UFO Digest Newsletter January 5, 2012

Welcome to the first issue of the UFO Digest Newsletter for 2012! This year promises to be a barn-burner with Planet-X (Nibiru) arriving in March, more hints of UFO Disclosure and last but not least the end of the Mayan calendar and of civilization itself. Yes, 2012 seems to be a year of destiny heralded as the time for Armageddon by writers, prophets, financial analysts and true believers everywhere.

We at UFO Digest will keep you apprised of all the major breaking stories throughout the year with honest commentary both for and against an given idea and we will strive to encourage debate amongst our writers and to eliminate personal attacks.

Other than that we predict UFO Digest will have an excellent year and we’ll recap this year in our first issue of 2013. Enjoy!

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