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 This week we begin with an article by Tim Beckley on what he said to William Shatner! Gordon J. Gianninoto is back with more proof of Planet X and Scott Corrales reports on strange UFO sightings in South America and Spain. Marc G. continues his ‘Year-long Stay on ET Base’ series with part threee. Jon Kelly writes about a scientific explanation of a hovering UFO. Roger Marsh updates us with MUFON’s cases of the past week. Albert Venczel asks ‘Is Contact Reproducible’ and then answers the question. Diane Tessman writes about UFOs as a high wire act. Chris Holly debates benevolent teachers versus rampaging invaders. Norio Hayakawa opines on the Huge Alien UFO Hoax. Dr. Susan Shumsky explains what will happen when the Mayan calendar ends. Abductee Paul Schroeder writes abut monsters and other scary night-time intruders. I report on strange photographs sent in by reader Rich and presents new evidence about Roswell. Chaneler Quantum Shaman investigates downloading the infinite and I would remiss if I forgot to mention TJ Morris article on the Ascension Age. Please note this are just some of the articles we have posted this week. Many more articles and new videos are on the UFO Digest website. Enjoy Dirk.

I Told William Shatner That The Ultra-Terrestrial “Invasion” Of The Earth Has Begun And That Strange “Alien” Shape Shifters Could Be Living Amongst Us by Tim Beckley. After nearly half a century investigating UFO reports, I am convinced that throughout history we have been encircled by invisible beings who can upon occasion materialize and take up a variety of shapes and facades – even looking so human in appearance so that they can walk on the surface of our planet undetected. Some of these beings may come in peace. . . while others are here for their own nefarious purposes, perhaps going so far as to control our minds, possess our body and do bloodcurdling experiments upon us. During the summer of 1966, a Gallipulis, Ohio, nurse saw a dome shaped UFO land in a remote field outside of town. She was compelled to leave her auto and walk toward the craft. More…

Photographic Proof of Earth Wobble Due To Planet X Grip and Release of Great Atlantic Rift by Gordon J. Gianninoto. Thanks to Nancy Diane Lieder for making this animated gif [using a free demo program]showing the moon moving sideways within seconds, by using the two attached photos I took, due to our Earth’s north pole moving back to the left. PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF OF EARTH WOBBLE CAUSED BY PLANET X IN 2 PHOTOS SECONDS APART AT 8:26 PM JULY 3RD 2012 AS THE FULL MOON ROSE OVER MAINE More…

Year-long Stay on ET Base – Part Three by Marc G.. TThen suddenly, I saw the Earth moving away rapidly.As we weren’t moving, I thought I was going to vomit.And then I looked at the interior and saw the instruments.The man said to me, “We’re above Italy. We’re going down to 33,000 feet, reducing speed to about 600 miles per hour, and there you’ll see two French fighter jets. We’re going to approach them.” Then the spacecraft became transparent, like we were in a glass bubble. And he said, “Look.” I saw the jet which was far away, and then suddenly it was there, we flew down and got behind the plane, a Mirage. Then I could see its instrumental panel appear on our screen, like something on a computer! And the Guide said, the instrumental panel is displayed, that’s good. More…

Thoughts on the Concordia Aerodrome MIB by Scott Corrales. Many years have gone by in search of evidence that could give us a minimal glimpse into the reality and existence of the UFO phenomenon and all that the phenomenon entails. The Men-in-Black form part of the stories associated with the UFO phenomenon, and they appear every so often in isolated incidents. There were numerous cases in Argentina in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, resulting in truly interesting cases. More… Also read: Mysterious Events in Western Buenos Aires

Scientific explanation for UFO hovering in street photo says witness by Jon Kelly. A spectacular orb of light hovering near ground level was captured in a street photograph on Monday, July 16 at 2 a.m. CDT in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The witness and photographer stated in an online interview that he was outside smoking on his front steps when the light appeared from out of nowhere. Local Moose Jaw UFO videographer and contactee Marshall Venn interviewed the witness for this exclusive report and provided further details surrounding video of recent UFO incidents that took place during this summer’s 2012 Craven Country Jamboree. More…

Ultra Bright Square Object Reported Over the 405 Freeway, CA by Roger Marsh. A California witness driving south along the 405 Freeway near San Juan Capistrano pulled over in an attempt to identify an “ultra bright, square object” in the night sky, according to July 16, 2012, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More… Also read: Siblings Spot UFO Twice in Two Years! Also read: ‘Edge of Reality’ Radio Show Second Season Premieres July 16, 2012!

Is Contact Reproducible? by Albert Venczel. In my previous essay, I established that contact between humanity and an alien intelligence representing a Level One civilization took place during the Apollo 14 space flight in 1971, and that this encounter resulted in a transfer of technological information in the form of an otherworldly “scientific textbook”. In this essay, I will explore some of the ways in which other seekers have attempted to achieve contact, comparing and contrasting their methods. I will then describe the various different alien groups that have been encountered via these disparate practices. More…

The UFO/Alien High Wire Circus Act by Diane Tessman. I have always loved the Flying Wallendas! In my childhood, I treasured a biography about them entitled, yes, “The Flying Wallendas.” Did you know that they were literally on the high wire in Havana, when Fidel Castro took Havana? They had one hell of a time getting out of Cuba! Of course I watched nervously as Nick Wallenda recently crossed Niagara Falls successfully, and I hear he is preparing to cross the Grand Canyon next. More…

Benevolent Teachers or Rampaging Invaders: The Alien Question by Chris Holly. Occasionally I find myself in extremely odd circumstances due to the nature of my interests. Recently I found myself in the middle of an argument between one of the real time abductees I have been writing about and one of her longtime friends who is an avid UFO enthusiast. The exchange between the abductee and the enthusiast took place while we were out to lunch at a crowded beach front restaurant on the ocean side of Long Island New York. More…

Is There A Huge Alien Hoax Concerning UFOs And The Government? by Norio Hayakawa. New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum (admission FREE) on Saturday, July 21, 1:15 p.m. at Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center (Room 5), 501 Elizabeth St., SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123. Norio Hayakawa to speak on: UFOs, THE GOVERNMENT AND THE GREAT ALIEN HOAX – fascinating origns of the Dulce underground base rumors and a closer look at the role of “beliefs” in Area 51 conspiracies. More…

What Will Happen When Mayan Calendar Ends – Dec. 21, 2012? by Dr. Susan Shumsky. What will happen on December 21, 2012, and how can you prepare as we enter the “World of the Fifth Sun”? Find out on an amazing FREE Teleseminar with some of the world’ sforemost spiritual teachers and Mayan experts: Sean David Morton, Robert Bauval, Colin Andrews, Michael Cremo, Susan Shumsky, Mellen-ThomasBenedict, Tricia McCannon, Newton Kondaveti, and more. More…

Monsters and other Scary, Night-time, Bedroom Intruders by Paul Schroeder. Why should one not flail about, when one finds oneself suddenly deep in quicksand? Everyone knows that the more one flails about in quicksand, the deeper and with more certainty, is one stuck. But common sense is not common when one finds oneself firmly stuck, bemired in quicksand, as one often tends to panic and to experience terror. More…

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Light Beams at House of Cenote, Tulum by Dirk Vander Ploeg. I thought you might be interested in the photo to the right which shows light beams over a Mayan religious site behind the House of Cenote in Tulum. (click here to enlarge) It was taken on New Years Eve 2008. It was taken shortly after an encounter with a Mayan Shaman and has images of animals, faces and other strange figures throughout. More… Also read: Roswell Revealed: The New Scientific Breakthrough into the Controversial UFO Crash of 1947

Downloading the Infinite – A Fresh Look at Channeling by Quantum Shaman. Too often in UFO circles, we hear the word “channeling”, which may be immediately accompanied by images of some new age “light worker” sitting in a dark room in full lotus position, surrounded by crystals and candles, speaking in dulcet tones about the arrival of the space brothers from Antares IV, or the impending doom coming our way because Planet Earth is in the high traffic zone between two warring solar systems, and our only hope of salvation is to recycle those bottles and cans, and think positive thoughts for our guardian angels. More…

TJ of Ascension Age of Andromeda ~ Alien ET UFO Community by TJ Morris. We are in command of those whom we choose as the messengers of the world. We are they who have chosen whom we choose as our scribes and messengers for the entire medium of all who serve our chosen alliance in space. We share that we have a military in space and on bases and biospheres. More…

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