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This week’s newsletter has some of the best articles we have every published. My thanks to our contributors. Much of our content is exclusive to this website and as Publisher I am very grateful. We have began a series of articles from Marc G. concerning a French farmer that spent a year staying and interacting with extraterrestrials. Next, Ed Komarek interviews Sgt. Clifford Stone. Broadcaster Kevin Smith comments on NASA’s red-hazing of Mars photos. Diane Tessman responds to Chris Holly’s article ‘The Unknown Will Stay Unknown Because We Like It That Way!’ I look at a new book that claims to be from the future. Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews a naval intelligence officer about U.S. Mars Bases and time-travel. Robbie Graham and Matthew Alford, PhD claim that a former Senior CIA officer admits Roswell was real. Scott Corrales reports on UFO encounters in Argentina. Roger Marsh reports on UFO sightings in the U.S. and John Kelly reports on the ECETI Ranch and color changing UFOs. Enjoy Dirk

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Year-long Stay on ET Base – Part One by Marc G.. Over a period of months a farm in southern France was plagued by the appearance of lights. Balls of light appeared in the evening and surrounded the house of 20-year-old Robert L., who lived with his parents and his grandmother. Large balls of light moved over the ground, seeming to extinguish and re-light, eventually joining up with a giant bullet-shaped form standing vertically. More… Also read: Year-long Stay on ET Base – Part Two

Sgt. Clifford Stone Interview by Ed Komarek by Neil Gould. In this film Ed Komarek interviews Sgt. Clifford Stone who participated in UFO crash retrievals within a covert group in the military. Sgt. Stone describes how he was recruited into this secret group [without the knowledge of his superior officers] and “tells all” about his personal encounters with ETs since childhood and his ET encounters whilst in the military. More…

NASA Still Red-Hazing Pics of Mars by Kevin Smith. When NASA releases to the public photos of various heavenly bodies, many people assume those photos are the best NASA has. The fact is, these are not even close to being the best they have. The photos they release to us almost always have a red “fog” installed on them so that we cannot see the real colors and the sharp details that are really there. A recent example is the panoramic photo of Mars taken by Opportunity Rover. More…

Trail Blazing “Trash” Manifests Aliens and Creates Our Future in the Galaxy by Diane Tessman. A Response to Chris Holly’s “The Unknown Will Stay the Unknown Because We Like It That Way” Little Marc Rayman did not want the unknown to stay the unknown, he did not like it that way, and so he loved science fiction. More…

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The Unknown Will Stay Unknown Because We Like It That Way! by Chris Holly. Often I am sent emails from people who ask me questions about the subjects I write about. One reader recently asked me what I thought of the paranormal TV shows and movies that the public is swamped with on a regular basis. Coincidentally I had been thinking a great deal about this very thing for some time now. I have had this kicking around in the back of my mind since the weekend I spent visiting my older sister. My sister is a big paranormal fan. While staying with her we watched a week’s worth of TV paranormal shows she had recorded on her TiVo. After we finished watching a few of her favorite shows she asked me what I thought about the newest week’s episodes. I told her in one word, frustrated. More…

New Book Claims To Be From The Future! by Dirk Vander Ploeg. A new book by two best-selling authors, Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman, This Book is from the Future: A Journey Through Portals, Relativity, Worm Holes, and Other Adventures in Time Travel reveals a thrilling world of time travel that most people can only imagine. Presenting substantial new research and evidence about past, present, and future time travel, This Book Is From the Future looks at the bizarre, the real science and the fascinating possibilities of an entirely new perspective on time. More…

Naval Intelligence Officer Corroborates U.S. Mars Bases and Time Travel by By Alfred Lambremont Webre. The transcript of a November 17, 1989 public lecture and an affidavit dated January 10, 1989 by former U.S. Naval Intelligence officer Milton William Cooper (1943-2001), corroborates key aspects of accounts made by DARPA whistleblower Andrew D. Basiago and CIA whistleblowers Bernard Mendez and William Stillings regarding U.S. secret bases on Mars and secret U.S. government time travel capabilities. More…

Exclusive Interview with James Gilliland at ECETI Ranch! by Jon Kelly. An exclusive new video shows contactee James Gilliland describing how a UFO would “flash” over the heads of observers only moments before the incident was captured on three separate camera systems. More… Also read: Color Changing UFO Caused Dog Barking

OK Witness Spots Missle-Shaped UFO by Roger Marsh. An Oklahoma witness in Tulsa County reported watching a “bright, missile-shaped object with a black band in the middle” about 6:45 p.m. on July 8, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network. More… Also read: Triangular Formation of UFOs Spotted by Illinois Witness Also read: Orange Glowing Domed Object Over Idaho?

Alien manipulation of Chakras/Kundalini nerve centers by Paul Schroeder. A tapping, delicately, on my back. I am sitting up on a table, feeling gentle taps on my back, watching a series of images, myriad tables receding into infinity, like two mirrors facing each other. More…

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VISION OVNI Investigates a Horse Mutilation, Argentina by Scott Corrales. Once again we are bewildered by news of a strange animal death. In this particular instance, the case involves a white horse belonging to José González, who was surprised not only by the animal’s death, but by the strange injuries it presented. He was able to see a 35 centimeter perforation between its two front extremities, one of them revealing a clear absence of the heart. Another injury could be found in the lower section of the animal, which was missing the entirety of its genitals. More… Also read: Man-in-Black (MIB) Reported in Concordia, Argentina

Evolution of Consciousness in the Alien ET UFO Community by TJ Morris. We are in special times when the veil is the thinnest and this means something to all of us in the communication of cosmology. We are now sharing the smallest and the most expanded as largest thoughts we can muster and placing new words as our work in this world. We in the Alien ET Hybrid UFO Community are accepting most crop circles as ET Energy and part of our evolution. More…

Senior CIA Officer Claims “Roswell Cover-up!” by Robbie Graham and Matthew Alford, PhD. On 23 June, 2012, in an interview for the popular American radio show, Coast to Coast AM, the CIA’s former liaison to the entertainment industry, Charles ‘Chase’ Brandon made extraordinary claims about the so-called “Roswell incident,” in which the US military is widely believed to have retrieved extraterrestrial materials and bodies after a mysterious object crashed in the deserts of New Mexico. More…

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