This week we begin with an article about stealth UFOs in the 1940s by Doc Vega. Next, Scott Corrales reports on UFOs over Argentina and submits Part II of his Moonlight on Tombstones article. I publish an article about two passenger planes altering course to afford a UFO! Sean Casteel is back examining the Tesla Death Ray and the Columbia Disaster. Regan Lee is the subject of an article “THE ORANGE ORB’S REGAN LEE SPOTS UFO OVER EUGENE” and responds with her own comments. Major Ed Dames was back on Coast to Coast AM promoting his KILL SHOT! Victoria Woollaston reports on time travelers on the Internet. New contributor Matt Brady tries to define ‘definitive proof!’ Finally, Dr. Susan Shumsky explains the meaning of Aura! Enjoy Dirk Vander Ploeg

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UFO STEALTH IN THE 1940’S? by Doc Vega. Mentioned in not only a Nova documentary on PBS TV in the 1980’s but a book written by the first Director of Project Blue Book Captain Edward Ruppelt, “The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects ” released in 1956 is an obscure incident witnessed in the undisclosed air space over the US in 1948. By then many major UFO sightings rocked the world such as the Roswell Crash and the Kenneth Arnold Sighting with many more to come, yet this particular sighting stands out as a peculiar if not important reference to a technology that we are only now beginning to understand and implement, and that is stealth technology. Is it no wonder that our extraterrestrial counterparts operating here on planet earth would have already showcased their capabilities a long time ago? More…

LIGHT FORMATION OVER TUCUMAN, ARGENTINA! by Scott Corrales. Contributing editor Guillermo Gimenez provides us the following photo from Luis Burgos’s FAO site. The image, taken by Javier Lopez Posse, is accompanied by the following text: “Attention, Tucumán! Today at 09:03 p.m. I captured three white lights in the shape of a triangle (possible triangualr UFO) flying from East to West at a 60-degree elevation. I was looking at it from North to South, apparently heading toward Cerro San Javier. It gave the impression of being translucent, with white yet opaque lights. If anyone else saw or recorded it, please advise me privately.” More… Also read: FRIGHTENED BY GHOSTS BY MOONLIGHT ON TOMBSTONES? – PART II

PLANES DIVERTED AS UFO SIGHTING CAUSES AIRPORT EMERGENCY from the Travel AOL website. A UFO scare near Beijing International Airport caused two passenger planes to be diverted and dozens of flight delays. According to the South China Morning Post, China’s Civil Aviation’s radar picked up a UFO which was flying at around 2,000 ft and at 60 mph. Two planes were immediately diverted in order to steer clear of the unidentified object while a police helicopter was scrambled. More…

THE MYSTERY OF THE TESLA COLUMBIA DEATH RAY by Sean Casteel. The tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia and its seven astronauts will live forever in the memory of the American public. While the actual cause may never be known beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is nevertheless possible that an outside force acted upon the spaceship, an outside force that may have been set in motion many decades ago by the work of the legendary inventor, Nikola Tesla, and the shadowy scientists who followed in his wake. More… Also read: THE MYSTERY OF THE TESLA COLUMBIA DEATH RAY – PART II

OREGON LOCAL NEWS ITEM ON NYE UFO…AND THEN SOME by Regan Lee. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, this item from KVAL news is as vapid as main stream UFO reports insist on being. The comments posted are as equally ignorant. Yep, it’s a UFO if you don’t know what it the thing you saw was, as in: UFO is short for Unidentified Flying Object. This simple fact goes over the heads of most of the population who seem to think they’re the intelligent ones by questioning such sightings. If I sound pissy it’s because I am; fed up with this idiocy. By the way, I emailed Justin Templeton at KEZI news with a report of what I saw, along with the usual bio blurb; you know, I’m not a nut but writer and researcher blah blah. Never heard a word. More…

X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE BLASTS IN OUR DIRECTION! by Dirk Vander Ploeg. When Major Ed Dames predicted on his recent Coast to Coast AM show that 2014 was going to be a wild ride, and that this could very well be the beginning of the end, he wasn’t kidding. On New Year’s Day we reported breaking news about plumes of radioactive steam coming from Fukushima, and today, NBC News reveals breaking news that an X1 flare has burst from the sun aimed directly at Earth! More… Also read: THE ORANGE ORB’S REGAN LEE SPOTS UFO OVER EUGENE, OREGON!

INVESTIGATORS FIND NO PROOF OF TIME TRAVELERS ON INTERNET! by Victoria Woollaston.. Anyone hoping to one day emulate the likes of time travellers Doctor Who or Marty McFly in Back To The Future has just been dealt a devastating blow. Researchers from Michigan have scoured websites, search engine results and social networks dating back as far as 1996 in search of people who discussed select events before they happened. They even asked time travellers from the future to tweet using a specific hashtag. More…

DEFINITIVE PROOF: WHAT EXACTLY IS IT? by Matt Brady. This one has really been bugging me lately. Believer collect a piece of evidence, a video, a photo, even a hair sample and shoot from the rooftops this is definitive evidence. Then they stand aghast when the world doesn’t believe them. Here’s the problem, definitive evidence isn’t easy. Definitive evidence will probably never be a video or photo or even a footprint. Now a collection of hundreds of these, analysed by experts is getting closer, but the point is these things can be faked or misidentified too easily to accept as proof positive. Now there are things like DNA tests which could be considered definitive, however in order for these to be definitive the results must be replicated. That means if a lab claims to have found DNA from a Bigfoot, the results will need to be independently verified by others. More…

WHAT DOES THE WORD AURA MEAN? by Dr. Susan Shumsky. Have you ever wondered, What is keeping my body alive? What energy gives life to my body with my first breath, and what energy will leave my body when I die? Let us consider some fundamental questions. Obviously you have a physical body, which seems to run by itself: Lungs breathe, food digests, and blood rushes through your veins. Yet what makes it breathe? What makes your heart beat continually? What keeps it running like a clock, and what makes it stop? The answers to these questions seem elusive. More…

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