UFO Digest Newsletter March 29, 2012

Here are just a few highlights from this week’s edition:

Sean Casteel believes a breakaway civilization is behind a mysterious space program.

Then Robert D. Morningstar turns his spotlight on Daniel Sheehan who under the Freedom of Information Act discovered that the Joint Chiefs pushed JFK to launch a nuclear strike! 

Ed Fleming wonders about Doomsday and 2012, while Gordon James Gianninoto reports on a man flying like a bird. 

Nancy Talbot files a report on the connection between UFOs and crop circles.

Roger Marsh from the Examiner submits 3-articles dealing with UFOs and the mainstream media.

Then, Carolyn Shield connects the stained glass window in France with the Nelphilim!

Latin American correspondent Scott Corrales reports on what’s happening in his hemisphere and Christian Macé reports on sightings in Europe. 

I saw the Hunger Games last night and will include my review in this issue. These are just a few of our many reports and articles, Be sure to browse them all. Enjoy. Dirk

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