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Last weekend Doc Vega submitted a 3-part article on Memorial Day and those pilots that have died chasing UFOs. Good read! Chris Holly wonders if UFO sightings are increasing or decreasing. Next, Diane Tessman asks do UFO occupants welcome fake videos and pictures. Then Pat Regan wonders about the connection between earthquakes and UFOs and reports a UFO keeping pace with RAF helicopters. Latin correspondent Scott Corrales releases the “Humanoid Conspiracy”. Next, Jon Kelly interviews a Silicon Valley consultant describing ET contact. Mary Alice Bennett retells the details of a child’s UFO sighing in Tucson. Paul Shishis spots another unknown object near the Toronto CN Tower. Then, I report on a group of residents from Herbrandston that claim mysterious noises are making their village a living hell. French correspondent Christian Macé has found a curious animal on Mars. Next, Edward Crabtree takes a look at NDEs. Ron Murdock writes about lack of privacy and falsely portraying God. Finally, Louis Hart writes about the ancient tree spirit. Enjoy Dirk

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A Memorial Day salute to those who died in connection with UFOs Part III by Doc Vega. Much has been written about the incredible year of 1952 when several well documented UFO flaps eclipsed the news headlines and sent hysterical US citizens to the phones calling in sightings from all over the country. It was a year that saw the famous Washington National Sightings where in the month of July for several weeks US Air Force pilots chased flying saucers over Capitol Hill without success. President Truman demanded answers from the Joint Chiefs of Staff while General John A. Samford held the most important military press conference since World War II to explain just how UFO’s had been sighted over several nights above the nation’s capital. More… Also read: A Memorial Day Salute to those who died in connection with UFOs Part II And read: Also read: A Memorial Day salute to those who died in connection with UFOs

Do you believe the number of UFO sightings has increased or decreased over the past year? by Chris Holly. I have received emails lately asking if I thought the amount of UFO sightings being reported over the last year have increased or decreased? Of course I have no answer to this question as I do not have any place to search for the answer. More…

Do UFO Occupants Welcome Fake Videos and Pictures? by Diane Tessman. What if UFO occupants knew years ago that in 2013, humans would be obsessed with smart phones which have apps for placing fake UFOs in pictures? More…

Welsh earthquake and more UFO sightings once again by Pat Regan. I have written at great length in articles and books about the fascinating relationship between seismic activity and UFO sightings. Like it or not UFOs do in fact sometimes appear around about the same time as earth tremors in many places and on an impressive international scale. More… Also read: UFO kept pace with helicopter crews over RAF Woodvale airspace in UK

The Humanoid Conspiracy – Latest addition to the INEXPLICATA library by Scott Corrales. The Humanoid Conspiracy is the latest addition to the INEXPLICATA library at Scribd.com – a compilation of all the humanoid / CE3K writings we have published over the years in a more readily accessible format – and a conmemoration of the 40-year gulf which separates us from 1973, “The Year of the Humanoids”. More…

Silicon Valley Consultant describes ET contact and hope for universal peace by Jon Kelly. “Once you’ve made that contact in various different ways and you’ve satisfied yourself that it is genuine, then nobody can take that away from you,” explains ETLetsTalk.org co-founder Kosta Makreas. More…

UFO Tucson – A Childhood Sighting from the Late 1960s by Mary Alice Bennett. This childhood close encounter with a large UFO was described to me by my old friend Russell at the local market. He`d heard that I`d had a sighting out there which prompted him to tell me about this experience that he`d had with his family while riding in the back of a pick-up truck west of town. More…

Another Strange Image Caught on Film! by Paul Shishis. This was taken today May 27th 2013 while photographing the CN Tower. During break time at work In Scarborough. I thought to take a few pictures of the CN Tower. More…

Village Residents Claim Mysterious Noise is Living Hell by Dirk Vander Ploeg. A group of Herbrandston residents have reached breaking point after a ‘torturous’ mystery noise made life in the village a ‘living hell’. Jane and Steve Ingram said life at their quiet Herbrandston home became unbearable when a low, drowning noise started keeping them awake at night. More…

Curious animal as photographed by Curiosity on Mars May 11, 2013 by Christian Macé. Land under the control of Visitors. Here the original photo. And I circled in red the “Thing”, and I enlarged. See the photo taken by the robot on the ground on Mars “Curiosity” on May 11, 2013. More…

BEING THERE WHEN IT HAPPENS: Looking again at Near Death Experiences by Edward Crabtree. When Proof of Heaven by Doctor Eben Alexander appeared in the bookstores last year we could all see its future. It would fly off the shelves in the same way that other testimonies in this American genre have done. It sells reassurance. It answers the big question at the back of all our minds: if all the world is a stage, what happens when the players Exit? More…

Lack Of Privacy by Ron Murdock . If you’re gettng that feeling of being watched you probably are. How much interest “The Watchers” take in you is a moot point. I doubt if most of us are doing anything of significance to be kept track of by those in the shadows. But the point here is that there is so many survelliance cameras in public areas and it’s a case of who is watching and who is being watched. The theme song here could very well be “Every Breath You Take” by The Police. More… Also read: Falsely Portraying God

Ancient Tree Spirit by Louis Hart . Down in the foothills there is a place I visit often. It is a beautiful spot where I can enjoy the natural world and connect with the various Nature Spirits of the area. It’s really quite an extraordinary place. On a footpath that follows the clear, cold river for awhile and then plunges into the nearby forest I walk quietly, stopping often to watch and listen to the birds. Occasionally a squirrel fusses at me or a big ant comes near and looks me over. More…

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