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This week with begin with an article and video by Jose Escamilla the discoverer of Rods. Next, Diane Tessman wonders if Earth had two moons in ancient times and if aliens are part of God’s domain? Then, Scott Corrales reports on witnesses to a 1997 sighting in Argentina. Chris Holly writes about Flying Buildings as UFOs and reports that Orbs have returned to Long Island. Steve Erdmann publishes part II of the Octopus from Hell. Next, Sean Casteel interviews Dr. Barry Taff, a veteran of the Psychic Wars. Doc Vega contributes Parts IV and V of his UFOs, Vikings and Bigfoot series. Roger Marsh reports on a UFO with possible appendages. John Foster comments on his upcoming talk at the Psychic Studies Institute. Tony Elliott sets the record straight on ET Abductions and so on. Vinodprasad Petwal writes about UFO-aliens and ancient gods. Brad Steiger is back with a review of his Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds. Shy Brown continues with her series From the Journal of Cheetah and Jane. I discovered 3 great articles I believe you will like. Enjoy Dirk



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Jose Escamilla’s Rods vs Monster Quest by Jose Escamilla. Exposing the injustice imposed on the RODS phenomena by Monsterquest and The History Channel. More…

Earth: Did We Have Binary Moons? by Diane Tessman. Did Earth have two moons in ancient times? Mars has two mysterious moons, Phobos and Diemos, both of which seem to be mostly hollow; there has been much speculation that one or both of these Martian moons is artificially made by an alien race. There have been similar theories stating that our moon is hollow and “rings” (reverberates) when impacted. Now there is new information about our moon: It might have had a companion moon millions of years ago. More… Also read: Are Aliens Part of God’s Domain?

Witness Discusses 1997 Sighting in Argentina by Scott Corrales. “When I read Mrs. Angela de Ponce’s letter to El Tribuno on 27 June, I decided to tell my own story,” said Roberto Moreira, a retired carbonated beverages worker who lives in the town of Mariano Moreno. “It’s true. When people hear the story, they laugh or don’t think it’s true. But I would be willing to place my hand on the Bible for what I’m going to tell you. I am not going to lie to God. More…

Are Flying Buildings the New UFOs? by Chris Holly. A few years ago I wrote about the reports I was being sent from people all over the world telling me that they had the strangest of strange sightings. The people were reporting large floating or flying buildings. The reports I was receiving were similar in the fact that the craft or structure they were seeing were rectangle in shape, slow in movement and silent as they made their way across the sky. More… Also read: The UFOs Have Returned Long Island NY

The Octopus from Hell Part II by Steve Erdmann . Chemical magnate Al Holbert was a former Israeli intelligence officer who gave special education classes to law enforcement agencies in the U.S. His address was Fort Mead, home of the Intelligence Security Comand and Delta Force. Holbert exported cryptic substances out of his mail-order chemical outfit. Danny Casolaro ‘carted about’ a transcript of Octopus connections and Riconosciuto interviews at the DOJ: a month before his death. More…

Dr. Barry Taff: A Veteran Of The Psychic Wars by Sean Casteel. Dr. Barry Taff has been on the forefront of the academic study of psychic phenomena for decades and has long documented the connection between psi events and UFOs. His own psychic experiences began in childhood, and he has no doubt of the reality of some form of coupling between human consciousness and a field of energy that we do not as yet understand. More…

UFOs, Vikings and BigFoots Part V by Doc Vega. The Ibn Fadian manuscript has been the subject of much study, the tracing of its authenticity through history, and careful scrutiny by scholars of universities in many countries make it a precious record. It survives the ages as one of the most compelling first hand accounts of ancient civilizations and even very good evidence that the Neanderthal supposedly cousins of man still survived in a tribe in 928 A.D. Despite the widespread dominance of modern man this manuscript holds evidence that one particular holdout of Neanderthals not only existed in a war-like society, but actually raided human beings much like the Vikings raided our ancestors on the coasts of Great Britain. More… Also read: UFOs, Vikings and Bigfoots? Part IV

Weird Object with Possible Appendages Photographed in Flushing, Queens, New York by Roger Marsh. A New York family walking through Flushing, Queens, reported watching and photographing a “strange organic-type UFO with appendages” about 5:40 p.m. on June 5, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More…

Comments posted concerning John Foster’s upcoming talk to the Psychic Studies Institute by John Foster. Just thought you might be interested in the opinion of a former UFO investigator, author, editor for the Human Potential Foundation which was founded by Senator Scott Jones and financed by Lawrence Rockefeller to keep President Clinton informed of new and developing new science and UFO activity in the United States. His opinion of my story, so-called UFO encounters and my upcoming talk to the Psychic Studies Institute in Kansas City are on the link below. He is a very knowledgeable man, an accomplished investigator/researcher and has a little different take on UFO encounters. More…

Setting The Record Straight, The Misconceptions Of ET Abductions And Religious Superstitions by Tony Elliott . I have been a UFO, paranormal, strange phenomena researcher and investigator for decades, having had many experiences in this genre from sightings of many strange objects; a Sasquatch sighting, aura visions, and a vast array of paranormal encounters of my own. As far as the extraterrestrial experience in general and abductions as they are called in particular goes, I find that many in this business are misguided. They make fantastic claims for personal monitory gains, come to the table with preordained ideas which are clouded by their personal belief systems, and above all a lack of understanding of the visitor phenomena. More…

UFO-Aliens and Ancient Gods by Vinodprasad Petwal. I am a citizen of INDIA and I had contacted with the aliens [ancient gods] in USA in Missouri near Kansas city in 2008 by spiritual power [consciousness of mind that is opening of 3rd eye]. More…

Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds: Review by Brad Steiger. The July 2013 issue of Fortean Times’ Book Review section contains a very nice review of Brad and Sherry Steigers’ Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds entitled, “A taxonomy of aliens: A good starting point for folklorists and others who can’t tell their blonde Nordics from their inter-dimensional beings. More…

From the Journal of Cheetah and Jane: Staring Death in the Face part one by Shy Brown. I was about five years old when Mother had to leave to see her older sister, Gladys, for the last time. It would be a long trip traveling by bus from Plant City, Florida to Montreal, Canada. Mother decided to take me with her rather than leave me with my three brothers. Since Father was the owner of a construction company and this required long hours, Mother had hired a woman to take care of my three brothers. More…

Ireland Claims UFO Sighting 5 Days After Roswell – Blarney! by Dirk Vander Ploeg. An interesting piece of Irish curio was unearthed by the Irish blog Broadsheet this week in the shape of an Irish Times clipping from July 12, 1947. The clipping’s headline reads: “Flying Saucer Seen in County Kerry” More… Also read: Google Celebrates Roswell 66th Anniversary with Google Doodle! And: Snowden reveals UFO Documents

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