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This week Doc Vega continues with his series on Mars. Good read. Next, Usko Ahonen Md supplies an article with an amazing photo. Take a look. Then, Scott Roberts explains who the reptilians are. Sean Casteel submits part II of his article about Oscar Magocsi. Diane Tessman believes galaxies may be cannibals! R.W. Sanders explores possible salt water beings. Pat Regan submits multiple articles beginning with one about the Falkland Islands and Baphomet! Alfred Lambremont Webre writes the false prophet. Roger Marsh reports on 3 incidents in the US. Next, Scott Corrales reports on 42 mutilated sheep. Chris Holly writes about Camp Hero and Nazi UFOs. Carolyn Shield writes about the third prophecy of Fatima and Louis Hart writes about the psychic. Tony Elliott examines conspiracies. Paul Shishis reports a weird object and finally Ron Murdock writes about his favorite conspiracies. Enjoy Dirk.


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Mars: Man’s Ultimate Hope For Life In Our Solar System Part III by Doc Vega. Upon considering the prospects of mankind as an imperfect and aggressive civilization facing the very real existence of extra solar life, I think the issue encompasses more than meets the eye. Our very own bloody history haunts us, it stalks our civilized intentions, and it taints our ability to effectively arrive at coexistence. Our attempts at galactic diplomacy may have already failed due the human weakness for power. Just as President Ike Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex dictating our foreign policy so it seems we have followed suit in our attitude toward extraterrestrial life as well. More… Also read: The quest for life on Mars Part II.

Picture of a star-liked UFO in Finland 15.3.2013 with an alien entity? by Usko Ahonen Md . The witness seemed to me as a reliable older woman, and her story was credible. I did interview her shortly after the lecture I was giving on Gnosticism. She also posessed another picture of the seemingly interdimentional entities, but did not give a leave to publish it at least for the time being. The local paranormal society´s chairman commented, that the pictures were remarkable and possibly a proof of a contact the witness is having with an extraterrestial intelligence. More…

Who are the Reptilians? by Scott Roberts. The world is full of snakes, serpents, reptiles and slithery creatures that pique our fear, repulsion and awe, dominating our mythologies, histories and religions. They appear in our iconography, on our flags, in our religious writings, statuary and stained glass windows. For millennia, the Reptilian has factored into humanity’s mythology and worship, and now they play an exponentially greater role in our notions of ancient alien hypothesis and extraterrestrial interaction with mankind. But the big question is… why? More…

The Many Worlds And Other Dimensions Of Oscar Magocsi, UFO Contactee Extraordinaire – Part II by Sean Casteel. The monks began to chant and burn incense while they scrutinized Magocsi. He fell asleep, and when he awakened he saw the head monk, an old man, seated opposite him. “And as I was looking at him,” Magocsi said, “he was rising up from his chair – levitating. Then the whole area just opened up so that I could see the whole valley and the saucer hovering nearby, with its orange glow.” More…

Cannibalistic Galaxies by Diane Tessman. Just as with life on Earth, scientists are finding out some galaxies are predators and “eat” other galaxies. The biggest predators are the largest, most massive kind of galaxy called the Elliptical Galaxy. Each Elliptical Galaxy contains several trillion stars, according to latest estimates. More…

Are Europans Visiting? by R.W. Sanders. I read today in The Daily Galaxy, that two California scientists affiliated with CIT and JPL announced they had found that a chemical exchange exists from the surface of Europa to the salty ocean below. Covered by an ice shell, since 1989 when the Galileo mission did a fly by and sent wonderful photos back scientists have speculated on the possibility of life in that subsurface salty sea. They postulate that since earth’s life probably formed in our salty ocean, there may be a good chance the same could happen there. More… Also read: Do We Get It Yet?

The Falklands, Baphomet, Conformity and Liberation by Pat Regan. For centuries the Church has spun one lie after another, like a rampant spider waiting for prey within its deadly web. The world’s populace has apathetically sleep-walked into fraudulence and deceit and generally done whatever it was told, without so much as a question. More… Also read: Wind monstrosities and reasons to give these eyesores the boot! Also read: XtremeSTORM event threatening Southport’s Marine Lake Swans and other legally-protected birds

Pope Francis: His Jesuitical, Extraterrestrial, “False Prophet”, and Political Identities by Alfred Lambremont Webre. Already controversial within hours of his nomination to the Papacy, Argentine-born Pope Francis I has now been identified by informed hermeneutics researchers as the possible “Petrus Romanus” or “False Prophet” of the Book of Revelation. March 13 is a significant date, both in Exopolitics and in the hermeneutical interpretation of Pope Francis!More…

Erratic Orb-like Lights Over Pennsylvania Skies? by Roger Marsh. A Pennsylvania couple at Danville reported watching a light fall from the sky that appeared to stop and hover and looking like an “orb or bubble” before shooting off in a new direction, according to March 15, 2013, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More… Also read: Loud Rumbling Sounds Terrify South Carolina Couple! Also read: Are Low Flying Objects Drones?

42 Mutilated Sheep in Comayagua, Honduras by Scott Corrales. Rumors about the Chupacabras have gained strength as a result of the death of a large number of sheep on a property belonging to a political representative of that province. Yesterday, at 5:00 a.m., when workers arrived at the property, they found dozens of dead sheep with injuries to their necks. Others had bled to death. Nearly 42 animals were lifeless and another 10 injured. The possibility that the death toll would increase over time was not dismissed. More…

Camp Hero Home of Nazi UFOs and Long Island Home to Haarp! by Chris Holly. It is rather well known thanks to the internet and the paranormal circles that Nazi scientists were brought to the United States after World War II ended. It is also well known that a large group of these extreme scientists were set up with a secret lab where they worked on their notorious dangerous many times immoral experiments on Plum Island located on the end of Long Island in the state of New York. This secret government lab operated for many years. More…

Pope Francis I and the Third Prophecy of Fatima by Carolyn Shield. A new pope was elected on 03/13/13 whose name is Pope Francis I. I decided to write about the coincidence or significance of the date in which the new Pope was elected. The number three may reflect the third prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima which was suppressed by the Papacy especialy by Cardinal Ratzinger. The Third Prophecy of Fatima was given to Sister Lucia one of the children who saw the vision of Fatima. More…

Move Beyond The Psychic by Louis Hart. Immersing oneself in the psychic can be quite an inviting idea. Having the ability to read the thoughts of others, see possible events before they happen, talk to spirits, along with numerous other skills sounds like it might be a worthy goal in the development of higher consciousness. But it isn’t. Rather, it’s a trap that can stall your spiritual advancement. More…

If You Believe Aurora Massacre and Sandy Hook are Real, L.L. Cool J is X Cop Chris Dorner by Tony Elliott. I’ve been studying government conspiracies for decades and I have learned to put a main picture together of a certain scenario by collecting from many sources by using as many pieces of evidence as possible. More…

Unknown Object Below Airplane by Paul Shishis. Today on Monday March 18,2013. While outside on morning break in Scarborough. I thought to take a few pictures facing west. Conditions have been quite windy along with much cloud cover. More…

My Take On A Few Conspiracy Theories by Ron Murdock. I like keeping track of the conspiracy theories making the rounds. Some are entertaining, others are work of a delusional mindset. I’ve found a few conspriacy theories stretch the imagination and truth to the breaking point. So I would suggest some more research needs to be done to make the claims more credible.. More…

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