This week we begin with Nick Pope’s column about Mummies, Money and UFOlogy. Next, Sean Casteel writes an article about folksinger Joni Mitchell, Morgellons and the possible alien connection. Then, Steve Erdmann reports on Kevin Randle and the Roswell crash. New contributor Sasha Alex Lessin writes about the Sumerian Civilization and the Anunnaki. Debra Skye investigates a ghost in the land of myth and magic. Then Scott Corrales reports on a solar halo in Mexico. Deanna Jaxine Stinson writes about the panther. Next, Ron Murdock reports on psychic vampires. Pat Regan writes about a witnessed who saw a UFO over Sugarloaf Mountain in New Brunswick. Finally, Theresa J Morris writes about the ACO UFO Community. Enjoy Dirk

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MUMMIES, MONEY AND UFOLOGY  by Nick Pope. Now that some time has passed since the unveiling of the so-called Roswell Slides, what do I – as someone who has investigated UFOs for the UK Government – think of this whole affair, and what does it tell me about the current state of ufology.  More….
HAVE UFO OCCUPANTS CREATED DEADLY PLAGUES THROUGHOUT HISTORY? FOLKSINGER JONI MITCHELL’S BATTLE WITH MORGELLONS, THE NEW SCOURGE  by Sean Casteel. On March 31, 2015, the legendary folk singer Joni Mitchell was hospitalized after being found unconscious in her Los Angeles home. At the time, it was unclear what had caused her to pass out, but Mitchell, who was 71 at the time of her hospitalization, had long identified herself as sufferer of the strange and controversial condition called Morgellons Disease.  More….
RANDLE’S ROSWELL REPORT  by Steve Erdmann. Kevin Randle, a full-time writer of more than 100 books of fiction and nonfiction, over 15 books about UFOs (was also an Army helicopter pilot and Air Force intelligence officer, including a Ph.D. in psychology), speaks about his investigation into the infamous crash of an alleged alien aircraft on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico about July 2, 1947.  More….
SUMERIAN CIVILIZATION: OUR ANUNNAKI ASSETS (& LIABILITIES)  by Sasha Alex Lessin. Three hundred thousand years ago, Homo sapien ET goldminers from the planet Nibiru adapted their genome to Earth. They added copper, African clay and genes from Homo erectus–Bigfoot’s ancestor, and mitochrondrial DNA from their wombs–to make us, a worker race, to slave for them. Our very existence, our life itself, comprises the most precious asset they bestowed on us.  More….Also read:  SUMERIAN CIVILIZATION: OUR ANUNNAKI ASSETS (& LIABILITIES)- Part II.

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A GHOST IN THE LAND OF MYTH AND MAGIC  by Debra Skye. Back in 2012, my life was forever changed after I witnessed a full-bodied apparition in Guatemala. My name is Debra, and I am a New York City born Italian-American. My romantic love affair with a Don Juan, combined with a month in Central America would have been thrilling enough without paranormal experiences! I met “Juan” from Guatemala in 2011 who owned a trucking company in New York. We were inseparable from our first date, which is when his story unfolded.  More….
A SOLAR HALO IN MEXICO WITH..UFOS?  by Scott Corrales. Contributing editor Ana Luisa Cid has sent us a link to her latest video on YouTube, a collaboration with Captain Antonio Herce, an airline pilot. The sequence of photos is followed by a video of the solar halo by Rodney Steve, a Swedish singer-songwriter currently residing in Mexico.  More….
LEGENDS OF FAMILIAR ANIMALS: PANTHER  by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. I want everyone who reads this to know that they are never alone. Although it may feel like it, the universe is a huge place and exists in the past, present and future. Being alone is probably one of my greatest fears in life. Many people also experience this fear. Because of this profound emotion, stories left throughout the ages has comforted many of us; legends of familiar spirits, animals and Gods.  More….
PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM TOXIC PSYCHIC VAMPIRES  by Ron Murdock . Many of us have come across situations where we’ve been around an individual or any sized group and felt drained. It doesn’t matter if you know the psychic vampire(s) or not, they will suck as much energy out of you as they can or are allowed to. It leaves a person feeling tired to the point of no return, a severe case of brain fog that clouds one’s thinking ability or lashing out at anything are just some of the symptoms of being around a psychic vampire.  More….
UFO WITNESSED OVER SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN IN CAMPBELLTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA  by Pat Regan . UFO witness Nathalie Savoie was taking her child to school when she saw something inexplicable close to the mountain. Nathalie described the UFO as follows… “What I saw was black balloons all together with orange and grey little lights on it, I think I saw the bottom half part, because it looked like an arch, it was at least 30 feet long by 20 feet high”. More….
ACO UFO COMMUNITY!  by Theresa J Morris . One might ask how does one know ACO stands for Alien Contact Origins, and UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Objects in our community? We decide just like a Mime. We share our desires, opinions, thoughts, and even communicate our assumptions while developing our own hypthosis. More….
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