This week we begin with Nick Pope‘s May column where he proclaims that UFO “Disclosure Has (already) Happened”! Next, Pat Regan, explains the importance of May Day and its pagan beginnings. Then, Cheryl Costa writes about a huge green (Orb) UFO. Next, Chris Holly reports on huge UFO motherships and wonders if they are giant aliens? Speaking of giant UFOs, Scott Corrales writes about one that literally caused a traffic jam. Canadian writer, Bob Mitchell, has written a new book about UFOs and alien abduction where experiencers share their secrets.. Next, Doc Vega contributors two more parts of his  UFOs DEEMED DEMONIC saga. Theresa J Morris writes about the Cosmos, Space and Time ‘travel. Then, Pat Regan, offers a few home truths concerning Saint George’s Day. And finally Deanna Jaxine Stinsonsees sacred geometry across the universe!  Enjoy Dirk

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DISCLOSURE HAS HAPPENED!  by Nick Pope. Disclosure is one of the most frequently used words in the UFO community. Popularized by the likes of Dr. Steven Greer and Steve Bassett, the term has become so key a concept that it’s habitually capitalized, and has become the desired end-state for many, when it comes to ufology. People have varying ideas about what might lead to Disclosure, and what the consequences would be, but it’s fair to say that there’s a fairly standard (and clichéd) view of what Disclosure would look like. More…

THE MERRY MONTH OF MAY AND OUR PAGAN HERITAGE by Pat Regan. This wonderful month gains its name from the Roman/Greek fertility goddess ‘Maia’, mother of the god Mercury. She was equated with Fauna, Cybele and Ops; goddesses who were greatly cherished by the masses. Fauna’s celebration was held on the first night of May. It was a hallowed event restricted to women, as the men honoured Fauna’s masculine consort, Faunus, instead. More..

A HUGE GREEN ORB UFO by Cheryl Costa.  Roger and his family lived in New York City, in the Bronx specifically. It was late June 1966, Roger, his wife, daughter 12 and two sons, ages eight and six, decided to get up before sun rise and hit the open road for a day trip to Pennsylvania. The family of six were traveling south on the Throgs Neck suspension bridge just prior to sunrise.  More..

GIANT UFO CAUSED TRAFFIC JAM!  by Scott Corrales. It was Thursday, September 5, 1968. Six o’clock in the afternoon. The sun was about dip behind Madrid’s horizon when an unidentified flying object rose in the sky. The strange object had a strange spherical shape and remained static and illuminated. As time went by, drivers and pedestrians in Madrid gathered to look at the object. No one knew what it could be. Night begins to fall, but averting one’s gaze from the sky seems to be impossible.  More….

MOTHERSHIPS OR HUGE ALIENS? by Chris Holly. I was talking with a friend of mine whom I have known since the third grade. We were talking about the changes that have taken place on Long Island New York over the last 50 years. We were discussing the days when we had only one highway to drive to the end of Long Island in order to reach Montauk Point. The Montauk Point area is also the location of Plum Island and Camp Hero. During the 1940’s until recently both were active extremely strange institutions of secret ominous activates with long lists of odd events happening for many years following World War II. Long Islanders considered them dangerous if not evil places. More...

NEW BOOK – INTRUSION: ALIEN ENCOUNTERS  by Bob Mitchell. Experiencers unlock years of hidden secrets in a new book written by veteran Canadian journalist and author Bob Mitchell. Four people, including a Deaf Experiencer, tell their harrowing stories of Alien abduction and visitation for the first time.  More…

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UFOs DEEMED DEMONIC PART V  by Doc Vega. The most compelling evidence that points toward UFO’s being not what they seem when they already draw a big enough question mark lies in the vague and illusive accounts of diabolical operations, sudden deaths, and government secrecy. History is not always what it seems, and especially not as it has been in the books all the time either. The following is ground I have covered in the past with a twist on interpretation. it may be that this version of the events may indeed be the final explanation.  More…

COSMOS SPACE TIME TRAVEL  by Theresa J Morris. I know that in my universe of galaxies and worlds exist black holes that we do not understand yet however, some of us do due to what we call worm holes and worm travel beyond the imagination in this way of existence we now perceive as reality. It may be that physicists are still trying to understand that which some of us already understand and knows exist in our way of being, doing, having, and knowing.  More…

UFOs DEEMED DEMONIC PART IV  by Doc Vega. The continuing controversy over the origin and ulterior motive behind the UFO phenomena continues to baffle both proponents and skeptics alike. It is clear that this is not a transparent issue either from the perspective of the government involvement or coming directly from the source itself. While at a UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vega a number of years ago one speaker guest of Ryan and his father Robert Woods mentioned an interesting analogy. More…

SAINT GEORGE’S DAY: A FEW HOME TRUTHS  by Pat Regan . Saint George’s Day is nothing more than a counterfeit Christian celebration, based on much earlier native Pagan tradition. It’s about as ‘English’ as a microbe on a far distant planet. Perceptive early Church promoters of the foreign eastern Christ sect soon misled the English Nation into believing that the George tradition was theirs alone. Nothing in fact could be further from the truth! The dragon is a euphemism for an older, earth-orientated spiritual tradition that numerous cross-waving religious ‘crusaders’, even today, wish to crush out of existence? More…

SACRED GEOMETRY ACROSS THE UNIVERSE  by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Sacred Geometry is the art of putting religious significance into geometric shapes and design. This stems from the beliefs that God designed the world according to a geometric blueprint. In nature we can see the various examples of patterning such as a nautilus shell spiral which has a perfect mathematical equation hidden in its matter. Examples of synthetic structures built to mimic sacred geometry are churches and cathedrals. Sacred geometry is the imprint of structure and spirit, mathematics and nature rolled into one. More…

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