This week I would like to thank The Examiner’s Roger Marsh and Inexplicata’s Scott Corrales for their continued support and sharing their articles with the UFODigest readers. Roger writes about MUFON sightings and other strange paranormal news. Roger’s articles this week include green lasers, triangle UFOs and odd moving objects. Scott on the other hand reports on Latin America UFO occurrences. This week he disclosures a hoax, and reports on a UFO as large as two soccer stadiums! 

Next, Carolyn Shield writes about travel bans, sanctions and tensions on the International Space Station. Then, Nick Redfern writes about real information versus disinformation. Editor Robert Morningstar reviews ‘Things Seen and Unseen’ by Harold Egeln. Next, Doc Vega asks if UFO disclosure could be fabricated.The Syracuse New Times’ Cheryl Costa examines a 1970 sighting where two alien pilots were seen! Paul Schroeder expounds on reincarnation and alien abductees. Author Jim Bowden writes about human extraterrestrials. Then, Richard Bonenfant shares his observations related to animal mutilations. Paul Dale Roberts examines the Bethel Island Haunting. Finally, Louis Hart writes about spring rites. I think he is optimistic. Click here for additional articles. Also see new videos at the bottom of these articles.  Enjoy Dirk

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GREEN LASER SCANS CALIFORNIA COUPLE’S HOME! by Roger Marsh. A Hamilton City, CA, couple reported feeling an “extraterrestrial attempt” after watching a green laser grid-like pattern that appeared to be scanning their home, according to March 24, 2014, testimony in Case 54907 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The couple was outside in their backyard about 10:30 p.m. on March 22, 2014, when they noticed the green laser “pulsating and scanning” the back side of their home. More... Also read: SILENT TRIANGLE UFO HOVERS OVER MARIETTA, GA Also read: WITNESS VIDEOS UFO MAKING INTELLIGENT MANEUVERS And read: LIGHT BEAM FROM TRIANGLE-UFO SURROUNDS ILLINOIS WITNESS

HERMOSILLO UFO WAS JUST A PRANK by Scott Corrales. Mexico, Hermosillo, 11 March – An unidentified flying object caused hundreds of citizens to travel to the outskirts of the state capital of Sonora to see the lights that rose capriciously into the sky for three hours. In the end, it was just a prank. Around 19:00 hours, residents of several districts located to the south of Hermosillo reported seeing various multicolored lights flying in formation over the city. The word “OVNI” (UFO) quickly became a trending topic on Twitter and Facebook. More Also read: A FLYING OBJECT AS LARGE AS TWO SOCCER STADIUMS

TRAVEL BANS AND SANCTIONS ANNOUNCED BY EU AND US CAUSES TENSIONS ON THE SPACE STATION by Carolyn Shield. Travel Bans and sanctions announced by EU and US causes tensions on the Space Station. Today, it was announced by US and EU that sanctions have been placed on Russia. One wonders if the travel bans include scientists who travel to the ISS. The Russian crew and international crew members are placed in a difficult situation. Sanctions are a first step to declaring war on a nation. Russian’s assets are being confiscated by the EU and US. More

UFOS, DISTINGUISHING REAL INFORMATION FROM DISINFORMATION by Nick Redfern.My recent article on how the UFO subject (and specifically the issue of “alien bodies on ice“) has been used as a tool of disinformation has provoked a lot of people to email, Twitter and Facebook me on this thorny, controversial issue. And many of those same people seem to be missing the point. Hardly surprising, since disinformation is a murky mixture of fact and fiction. It’s chiefly designed to confuse the targeted individual or group – whether the Nazis during the Second World War, the Soviets at the height of the Cold War, or, in today’s world, maniacs who want to provoke terror. More...

UFO DIGEST BOOK REVIEW: LORIE BARNES’ “THINGS SEEN & UNSEEN” By HAROLD EGELN by Robert Morningstar. The dance of UFOs in the skies, the uncertain song of UFO contact and the mysterious theater of their performances prancing upon the human stage still puzzles the preplexed inhabitants of this world, Spaceship Earth. The close encounter experience is an incredibly diverse, challenging and enigmatic drama, both upfront and deeply subtle, without any definite answers. Many of its experiencers, straddling hidden whispery realms that shake them up, are exposed, unwilling or not, to an amazing wide variety of encounters. More...

1970 UFO SIGHTING HAD TWO BEINGS IN ALIEN COCKPIT by Cheryl Costa. It was twilight on a warm Sunday evening in mid-June 1970 in East Aurora, NY. Patrick’s mom and sister were fussing with something in the garage, but eleven year old Patrick didn’t care about that. He was blissfully involved with shooting baskets in the driveway before bedtime. He was dribbling back to his shooting position when he noticed an odd light coming toward him. His first impression was that it was just a low flying airplane or maybe a helicopter. He thought to himself, that’s no big deal. More…

COULD UFO DISCLOSURE ACTUALLY BE FABRICATIONS? by Doc Vega. In the long and convoluted history of the UFO enigma one must surely question not only the government’s cover-ups that have existed, but even if the supposed disclosures are more than meet the eye. With each new revelation are questions that should be posed. Are these, at times, vague or even fantastic depictions of extraterrestrial activity really authentic or are they an example of counter intelligence tactics? There are two very real possibilities in all this. 1) Either many of these crashes, sightings, and abductions are true 2) Perhaps these are false stories manufactured by government intelligence agencies to socially engineer society away from its belief in God, to accelerate social change, or to manipulate our core belief systems as a conditioning process for world government domination. More…

REINCARNATION AND ALIEN ABDUCTEES by Paul Schroeder. Many tens of thousands of alien abductees the world over awaken in bed exhausted, to experience copious nosebleeds, yellow stains on their pillows, scars and scoop marks on their skin, subcutaneous implants and fearful, vivid recall of large eyed bug- like nonhuman entities, eyeball to eyeball, who are nighttime bedroom intruders and who pilot UFOs. More…

HUMAN EXTRATERRESTRIALS by Jim Bowden. There are human extraterrestrials and they look like us. Their eyes are a little larger than ours and I assume that is the result of their physical evolution. They have been around far longer than the human species which we represent. In fact, they are our ancestors. I first met them in The Ringer. The Ringer is both a mental and physical extraterrestrial realm where I was taught, tested, tortured, tricked, and almost died on two occasions. More...

MORE SIGNIFICANT OBSERVATIONS RELATING TO ANIMAL MUTILATIONS by AJ. The subject of animal mutilations is inherently distasteful, if not repugnant, to most people. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would inflict cruelty upon helpless creatures, especially those which are solely dependent upon us for their existence. Yet, there is considerable evidence to suggest that a deliberate and premeditated assault on both domestic and wild animals has been ongoing for several decades. Since livestock, particularly cattle, have been the most frequent victims of these mutilations, the phenomenon has come to be known as “cattle mutilations.” What is striking to this researcher is that so little progress has been made over the years in determining the nature and source of these mutilations. More...

THE HAUNTING OF BETHEL ISLAND by Paul Dale Roberts. March 15, 2014, Saturday / Time to be there: 2pm. I received a total of 6 emails from citizens who have visited Bethel Island and claim to have witnessed paranormal activity. I received a very detailed email from a Kelsey Jarvis begging me to bring my team out there to investigate. The detailed email was written very well and I was going to incorporate his email into one of my articles. Guess what? I accidentally deleted his email, so Kelsey if you are reading this please send me that email again! We are going to Bethel Island! This scouting mission is dedicated to you! Where are we meeting? Island Joe’s Cafe and Bakery, 6210 Bethel Island Road, Bethel Island, CA 94511. More…

SPRING RITES by Louis Hart. Ah, springtime. I always look forward to the arrival of this season. It is such a special time of the year. Although things haven’t budded out up here in the mountains, indications are that soon that will change. In years past I often performed special rites in conjunction with the Spring Equinox. This year, however, I simply walked around making contact with Mother Earth and her Elementals. Especially with the element of air, to which I am closely associated. More…

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