This week we begin with an by Robert D Morningstar article about Richard Giroux and his ET/UFO encounter. Robert also reports on the new release of a new DVD called The Skyfire Summit 2014 – Travis Walton . Next, Scott Corrales writes about a voyage to the land of the zombies. Then Doc Vega reports on the thing in the woods in a 2-part exclusive. Contributor Theresa J Morris, claims that she sees aliens, UFOs and angels? Tony Elliott is back explaining and warning about Jade Helm! Next, Stephen Erdmann wraps up his article about Randle’s Roswell report. Deanna Jaxine Stinson writes about legends of rare darkness and then her husband Paul Dale Roberts takes a look at demons and more. In conclusion, Rainbow Radaelli, informs us about the bellyache of being an RHD and how difficult it was for her growing up. Enjoy Dirk

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I AM DARIUS – THE RICHARD GIROUX ET/UFO ENCOUNTER  by Robert D Morningstar. This is a story of an astonishing and true account of a “close encounter of the FIFTH kind” which a man named Richard R. Giroux, experienced on October 12, 1994 on the rim canal of Lake Okeechobee, Florida. The contact was deliberate and the communication profound. The visitors shared in detail their true nature, their mission, and the reason for their connection with Earth since before the dawn of antiquity. The details of what they shared were not provided through conversation, but via a direct implant of knowledge. They also shared numerous and detailed future sequential events that will verify their message.  More…. Also read: TRAVIS WALTON’S “SKYFIRE SUMMIT” – NOW ON DVD.
VOYAGE TO THE LAND OF THE (ZOMBIES) LIVING DEAD!  by Scott Corrales. The scene could have been derived from any suspense film. Manuel Delgado instinctively held on tightly to his television camera as we clutched our machetes. Our vehicle was being surrounded by a dozen ebony-skinned Haitians. The blancs, as they derisively call Europeans, are not welcome in Haiti and we had been warned that under no circumstances should we venture into the shanty towns outside Port-au-Prince where, we were told, “there exists a 90 per cent chance of being mugged.” We ignored this sage advice, of course.  More…. Also read: VOYAGE TO THE LAND OF THE (ZOMBIES) LIVING DEAD! – II.
THE THING IN THE WOODS  by Doc Vega. It seems just like it all happened such a short time ago as I look back on my childhood. Living thirty miles from the nearest town put us quite a ways out from the heart beat of the general public. Just me, my paw, and my little brother and that farm. Way out in the middle of no where was our home. I still remember it all like it was just the other day.  More…. Also read: THE THING IN THE WOODS Part II.
I SEE ALIENS AND UFOS – ANGELS?  by Theresa J Morris. One might wonder where we began as in the munificent omniscience of the beginning. M for Mother and F for Father and ME well for me to explain where we believe we actually came from in the present beginning of what we expect to know in this reality. But what of the matrix of the all that is not reality as we know it to exist with the senses? What about that which lies outside of our very own consciousness? I see aliens, UFOS, and angels. Does that make me a mystic?  More….

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WITH CHINA AND RUSSIA CONDUCTING THEIR OWN VERSIONS OF JADE HELM, WHAT COULD THE WORLD GETTING READY FOR?  by Tony Elliott . With Jade Helm, the largest military exercise in US history about to commence, along with China conducting huge military exercises in the South China Sea complete with its own manufactured islands. Russia is holding it’s own version of Jade Helm, and a host of other countries participating in military operations, one gets the idea WWIII is about to start. However, we have to ask ourselves, if the world was getting ready for a world war, no one would be practicing for it in the open as we now see with all the military activity and the public sure wouldn’t know about the plans. Yet, we seem to have the whole world getting ready for something big.  More….
RANDLE’S ROSWELL REPORT – PART II  by Stephen Erdmann. Randle explains: “In interviews conducted in the early 1990s, and videotaped for the inclusion in the Fund for UFO Research’s video library, DuBose elaborated…McMullen ordered Ramey to cover up the whole thing.” DuBose further stated “McMullen told me you are not to discuss this and this is a point at which this is more than top secret…highest priority and you will say nothing.”  More….
LEGENDS OF RARE DARKNESS  by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Rare darkness is unusually excellent. It is darker than dark and more magical than possible. It is the gift of ultimate beauty and strength. It is deeper than the deepest well you have ever imagined. It is greater than fire burned so hot the ground is charred blacker than you could dream. It is a magical fire. A magical sacred holy darkness, where creatures can dwell with the devil himself and never be seen. This is not death but this is a cosmic pure slate untouched by impurities.  More….
A LOOK AT DEMONS  by Paul Dale Roberts. Below is an article I wrote several years ago. I updated the article the best I could. I have been on over 1000 investigations, about 1/3 have been called demonic by the client. Out of 400 demonic cases, I have only seen 3 that may have actually been demonic. Demonic cases are a rarity. If an occupant says that they have an attachment, I will give them a Baptist baptism (full submersion into water). Many people do not realize that a baptism is a basic form of exorcism.  JULIA THE GHOST AND THE SHARP TOOTH DARK ENTITY.
THE BELLYACHE OF BEING AN RHD  by Rainbow Radaelli. The RHd factor is something that confuses me to no end and seems to be apart of me, thanks to my mother or so I’m told. Funny how my sisters used to tease me and tell me I had monkey’s blood coursing through my veins. Little did they know that monkeys actually did play a part in the history of what I call, “blood science.” More….
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