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This week we have another article by Nick Pope dealing with an event occurring in Washington called the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. Next, Sean Casteel discusses channeling with extraterrestrials. Then Chris Holly reveals the aftermath of alien abduction. Diane Tessman wonders if the occupants of UFOs are part of the mass alien mind. Pat Regan writes about Mayday and pagans. Scott Corrales reports on UFO sightings in Argentina and Peru. Dennis G. Balthaser writes about policital priorities and UFOs. Author Wyatt Cox expounds on the Alabama spooklights! Next, Steve Erdmann reviews ‘Adam, The Missing Link’. Then Alexandra Holzer writes about one of her father’s cases. Doc Vega submits part II of his New Mexico article. Carolyn Shield writes about the EU ban on pesticides. Tony Elliott writes about terrorist attacks. Louis Hart writes about negative thought forms. Finally, Edward Crabtree states that the Loch NEss Case is not closed yet. Enjoy Dirk



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Citizen Hearing on Disclosure by Nick Pope. By the time this article is published I will be in Washington DC, where I am one of the participants in the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. This ambitious event is being organized by lobbyist/activist Steve Bassett, under the slogan “If the Congress won’t do its job, the people will”. There have not been formal Congressional hearings on the UFO phenomenon since 1968 and in the absence of any apparent willingness to hold any new such event, Steve Bassett has decided to do what he regards as the next best thing. More…

Real Time Abductee Dealing With The Aftermath by Chris Holly. One of the Real Time Abductees I have been writing about requested I take some time to write about the life that follows a person who has without choice endured a life time of lost time events resulting in an aftermath of life changes an abductee is forced to deal with without choice . More…

The Phenomenon of UFO Channelers – From Ancient Astronauts to Ashtar by Sean Casteel . The notion of receiving “channeled” messages from friendly extraterrestrials may be said to have begun in the mid-20th century, but the “New Age-y” phenomenon is really nothing new. The story of benevolent voices from beyond the vastness of time and space goes back well into ancient times, perhaps even as far back as the Bible itself. More…

Are UFO Occupants Part of the Mass Alien Mind? by Diane Tessman. Is there evidence that at least some UFO occupants are components of a larger mass mind which composes a highly intelligent, single, alien entity? A mass mind is invisible whereas individual minds sit in individual heads. Might this be one of the reasons it is so difficult to pin down UFO occupants? More…

Mayday and the unsurpassable human spirit by Pat Regan. This Mayday summer is clearly behind schedule. Lovely yellow daffodils are late along with other flowers of springtime. By Mayday in the north of Britain we usually have by this time seen attractive cherry tree blossom, hanging in beautiful pink clusters. However, the damp and chilly spring weather appears to be hanging on tightly at all costs. Mother Nature – The Greatest Artist of All

Two Agronomists Photographed UFO Over Santiago Field, Argentina by Scott Corrales. Two agronomists claim having photographed a UFO while conducting a survey of a field near Pampa Múyoj in Santiago del Estero. Antonio Pappalardo and Roberto Aguila were startled when they returned to the office to look over the photographs that constitute their work, performed in the middle of siesta time. More… Also read: Sections of Santiago del Estero Attract UFOs Also read: Residents of Iquitos Peru Photograph Strange Object

Silent Pie-Plate Style UFO Over West Virginia by Roger Marsh. TA Summersville, WV, couple reported watching “a bright, solid white light about the size of a pie plate moving at a high rate of speed from the northwest horizon to about three-quarter southwest horizon and changing direction at 90 degrees and then shooting straight up out of sight with no sound and no blinking lights” about 9:55 p.m. on April 23, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More…

Political Priorities and UFOs by Dennis G. Balthaser. I really do not enjoy writing or talking about political concerns I have, but am becoming more concerned that the only objective our leaders in Washington have are interests that benefit themselves. I won’t lay blame on any individual party either, as I feel they all fall into the same trap once they get to Washington. More…

The Cloverdale, Alabama Spooklight Phenomenon by Wyatt Cox. A Spooklight is a type of rare luminous phenomena frequently reported as a brilliant yellowish-orange ball of pulsating or flickering light about 1-3 feet in diameter and floating across open fields or above the forests in sparsely populated areas. The distance from the observer varies greatly. While some are seen at close proximity, others may be as far as a mile away. Some move about at a slow and steady pace and others “jump” and “dart” about very quickly. A few will stop and hover for several minutes. More…

The Psychrophiles Are Coming! by Steve Erdmann. Marshall Karlfeldt explores the work of the late Zecharia Sitchin from The Earth Chronicles (Sitchin’s merticulous translations of thousands of Sumerian cuneiform tablets concerning the history of the earliest human civilization). The tablets contain The Epic of Enuma Elish (The Story of Creation) and The Epic of Gilgamesh, as explained through the works of Sitchen’s deciphers, a civilization some 450,000 years ago from a far distant world called Nibiru. More…

1978 Is A Good Year For A UFO in Düsseldorf, Germany (VIDEO) by Alexandra Holzer. Spring of 1978, Mr. Akiba writes to Professor Dr. Hans Holzer of his unusual sighting experience. I was only seven years old. English was not a language Mr. Akiba was familiar with but he didn’t have to speak it to comprehend what he captured on film. An intelligent man who was a manager for Ohji Kakosho Company, a company that was in the printing business located in Tokyo. Living in the Northern parts with his family was a regular ‘Joe’ so-to-speak playing music and Mahjongg, and never smoking or drinking. His story traveled all the way around the globe from Tokyo to New York to find Dr. Holzer. More…

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New Mexico and it’s place in UFO history Part II  by Doc Vega. The state of New Mexico has obviously played a prominent role in the long and mysterious history of UFO’s. In Part II we will explore further the developments that made this “Land of Enchantment” such an intriguing place. Remember one important factor in all this. Illusion and rumor are only based upon unverified information, but military eye witness accounts and documentation that has been extracted either by FOIA requests or by true intelligence investigation by such people as the late Leonard Stringfield, are an example of truth that has been liberated from archives, testimony, and technical data that simply demonstrates concrete evidence and not the wild assertions of pro-UFO aficionados and the clueless quest for another religion to worship. More…

EU bans pesticides for two years to save Bee from Extinction by Carolyn Shield. It is a great concern in the EU and so a vote of 15 countries out of 27 has banned neonicotinoids pesticides which studies have found harm honeybees. Britain was one of the countries which voted against the ban and their own panels had suggested a need to ban the pesticide. Nearly three million signatures were given to the EU supporting the ban on the pesticides and public protest at Westminister took place. The honeybee is an important player as a pollinator for crops and flowers which are food sources for many animals as well as mankind. More…

From 9-11 to the Boston Marathon Bombing, a Trilogy of Tyranny by Tony Elliott . The recent Boston Marathon bombing and the Waco Fertilizer Plant explosion are just the latest series of False Flag events that began with the first Gulf War in 1991 in which Saddam Hussein (a CIA plant from the beginning) was literally given the green light by the US to invade Kuwait. This war was to set in motion the framework for all the following Terrorist attacks both on American soil and against the US and its interests overseas. More…

Negative Thought Forms by Louis Hart . The mind can be a very powerful thing. Especially an out-of-control or twisted mind that is mired in negativity. Thoughts are very real and can have immense effects not only on those who are nearby but even those in another part of the world. Not just people but animals, plants, and even the weather can be affected. More…

Loch Ness Case: Not Closed by Edward Crabtree. Never has an unexplained phenomenon had such good will behind it as the Loch Ness Monster has. I doubt there is anybody who would not wish for it to exist. Far from being a `monster` it scares nobody. It is charming and mythic, and beloved of kids of all ages. It is a Scottish mascot that has added to the gaiety of my nation. More…

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