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Welcome to another issue of the UFO Digest Newsletter. This week we have a wide variety of articles on subjects from UFOs to assassination. I would like to highlight Diane Tessman‘s contributions to this website. Not only does she write a weekly article but while I was away she helped publish others’ article to keep our content fresh. Diane has counseled hundreds of people who feel alien contact or who have had an abduction. She maintains a cat sanctuary on ten acres with 65 formerly abandoned, stray, or feral cats, donations are welcomed. Diane also enjoys the company of 4 dog friends and daily celebrates the magnificence of Mother Nature.

Steve Erdmann reviews Ed Komarek’s new book, and then Robert Morrow links Lyndon Johnson to JFK’s assassination. Chris Holly writes about White Owls and more. I offer several articles and sightings for your pleasure. Ed Komarek reports on UFOs and whistleblower Snowden. Diane Tessman offers a look at ourselves in 100,000 years. Roger Marsh reports on several UFO sightings. Then Scott Corrales reports Chinese man arrested for hoaxing ET. Next, Doc Vega writes more about Roswell and Jon Kelly reports on UFO data mining. New contributor John Crobons writes about time travel and finally Ron Murdock takes a look at Christian revisionist history. Enjoy Dirk

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The Hidden Breakaway Empire by Steve Erdmann. “Our common defense against these predatory ET types is limited but growing”, says Ed Komarek, speaking about his research on extraterrestrials in UFO Exploiters and the New World Disorder, “Air Forces around the world in the 1950s were estimated to be losing an aircraft a day trying to intercept UFOs, and I suspect that this prompted Five Star General MacArthur, who built extensive UFO/ET files in the 1940’s, to state in 1955 that, ‘the next war will be interplanetary war. The nations must someday make a common front against attacks by people from other planets.’ Fortunately, this dire prediction has not yet come to pass.” More…

Lyndon Johnson & The JFK Assassination by Robert Morrow. On the night of New Year’s Eve Dec. 31st, 1963, at the Driskill Hotel, Lyndon Johnson and Madeleine Brown, one of his longtime mistresses, had an interesting conversation. Madeleine asked LBJ if he had anything to do with the JFK assassination. Johnson got angry; he began pacing around and waving his arms. Then LBJ told her: it was Dallas, TX, oil executives and “renegade” intelligence agents who were behind the JFK assassination. LBJ later also told his chief of staff Marvin Watson that the CIA was involved in the murder of John Kennedy. More…

White Owls and Other Strange Events by Chris Holly. My experience with the paranormal started when I was a small child. I have partial memories of strange events happening going back to age three or four. I have clear recall of odd encounters from about the age of seven on. I also recall something else that I never connected with my experiences with the unknown until I read about it on the internet by others who shared the same experience. More…

UFO-Extraterrestrial Snowden Moment by Ed Kormarek. If we study carefully the events that lead to the Watergate style leak of NSA snooping recently, we can observe some hopeful signs as to an end to the UFO/ET cover-up. A small community of people has known about the massive surveillance of global citizens by the NSA for a long time, with a steady drip of whistleblowers coming forward on a regular basis. It’s not really that dissimilar to the drip of whistleblower leaks in the UFO community. It is possible that we have laid the groundwork for one courageous whistleblower, or small group of whistleblowers and media, to bring UFO/ET disclosure to the general public as has happened with the leak by Edward Snowden. More…

NY Daily News Article: What Humans Will Look like in 100,000 Years – Look Familiar? by Diane Tessman. I am fascinated by an article which just appeared in the NY Daily News. Why? Because the illustrations of what we humans will look like in 100,000 years, closely resemble illustrations of some UFO occupants. Of all the origins of UFO occupants I have researched, I favor the concept that some of them are humans from our own future. More…

Man Arrested for Hoaxing ET Capture Story by Scott Corrales.A man was arrested in China after hoaxing an account involving the capture of an alleged ET. Li Kai was arrested by the police after having made up the alleged capture of an extraterrestrial near the Yellow River in Binzhou, Shandong Province. More…

Still they try to dispute the Roswell Crash-Part I by Doc Vega. In reassessing the Roswell Incident there are things that we can expect from the military establishment and persistent government denial that probably will forever continue until complete disclosure has finally been sanctioned by the US federal government. Until then, we can definitely anticipate that the deniers and debunkers are firmly entrenched and they will stop at nothing to discredit the alleged crash of an alien space craft 75 miles north of Roswell sometime in the first week of July 1947. More… Also read: Still they try to dispute the Roswell Crash-Part II

UFO Data Mining Pretext To Space Wars by Jon Kelly. New analysis of Edward Snowden’s June 9, 2013, interview with the U.K. Guardian newspaper reveals how the self-described NSA surveillance program whistleblower harbors unconscious concerns about PRISM being used to mine online UFO and ET contact-related data as part of an ongoing attempt by the U.S. government to implement tyrannical space wars initiatives. More…

Unknown Object Shows Up In Photo! by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Publisher’s Note: I received a email from Mikanuk on June 6, 2013. He receives our weekly newsletter and wrote the following: With avid enthusiasm, I read your bi-weekly articles. This time, I’m sending you a photo of an UFO I captured with my GE C1233 digital camera. It’s a nice shot and I liked how I framed it, as a professional photographer myself. However, I noticed a small speck on the photo. More… And read: Objects Shaped Like Chinese Lanterns Seen In India And UFOs Holding Extraterrestrial Meetings Over Intergalactic Place!

Lightning Fast Triangle UFO Used Advanced Maneuvers! by Roger Marsh. Two witnesses driving east along I-64 in Charleston, WV, reported watching a triangle-shaped object with blue lights at each point that used “advanced maneuvers” at lightning speed before simply vanishing, according to June 7, 2013, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More… Also read: UFO Landing Near California Airport? And: ‘Blimp on Fire’, describes UFO Over Indiana town!

The Sounds of Time by John G. Crobons.Many of us have wondered, at one time or another, if time travel is really possible. Is it really possible to step back into time and observe history or even perhaps change it? More…

Christian Revisionist History by Ron Murdock. Knowing how well people like to label things, I run the risk of being called anti-Christian or Christ hater. It’s not Christianity by itself; I don’t trust fundalmentalists of any kind. Some of the things I point out I know some people may not like it. More…

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