This week’s newsletter features a new editorial by Nick Pope who wonders what if he announced that he was going to make telepathic contact with ET? Next, Chris Holly writes about two sisters that have lived through the horrors of a lifetime of alien abduction.  Then, AJ reports on alien abduction and investigating the unexplained. Nick Redfern writes about missing aircraft, vanished pilots, murder and UFOs! Next, Paul Schroeder offers a child’s guide to psychic self defence.  Sean Casteel reports on the mass landing myth and the arrival of God’s army!  Pat Regan offers three articles dealing with UFOs, life after death and religion. Next, Scott Corrales reports on the amazing case of fish falling over Honduras and unusual lights photographed over an airliner.  Marie Defeo reviews the new book ‘Dragonflame’ which taps into your power with talismans, manifestation and visualization.  Next, Tony Elliott examines the Elliott Roger shooting.  And next, Alfred Lambremont Webre, claims that ETs are living among us. Finally, Norio Hayakawa, wonders if ETs are evil!  Click here for additional articles. Also see new videos following these articles.  Enjoy Dirk Vander Ploeg

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DOUBLE STANDARDS  by Nick Pope. If I announced that I was going to make telepathic contact with extraterrestrials, many people would label me as crazy. If I asked for a donation for my efforts, I’d doubtless be condemned as a charlatan and a fraudster. The mainstream media would probably attack or ridicule me, and at best, the government would ignore me. What if I changed the wording a little? Is there a way to make any of this sound a little bit more respectable? As it happens, there is. More…

TWO SISTERS AND THE HORROR OF A LIFETIME OF ALIEN ABDUCTION  by Chris Holly. While writing and interviewing the group of people I refer to as Real Time Abductees two sisters became part of the abductee group. I use the term Real Time Abductions to describe abductions and lost time events that regular everyday people are forced to endure while going about the routine of their normal daily life. The people are not asleep or hypnotized do they get messages telepathically. These abductions occur while the people are fully awake and going about the routine business of their everyday life. More… Also read: TWO SISTERS AND THE HORROR OF A LIFETIME OF ALIEN ABDUCTION – PART II

ABDUCTION NOTES: INVESTIGATING THE UNEXPLAINED  by AJ. The professional health and science journals have been notoriously conservative – practically to the point of avoidance or censorship – in regard to publication of challenging and credible data from UFO research. The same avoidance seems evident in the realm of nationally televised news. We can all note the startling absence [during the 1980s to the early 1990s] of coverage of the British Crop Circle revelations on all the major networks. In four years only a handful of documentaries have brought forth credible data on the mysterious patterns occurring in the fields worldwide. Most of us will not forget the day that the national media suddenly broke their eerie silence on this puzzling mystery to quickly and decisively denounce the phenomenon with the introduction of pub buddies Doug and Dave, who could explain it all by simply claiming they were responsible. It was as if the national media did not want to touch the story until it could be explained in an easy and earthly manner. More… Also read: ABDUCTION NOTES: INVESTIGATING THE UNEXPLAINED – PART II

MISSING AIRCRAFT, VANISHED PILOTS, MURDER AND UFOS  by Nick Redfern. Immersing oneself in the world of the unidentified flying objects can be exciting, illuminating, stimulating, and enlightening. That very same world, however, is filled to the brim with cold-hearted killers that will not think twice about taking you out of circulation, if such action is deemed absolutely necessary. And not all of those cold-hearted killers are human. More.

A CHILD’S GUIDE TO PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE  by Paul Schroeder. If you or someone you know, has a child at the epicenter of paranormal experiences in the home, temporarily remove the child from the house to a friend’s or relative’s, to see what then happens; my surmise is that much will follow the child wherever he goes, to confirm that it’s the ‘haunted child”, and not the house which is haunted, as the problem’s source and focus. More..

THE MASS LANDING MYTH AND THE ARRIVAL OF THE ARMIES OF GOD  by Sean Casteel. There exists a prevailing belief among a great many within the UFO community that there will someday come a “mass landing,” a revelation to the entire world of the flying saucer reality we have only seen the briefest hints of so far. We somehow believe we are “owed” a climactic revelation as to the true nature of the flying saucer phenomenon, that we will one day have paid our dues and will receive a payoff in the form of some kind of ultimate truth.  More… Also read: THE MASS LANDING MYTH AND THE ARRIVAL OF THE ARMIES OF GOD – PART II

THE CHURCH MEGA-SCAM AND ALIEN LIFE RIDICULE; DOUBLE STANDARDS TRULY STINK!  by Pat Regan. Church-based historical ‘Jesus myth’ is quite acceptable, but extraterrestrial life is just a colossal joke? So the bearded chap (who we are reliably informed flits between being a father, his own son and a dove/ghost) in the white robe is socially acceptable, yet let’s all laugh raucously at any prospects of alien existence in other corners of the cosmos – is that it? More..img border=”0″ height=”14″ src=”https://www.ufodigest.com/images/page.gif” width=”15″> Also read: LIFE BEYOND DEATH – THE EVIDENCE? (LINKS UPDATE) Also read: 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE MYSTERIOUS SOLWAY SPACEMAN CASE

AN EXTRAORDINARY FISH FALL OVER HONDURAS!  by Scott Corrales. The mysterious phenomenon affected the region of Yoro. While there is no evidence that can scientifically explain this fact, it could be due to a meteorological phenomenon. A torrential storm left a “fishfall” in a village of northern Honduras. This curious phenomenon has caused both incredulity and headaches among scientists, according to reports appearing this Friday in the local press More… Also read: UNUSUAL LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHED OVER AIRLINER IN MEXICO

TAP INTO YOUR RESERVOIR OF POWER USING TALISMANS, MANIFESTATION AND VISUALIZATION  by Marie Defeo. Dragonflame is the culmination of Lawren Leo’s decades of training in the use of the practical Qabalah, Wicca, Alchemy, Divination, High Magick, and psychic readings. Leo’s first sentence in Dragonflame epitomize the tone found throughout, “If we are to wield great magic, then let us earn from great teachers.” The image he projects is self-effacing and respectful: he alway credits his sources. Yet this is never at the expense of the confidence with which he makes this information so readily understandable and, importantly, applicable to readers from any walk of life. He emphasizes that this is a process of learning how to awaken potent magical forces lying dormant within yo u.” His particular contribution is accomplishing this goal through a philosophy which he calls “Dragonflame.” More..

IF ELLIOTT ROGER SHOOTINGS ARE REAL FATHER PETER ROGERS HAS NO ONE TO BLAME BUT HIMSELF  by Tony Elliott. The May 23, 2014 drive-by shootings, in Isla Vista, California, a suburb of Santa Barbara, where Elliott Roger son of Peter Roger, assistant director of The Hunger Games went on a shooting spree in his BMW over several streets before supposedly killing himself is like a script following the Aurora Massacre, Sandy Hook, and all the rest in between. More….

WILL WE SOON LEARN THAT THERE ARE EXTRATERRESTRIALS AMONG US?  by Alfred Lambremont Webre. Extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional civilizations can and have “disclosed” themselves privately and publicly to individual humans and to groups of humans through face to face contacts; through individual and group abductions, through UFO overflights over individuals, groups, and cities; interdimensionally through dreams and through mind control modalities. Extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional civilizations have used all of these modalities with Earthling governmental authorities at all levels, including the national and international (United Nations) level. More...

DO YOU BELIEVE THAT THE UFO PHENOMENON IS DEMONIC IN ORIGIN?  by Norio Hayakawa. The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside ourplanet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged anymember of the human race.In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidenceis being hidden from the public’s eye. Many scientists and mathematicians have looked with a statistical mindsetat the question of whether life likely exists beyond Earth and have come tothe conclusion that the odds are pretty high that somewhere among thetrillions and trillions of stars in the universe there is a planet other than ours that is home to life. More…

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