UFO Digest Newsletter May 24, 2012

This week UFO Digest would like to welcome Kevin Smith, from the Kevin Smith Show, as a weekly columnist who will report on all things UFOs and paranormal. His column appears in our right-hand column.

Diane Tessman explores gravity corridors, alien moons and the creatures below. Next, Sean Casteel is back writing about aliens, Tibetan mystics and the Walk-Ins! Scott Corrales reports on UFOs and crop circles. Pat Regan connects earthquakes and UFOs and explains the Pagan Code of Honour. Tony Elliott believes chemtrails are causing global warming and wonders about strange sounds again being heard by ETs, whales and dolphins. Then Jon Kelly reports on UFOs in Okanagan Valley. Richard A. Lovett speculates that there is a planet on the edge of our solar system. I report on a near UFO/aircraft collision. New contributor Ursula Kalin writes about Spirit Dolls! Then Paul Schroeder is back writing about dreams that are not dreams. Finally, Hope Bradford writes about the laws of attraction and reincarnation, values, space and time.

Enjoy Dirk.

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