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This week we begin with an update to Robert Morningstar article – THE DYATLOV UFO INCIDENT – A CASE OF PREDATORY UFO MASS MURDER IN RUSSIA’S URAL MOUNTAINS – 1959. Part II is coming soon. Next, Randy Maugans writes about incarnation and our future selves. Then, Roger Marsh reports on UFOs in Indiana. Scott Corrales explores a mystery involving UFOs and mutilations in Argentina. Then, Tony Elliott claims that the homeless are being sent to concentration camps. Jenalyn Villamarin writes about an Australian TV crew captures UFOs over New Zealand. I post a vehicle about Larry King interviewing William Shatner. UFO investigator Art Champoux writes about Raymond Fowler and the MIB. John Foster reports on atmospheric changes during alien abductions and more and finally Doc Vega submits two more articles about Richard Haines and UAPs. Click here for additional articles. Also see new videos following these articles.  Enjoy Dirk Vander Ploeg

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THE DYATLOV UFO INCIDENT – A CASE OF PREDATORY UFO MASS MURDER IN RUSSIA’S URAL MOUNTAINS – 1959 – UPDATED  by Robert D Morningstar. This article presents the story of the Dyatlov Ural Mountain Expedition of 1959 during which all 9 members of the expedition died under the most mysterious of circumstances, with of the 9 victims suffering harrowing injuries that could not be explained satisfactorily or attributable to natural causes. Based on the video linked below (“The Dyatlov Inceidend – Mountain of the Dead”, compiled by D. Romahlko), this article will detail the very compelling story of the tragic loss of the Dyatlov Expedition to Kholat Syaskhl, a region called “The Mountain of the Dead”. More…

INCARNATION- BEYOND OUR FUTURE SELVES  by Randy Maugans. Recently on my radio show, I interviewed Mexican paranormalist and talk show host, Carlos del Angel, wherein he described a personal inner journey which resulted in receiving some very specific information regarding the next fifteen years of humanity’s struggle to throw off the “new world order. The information came, as Carlos describes, from an entity identified as his own “future self”. More… Also read: OUR FUTURE SELVESl BEYOND INCARNATION – PART II

ORB-SHAPED UFOS FOLLOWED INDIANA WITNESSES  by Roger Marsh. Two Indiana witnesses in Noblesville reported watching and videotaping an orb-shaped UFO that was following them along Cherry Tree Road beginning about 12:50 a.m. on May 7, 2014, according to testimony in Case 56131 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More..

STRANGE FIND IN GENERAL ACHA ARGENTINA GIVES RISE TO MYSTERY  by Scott Corrales. The images are very strange and no veterinary surgeon has voiced an opinion as of yet, but concern among residents of General Acha manifested itself a posting to the citizen journalism portal of TN.com.ar. Photographs published in TN y la Gente show a dead bovine with unexplained injuries. Descriptions explain that the animal is missing its tongue, also part of its jaw, and has a large hole on its back, near its rump. According to the user who shared the material, the find occurred three days ago on a friend’s farm, who was also unable to find an explanation. More...

HOMELESS BEING SENT TO FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN FIRST WAVE OF CITIZEN IMPRISONMENT  by Tony Elliott. It appears the first wave of Americans being sent to FEMA concentration camps has begun. Over the last couple of years, many homeless across America have been given the choice to go to jail or reside in a government camp, miles away from the city. The Federal government is able to accomplish this because many cities have essentially made it illegal to be homeless. Thus, by having restrictions on the location and time one can spend in a certain area without being considered homeless, many cities have shipped their homeless to nearby FEMA camps. More…

AUSTRALIAN TV PRODUCTION CREW CAPTURES TWO UFOS OVER NEW ZEALAND  by Jenalyn Villamarin. Crew members of an Australian TV production has captured on film the sighting of two UFOs swiftly flying over Queenstown, New Zealand. The Australian TV production crew was in New Zealand to film for the seventh season of “Colour In Your Life” series. More…

CAPTAIN KIRK WRITES ABOUT ALIEN ABDUCTION  by Dirk Vander Ploeg. William Shatner was a guest on Larry King Now on Wednesday, April 23. In this episode, the eighty-three-year-old actor, author, musician, and comedian speaks with King about a variety of topics including the cinematic showing of his one-man show, technology, the environment, and wine, among other things. The two also discuss a book about UFOs and alien abduction on which Shatner is currently working. More...

MEN IN BLACK, REALITY?  by Art Champoux. Well, in the mid 60s I was with Caper, Committee Aerial phenomena evaluation and research. It was out of the Arizona area. I was the northeastern area investigator. I was working with Raymond Fowler and going out with him and some times with David Webb. There were UFO sightings all over the area, so many that I could not keep up with them. In Ray Fowler’s books there is a few that involved sightings of entities. More...

US CONGRESS WANTS A DIVORCE BETWEEN NASA AND RUSSIA SPACE PROGRAMS  by Carolyn Shield. A congressional panel on Thursday unanimously agreed to cut NASA’s ties with Russia space program. Congress is scrambling to fund programs to aid commercial spacecraft to take over transportation duties from Russia’s Soyuz. US government has been playing a dangerous game and has gotten caught. Congress’s mistakes in budget constraints have resulted in America falling behind in the technological world wars. More...

ATMOSPHERIC CHANGES DURING ALIEN ABDUCTIONS’  by John Foster. I first became aware of the existence of orbs when I was 23 years old. I was a young married woman with a small child living on Long Island New York. My husband was a Vietnam War veteran and we were starting our new life outside of the military together with our toddler son. We were living on the top floor apartment of a two family house located in the town of Babylon New York which is located along the south shore coast of Long Island. More… Also read: MY FIRST ENCOUNTERS WITH “THE VOICE!”

SCIENTIST RICHARD HAINES REINVENTS UFO REPORTING UNDER NEW TERM UAP’s Part III  by Doc Vega. The need for pilots to be aware of and informed about the impact of UAP’s (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and how they and their passenger’s safety could be affected is of paramount importance. Without this information many commercial and military aviators have been left to the fate of unpreparedness and ignorance thanks to the intentional denial of our government officials. More… Also read: SCIENTIST RICHARD HAINES REINVENTS UFO REPORTING UNDER NEW TERM UAP’s Part II

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