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I really hope you are enjoying the new UFO Digest. I think we are good for at least the next few years with only minor changes taking place. Many of you receive our weekly newsletter and last week’s edition didn’t reach everyone or if it did it was difficult to read. So I am going back to the old system so the newsletters will continue to be time sensitive and enjoyable. Once again we have many articles including UFO sightings, alien abductions, 2012, Atlantis, Quantum Dream Portals, Fireballs and 9/11 conspiracies. Have a great week, look up to the skies and enjoy.

Venus ‘Bunny Hops’ Across The Face Of The Sun In A Slow Motion Sine Wave Unlike Predicted Course by Gordon J. Gianninoto. As anyone who watches the sky knows, recently, for the last 6 months, Venus was very high in the western sky, about 45 degrees above the setting Sun. It was still there, very bright and prominent, one month ago. That means that Venus had to close the angle between the Sun and Venus at the rate of possibly 1.5 degrees a day over the next 30 days, so that it would appear to cross the face of the sun as seen from earth. People who follow Zetatalk knew that the extraterrestrial Zetas speaking through Nancy Lieder had said that they would move Venus to the Sun so as to not totally shock the world with its absence. The Zetas had said that IF Venus did NOT show up, NASA would arrange for worldwide ‘technical problems’ as an excuse, so no one would have seen the unusual behavior due to Planet X. More…

Former pilot’s dream precedes triple UFO incident by Jon Kelly. Here is the narrative of Marshall Venn’s UFO dream referenced in the original Buffalo Pound UFO incident video: “I was with a friend on the hill. I looked up into the sky and the stars were moving. More…

‘Fireball Reports’ Increase Nationally! by Roger Marsh. Reports of orange colored lights moving silently across the sky have been on the increase in the U.S. during the past year. More… Also read: Two Lines of Strange Lights Over Maricopa County, Arizona

UFO photographed in Amantani island on Lake Titicaca in Peru May 18, 2012 by Christian Mace. Many thanks to Bernard who just send me his email here with original photos attached with. The photos are above, and are ranked in order of shots, from top to bottom. The camera used is a ” Fine Pix S 5200 “. Difficult to give a definitive explanation for this phenomenon. Asian lanterns and balloons seem to exclude …: More…

Quantum Dream Portals and Extraterrestrial Realities by Diane Tessman. There it is: The doorway to other realities! Humans have not yet learned to control this personal quantum portal yet, but we are learning. This astounding and downright magical door is right up there … More…

HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE: The Dark Side of UFOLOGY by Tim Beckley. It’s UFOlogy’s dirty little secret. It’s something that is better left swept under the rug. Stanton Friedman doesn’t talk about it. Stephen Bassett most assuredly would keep the subject at arm’s… More…

Interview with Kathleen Marden Part II by Johanne Robichaud. I watched Cosmos by Carl Sagan on Saturday night; and in one of the ten disc set it featured your Aunt and Uncle, Betty and Barney Hill. Have you seen that Cosmos DVD and what do you think of the … More…

Strange Equators in Space by Kevin Smith. Iapetus is a very well known moon of Saturn. At least, it is well known now that the Cassini spacecraft has gotten up close and personal photos of it. It is, perhaps, most famous with the public due to its amazing ridge around its equator.Iapetus is 2872 miles around its equator, so that is a very long ridge. More…

UFO Case Histories of Ceuta, Spain by Scott Corrales. [Ceuta is an autonomous Spanish city on the North African coast – a place of great historical significance that goes back to Carthaginian and Roman times. As such, it deserves a separate chronicle of … More… Also read: Cemeteries and UFO Also read: A Landing at Cañada de los Garabatos, Spain (1982)

Is It Dangerous Where You Live? by Chris Holly. Awhile back I wrote an article about the infamous Plum Island that is located off of the tip of Long Island New York. Plum Island has been long known as a place of dangerous activities since the mid… More…

Called By A Wild Wind by Louis Hart. In the canyon…at the pull-out next to the huge, familiar old pine tree. Just beyond it I can see the creek splashing against the boulders in its path. I have been called here this day. From the moment I awoke in the early morning twilight I felt the irresistible pull. For hours I battled strong downslope gusts blowing off the mountains to get here. More… Also read: It Came From The North

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Three 9/11 Videos that Scream “Inside Job” by Marcus Titus. Are you just beginning to question the authenticity of the official story of September 11, 2001 or have you questioned from the day it happened? Either way, 9/11 is probably the most prolific event… More…

UFO Digest Mourns the Death of Ray Bradbury by Dirk Vander Ploeg. John Anthony Miller awoke Wednesday morning to news that his great friend and idol, author Ray Bradbury, had passed away at age 91. More…

Atlantis 2012 Alien ET UFO Community Avatar Ascension Masters by TJ Morris . Lemuria had more individuals that were more artistically and spiritually inclined as we see our own cultures divided between art and humanities, and the sciences to this day. More…

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