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 Hope you are enjoying the Summer Solstice with its long days and warm weather. Perfect climate for long walks under cool skies while casting eyes skyward for terrestrial and extraterrestrial phenomomen. This week we have a wide spectrum of articles. Regardless of what your interests there’s sure to be something here for everyone. So enjoy the Summer and enjoy the articles our contributors have submitted for your approval. Dirk

Midsummer Solstice by Pat Regan. Of all archetypal symbols making a powerful impact on the human spirit, probably none remains more deeply ingrained in our subconscious realms than the circle or the wheel. The circle is an emblematic sign of the continuity of existence. More… Also read: Satanically Abused – But Now Abducted By ‘Evil” Aliens: The Secret Link They ‘Don’t ‘ Want You To See! Also read: BRITAIN: In Regal Glory or Still In The Dark Ages?

Jim Sparks – Near Future Humans and Off World Humans by Neil Gould. Jim Sparks allows the timely release of his filmed interview by Jake Gould and Neil Gould, Exopolitics Hong Kong, more than one year after it was filmed. More…

Master of Time and Space — The Scientific Legacy of Nikola Tesla by Sean Casteel. There are two sides to the human drama when it comes to the life of Nikola Tesla. There is the side that is decidedly scholarly and academic with his innovative inventions that revolutionized the world… More…

No Hellfire, No Brimstone, Only The Final Frontier by Diane Tessman. Yes, I know, NASA or its counterpart may have a “jump room” to Mars already, but for once, let’s look at the UFO/alien picture with a united focus rather than going off on an exotic tangent. More…

Mental Armageddon: UFOs, The CIA and Sex Slaves by Tim Swartz. Anyone who has studied the UFO mystery for any amount of time will quickly confirm that mind control plays a disproportionate role in this phenomenon. Someone is behind the scenes and pulling the strings… More…

Global Warming/Climate Change, Lies From Pseudo Climate Scientists by Tony Elliott. The misrepresentations, manipulated data, corrupted computer models, and outright lies coming from the United Nations based agencies, dealing with climate release every day are astounding. More…

Witness Claims Red with White Light Flying Object Was Intelligently Controlled! by Roger Marsh. A Hillsdale County, MI, witness driving along a country road reports watching an intelligently controlled, red-colored object with a white light moving just 30 feet off the ground, according to June 1 … More… Also read: Looked like “an alien field trip”

Starchild Skull Snarks Critics In Third New Video! by Earle Benezet. I hope by now you’ve seen the first 2 of our 3 new videos…because this 3rd one is a hum-dinger! It has quite a bit of snark and humor in its 11 minutes, even though its message is every bit as serious as the first two. DNA and Physical Differences play offense; Snarking plays defense. More…

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Introducing Film Maker Patty Greer and her Crop Circles by Patty Greer. Patty Greer had a life changing out-of-body-experience in the center of a UK Crop Circle in 2007, and that was the day her perception of reality was forever changed. She saw & felt things she had never… More…

Giants Under Athens by Kevin Smith. Jerry and Kathy recently returned from their latest projects in Bulgaria and Greece with three incredibly riveting interviews captured on video. More…

World UFO Day by Dirk Vander Ploeg. It is time for the UFO scene to unite as one! This site is dedicated to the celebration of World UFO Day, which is being held the 2nd of July 2012. Let me start by explaining to you why it is so important that people celebrate World ufoday! Power is in numbers, and during this day we are collectively sending out a message to the world that there is more out there, and we are celebrating it. More…

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