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This week one of my favorite movie stars, Russell Crowe, reports photographing a UFO! Then, Mary Alice Bennett, suggests UFOs did a fly over to honor the late Philip Coppens. Chris Holly, writes about Diane’s extraordinary missing time. Next, Pat Regan was contacted by a witness spotting a UFO. Diane Tessman investigates Encleadus, one of Saturn’s moons, for salt water! Steve Erdmann submits part two of ‘Who goes there’. Then, Alexander Popoff writes about Alien Bugs. Roger Marsh reports on UFO investigations. Next, Scott Corrales, writes more about chupacabras returning to Puerto Rico. Christian Macé finds a strange vehicle on Mars. Dennis G. Balthaser is back and writing about pyramids and the Bible. Paul Schroeder states that Darwin never met an alien and Usko Ahonen Md claims science has finally found proof of the human soul. Finally, Tony Elliott, writes about frankenfoods and aspartame. Enjoy Dirk

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Do Russell Crowe’s UFO photos offer ‘Proof of Life’ from outer space? by Jon Kelly. The Australian Associated Press reported on March 6, 2013, how Australian actor Russell Crowe photographed lights in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens that the “Gladiator” star is at a loss to explain. Three time-lapse photographs posted to YouTube show what appear to be the motion trails of lights moving at tree-top and ground level across the image frame of a camera supported on a tripod. While the images seem to reveal the profile of a disc-shaped vehicle in flight, other photographers are identifying these forms as the artifacts of long time exposures. More… Also read: UFOs and ET messengers frequent Alabama seniors caregiver

UFOs in Florida perform for the passing of Philip Coppens by Mary Alice Bennett. The passing of Philip Coppens was accompanied by spectacular performances of UFOs in Florida. Philip was an accomplished archaeologist and author as well as the host of the “Ancient Aliens” television program. January 8, 2012 was the day that he was laid to rest in Los Angeles by his devoted wife and professional partner, author Kathleen McGowan. She has recently revealed that they were both UFO witnesses as well as researchers. They lived in the Topanga Canyon area which is a well known UFO hotspot. More…

Diane’s Extraordinary Life of Missing Time! by Chris Holly. I have spent a great deal of time talking to a woman named Diane who has an extraordinary life of odd lost time experiences. Starting in her early childhood this woman has had lost time events in which she believes she has been taken by nonhuman beings who would experiment, or examine her for reasons none of us understand. She feels that sharing her lifelong encounters and extreme experiences will help bring others like her to the forefront in hopes of finding answers and closure to these events. More…

UFO seen by local mum near to RAF Woodvale, Southport by Pat Regan. I was recently contacted by a gentleman called Steve McQueen regarding a UFO sighting made by his sister Melissa in the Woodvale, Southport area of the UK. More…

ENCELADUS: Strange World with a Salty Sea, Home of Extraterrestrial Life? by Diane Tessman. Enceladus is the brightest moon of Saturn’s 60 moons. On this bizarre world, huge jets of powdery snow and water vapor with organic compounds vent from “tiger stripes,” which are warm, deep trenches in the surface. How can a body just over 500 kilometers across sustain such incredible activity constantly over the eons? More… Also read: UPDATE: Killer Asteroids, What, Us Worry?

Who goes there?- Part Two by Steve Erdmann. Science-writer and Editor Ian Ridpath and researcher Thurkettle laid the case at the doorstep of a meteor the British Astronomical Society confirmed for December 26-27, as well as the lights from the Orford Ness light house, both supposedly synchronized with human error. Jenny Randle speculated, along with other possibilities, that the UFO could have been a crashed American stealth craft… More…

Alien Bugs by Alexander Popoff. Above, Every year hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings, abductions of people by alien crews, medical examinations of humans in nonterrestrial spaceships, sexual relations with aliens, accidents, autopsies on alien corpses, and other contacts with extraterrestrial creatures are reported. Our bodies and our environment are teeming with microorganisms. It is normal to expect that the bodies of all living alien beings are also teeming with microbes… More…

Indian Town Reports Low Flying Glowing Object by Roger Marsh. An Indiana witness at Sullivan reported watching a “white, glowing object” moving just over a nearby tree line that quickly vanished from sight about 5:30 p.m., March 4, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More… Also read: Huge Disc-Shaped Object Hovering Over Goose Creek! Also read: Anahuac, Texas Witness Transfixed By Disc UFO

The Chupacabras Returns To Puerto Rico Part II by Scott Corrales. According to an article in the La Estrella newspaper, Mrs. Ugalde ran out into the darkness to save her poultry farm and face the unknown intruder. “I went to the backyard and I saw it. It was like a large bird, standing about a meter, with the bearing of a dwarf. It has feathers, wings and left footprints like those of a goat. It was looking for food, and I think it must’ve been hungry,” she explained. More… Also read: Guayama Animal Slaughter Pinned on Strange Creature

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Military Vehicle Photographed On Mars! by Christian Macé. In my article, I pointed out, surrounded and expanded this strange form, which looks like a Martian vehicle. This is the official website of NASA. On the page where the photo series SOL 2114, I red arrow to open the photos where you can see the strange vehicle. More…

The Pyramids and the Bible by Dennis G. Balthaser .Much has been written over the years about the three large pyramids of Giza, and the Sphinx, and thousands of years later we still don’t know who built them, how they were built, or for what purpose. More…

Darwin Never Met Aliens by Paul Schroeder. God is responsible for the spiritual entities within our bodies, and more likely, aliens are the most likely candidates for the geniuses behind the amazing nanotech DNA which designs our life form physical bodies; there is no argument required. More…

Science finally proving human soul? by Usko Ahonen Md. In 2004, eight neuroscientists felt it was too soon for a definition of consciousness. They wrote an apology in “Human Brain Function”(1): “We have no idea how consciousness emerges from the physical activity of the brain and we do not know whether consciousness can emerge from non-biological systems, such as computers.” More…

Frankenfoods Monsanto Responsible for Push to Add Aspartame in Milk by Tony Elliott. The proposed addition of Aspartame in milk has quite a few outraged throughout the US and with good reason. The Food and Drug Administration has banned Aspartame twice in the past because of health concerns. It is a scientific fact that phenylalanine is a component of Aspartame which adversely affects children with phenylketonuria which is a genetic disorder found at birth in which the body is unable to break down the amino acid phenylalanine which limits other important chemicals from getting to the brain. More…

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