UFO Digest Newsletter May 10, 2012

UFO Digest Newsletter May 10, 2012

Just an observation but as we approach summer the weather seems to be deteriorating.

Anyway, we have another great edition this week. Diane Tessman has been really creative and sent us two articles one on evolution and a second on time travelers.

Chris Holly introduces an article by Rick Stokes about alien abduction. Next, Roger Marsh submits multiple reports on UFOs throughout the U.S. Next, Scott Corrales reports and UFO related events in Spain.

UFO Digest correspondent Johanne Robichaud publishes Part II of her Ozark UFO Conference article. Writer Floco Tausin pens an article on shamans and shamanic symbols.

Polish correspondent Piotr Cielebias reports on 4 ufo photos and interviews Prof. Joaquim Fernandes about Fatima.

Newcomer AAAmindbender introduces himself and his friends and Louis Hart explains sounds from other realms. Finally, Theresa J Thurmond Morris writes about the creation story of Atlantis and MU!

Enjoy Dirk

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