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This week Robert Hastings asks U.S. Military veterans to speak out about their own UFO experiences. Next, Diane Tessman wonders if their is another-Earth composed of Dark Matter and Dark Plasma? Then, Chris Holly speculates on the odd times in which we live. Then MUFON’s Roger Marsh reports on two unusual UFO sightings. Carol Shield is back with more facts about Magdalena and the Last Supper. Scott Corrales writes an extensive article about chronicles of worlds before our own. Doc Vega offers part two of his Secret War With UFOs! Alfred Lambremont Webre believes life on Mars is being covered up. Tony Elliott writes more about the mania of strange sounds and mysterious booms. I would like to congratulate Pat Regan on the release of the second edition of his popular book ‘Dirty Politics‘. Finally, Louis Hart shares the secrets of the Cosmos! Enjoy Dirk

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U.S. Military Veterans Asked To Speak About UFO Sightings Over Nuclear Sites by Robert Hastings. Noted UFO researcher Robert Hastings is asking U.S. military veterans to contact him regarding their UFO-related experiences at nuclear missile sites, weapons storage areas, and atomic/thermonuclear bomb test sites during the Cold War era and beyond. More…

Is There a Place Called Other-Earth Composed of Dark Matter and Dark Plasma? (Part One) by Diane Tessman. We are composed of bio-plasma, a form of visible matter. Physicists have discovered dark plasma, a form of dark matter which is abundant throughout the universe. In fact, there is approximately 6 times more dark matter than visible matter. We know there is bio-plasma but is there also dark bio-plasma? Are there dark matter life-forms? Are there dark matter bio-spheres parallel to ours? More…

The Odd Times in Which we Live and the Strange Ways we Deal with Them! by Chris Holly. As far as I am concerned life has been off kilter now for some time. We have watched as earthquakes, tsunamis strange storms drought and floods have caused havoc all across our earth. Hurricane Sandy brought hardship and total devastation to my area. The Era in which we live is proving to be a hard destructive time causing death, mayhem in society not to mention war and horror due to illness or starvation. In short the world is a mess. More…

Alien Abduction: The Odyssey of Betty and Barney Hill DVD

Colorado witness seeks help identifying unusual object by Roger Marsh. A Colorado witness in Golden reported watching multiple unusual craft in the sky after more than a year of stargazing and filed a photograph taken at 1:20 a.m. on January 12, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More… Also read: Witness Unable to Understand Lost Missing Time

Armegeddon, Megiddo Oldest Christian Church floor Magdalene, and Da Vinci’s Last Supper by Carol Shield. At Megiddo prisoners discovered a mosaic floor which had three inscriptions. The first one is of four women’s names in their remembrance. The second is of a woman named Akeptous who is remembered for donating a table for the memory of God Jesus Christ. The Megiddo Mosaic floor dates back to the third century. More…

Chronicles of Worlds Before This One by Scott Corrales. Pride comes before a fall. This seems to hold true, at least, for the explanations given in human myth and fiction for the collapse of all the civilizations that came before us: The urge to build a tower to reach heaven ended in the linguistic sundering and scattering of humankind; in some traditions, the gods became fearful of human prowess and initiative, and took pre-emptive measure to keep More…

A secret war with UFO’s Part II (secret military missions) by Doc Vega. Admiral Richard E. Byrd was a colorful if not elusive figure when it came to his merits as not only an Antarctic explorer, but a high ranking US naval officer who participated in some highly classified maneuvers on the world’s ocean waters. Having been instrumental in raising awareness over the need for the US Navy to send a task force to the South Pole, Admiral Byrd was able to get Admiral Nimitz’s support for funding from the government as well as the allocation of a sizable force in order to assume command of such a mission. More…

How Are NASA, the Media, and “Disclosure” Groups Covering Up Life on Mars? by Alfred Lambremont Webre. How NASA, Media, & “Disclosure” groups coverup Life on Mars, with Alfred Lambremont. WATCH ON YOU TUBE – http://youtu.be/Kaj6vO7Ynqc Webre. More…

The Mania of Strange Sounds and Mysterious Booms by Tony Elliott. It would seem that the phenomena of strange sounds heard around the world continues. However, more recently during the last year the mysterious sounds are that of loud booms or explosions rather than that of trumpets or a huge piece of metal being dragged across the ground. More…

Dirty Politics Second Edition, 2013 by Pat Regan. Here at last is Pat Regan’s brand new 2013 ‘Updated’ Second Edition of Dirty Politics… Pat Regan’s book Dirty Politics is most certainly `not’ a work of fiction. All information within its remit is based on hard facts, personal experience and evidence gleaned from years of tough campaigning against various forms of social and ecological suppression. More…

Secrets Of The Cosmos by Louis Hart. Are there really secrets of the cosmos and if there are can anyone learn them? Well, it seems to me that if there were actually cosmic secrets then no one would have access to them, for they would be secret. At least no human could know about them because the human animal is notoriously inept at keeping secrets. More…

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