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This week with begin with a Sean Casteel article asking if we can believe the accounts of crashed UFOs? Then, Diane Tessman does not seem to believe that UFO occupants are terrorists but are they dangerous. Chris Holly reports of the steady stream of Orb sightings. Christian Macé has found another mystery on Mars. Next, Robert Hastings wonders if the release of MoD documents was a trick to deflect interest in UFOs. Roger Marsh reports that more witnesses revisit the Minot AFB UFO case. Then, Doc Vega retells an inexplicable UFO encounter in Florida. Paul Shishis photos a white light above an airline. Next, Pat Regan files multiple reports on the MoD UFO files. Alfred Lambremont Webre reports on UFO disclosure. Peter Fotis Kapnistos writes about Edward Snowden and alien spies. New contributor Charles Moulton writes about his own 1983-84 UFO case. Tony Elliott reports on a Chupacabra seen and videotaped in Texas. Shy Brown writes about near-death experiences at age two! Finally, Paul Schroeder writes about talking to heaven! Enjoy Dirk

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Can We Believe The Accounts Of Crashed UFOs? by Sean Casteel. In a new book from Global Communications called “The Case For UFO Crashes: From Urban Legend To Reality,” author and publisher Timothy Green Beckley argues that the many stories and rumors about the UFO crash phenomenon are basically true and that the government is hiding its knowledge of that truth because of National Security concerns. And just how does Beckley make his case? More…

MoD Files: No Terrorists, No Ultimate Evil by Diane Tessman. As the MoD files are opened, we hear that United Kingdom skies are being left defenseless because UFO occupants could be terrorists in the sky. Terrorists? Where is the evidence or the proof? Or even an indication? More…

The reports of Orbs keep coming by Chris Holly.When I was in my 20’s I had an experience with a strange red orb. I have been aware since that time that they exist and that they are unknown in nature. My encounter occurred when I noticed a dodge ball size glimmering red orb sitting among the tree tops apparently looking in to my bedroom window. More…

Curiosity Discovers Another Mystery on Mars by Christian Macé. The photo is on the official website here. I red arrow puzzles, and I enlarged. The details of the photo are: MastCam Right, SOL 315 … I put a picture of puzzles to compare … : More…

Were British MoD UFO Files Released to Deflect Public and Media Interest? by Robert Hastings. A claim by the British Ministry of Defence that UFOs have no defense significance is “designed solely to keep Parliament, the media and the public off our backs,” according to former MoD UFO Desk administrator Nick Pope. (Nick is also a UFO Digest coloumist) More…

Additional Witneeses Revisit Minot AFB UFO Case by Roger Marsh. A Minot, ND, daily newspaper front page story on December 6, 1966, describes a UFO incident at Minot Air Force Base from August of that year, but was actually only one of several UFO cases involving UFOs and the base, according to information released today by UFO-Nukes researcher Robert Hastings. More…

Another inexplicable UFO encounter from Florida by Doc Vega. While attending a Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas a few short years ago I was treated to some interesting personal testimony from US armed services veterans and retired intelligence officers. It seems the brainchild of Ryan Woods and his father Robert, a 43 year career avionics engineer for MacDonald Douglas, attracted many former military personnel who were very interested in the UFO phenomena. More…

Brilliant White UFO Captured on Film Above Airliner by Paul Shishis. The sky was relatively clear and noticed a high flying Airliner, the direction of the Airliner came from the northwest, heading southeast towards Lake Ontario. More…

Yes Folks; UK Media interest in the UFO Axis seems to be growing… by Pat Regan. The reports released by the MoD yesterday were the last batch of sightings sent to its UFO Desk before it closed in 2009, and cover the period from late 2007 to the department’s closure. It was closed after the MoD decided “investigations into UFO sightings, even from more reliable sources, serve no useful purpose and merely divert air defence specialists from their primary tasks” More… Also read: Granada TV News Interview Regarding MoD Files And: UFO Panic at the BBC this morning with Pat Regan

Extraterrestrial disclosure, contact-when will it happen? by Alfred Lambremont Webre. This article analyzes the evidence and probabilities of official extraterrestrial “disclosure,” or of human society’s experiencing open contact in the public domain with extraterrestrial or hyperdimensional civilizations. More…

Famous Psychic Spy an Alien Agent? by Peter Fotis Kapnistos. The US government is reportedly collecting the phone records of millions of people, according to leaked information from whistle-blower Edward Snowden. It has likewise recently emerged that Israeli magician and psychic Uri Geller worked as a CIA spy, according to a new documentary. But is Geller an “alien” agent? More…

Swedish UFO-Case, 1983-84 by Charles Moulton. UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT: 7 feet long, 4 feet wide, 3 feet high, 2 feet long wings with blinking red and green lights on each side, shaped like a car, semi-triangular, flat bottom, 6 spotlights on back, descendingly round toward front… More…

Chupacabra Seen And Video Taped, San Antonio, Texas by Tony Elliott. What is believed to be a Chupacabra was sighted near the city limits on Bitters Rd. in San Antonio, Texas, 01/21.2013. More… Also read: American People Now The Biggest Threat To Their Own Government

From the Journal of Cheetah and Jane: Near-death experience at the age of two by Shy Brown. I can still remember lying on a green couch in the living room. I was burning up. Mother tried her best to comfort me, as well as trying several home remedies to bring down my temperature. When Father came home from work and stepped into the living room, he uttered, “Is she getting better?” More…

Talking To Heaven: Lost in Translation by Paul Schroeder. Translation trip- ups, are screw-ups, mistakes that can alter reality. President Carter visited Poland, in 1977. Through an inexperienced translator, Carter said,” for your desires in the future”, which instead was wrongly translated as,”your lusts for the future”, and said,”When I left the United States”, which came out as,”when I abandoned the United States”, mistakes the press found amusing. More…

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New UFO Sightings Documentary https://www.ufodigest.com/video/new-ufo-sightings-documentary

Chupacabra sighting in San Antonio Texas https://www.ufodigest.com/video/chupacabra-sighting-san-antonio-texas

DULCE BASE: the truth and evidence from the case files of Gabe Valdez https://www.ufodigest.com/video/dulce-base-truth-and-evidence-case-files-gabe-valdez


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