Ron Murdock. I’ve been life long skeptic on how the full moon affects people yet some swear on how it affects human behaviour. I don’t put much stock on studies or statistics as they can be worded in such a manner to prove anything. Lunar cycles is another example of this. As I’ve said before, after working close to forty full moons only three could be called weird. Not a very consistent pattern to say anything paranormal happens. Self fulfilling prophecy, power of suggestion or selective memory is a more credible tale to tell. More…

Dawn Of A New Age by Louis Hart . It is truly the beginning of a new age. The world as we have known it will slowly cease to be. In the days ahead a rejuvenation of not only the earth and all things on it but the very consciousness of humankind will take place. Incredible changes of a magnitude never believed possible will come about. Make no mistake about it, the Golden Age has dawned. More…

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