UFO Digest Newsletter May 31, 2012

This week we begin withUFO Digest reader Jim Barnhill who sent in his sighting report of a large object at Lebanon, Missouri and then we have an amazing encounter that a RAF pilot had with a UFO. Kevin Smith in his column discusses why Diff-Information is not Dis-Information…

Then Scott Corrales reports on strange undersea tracks as well as a close encounter in Huelva. Next, Pat Regan photographs multiple UFOs over the Liverpool Estuary. Roger Marsh discloses MUFON report: silent oval shaped object overhead…

Next, Jessica Tasman-Jones reports on UFO activity in New Zealand. Lori Carter expounds onf full UFO exposure! Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews Bernard Mendez, a whistleblower, who discusses teleportation.

My friend Christian Macé believes he has discovered strange geometric shapes on Mars. Exopolitics’ Michael Salla wonders if the new relationship with NASA and SpaceX is a good thing. Chris Holly reflects on the extreme solar blasts that the Sun is omitting. 

My friend Mary Alice Bennett is back with a very interesting article about the the Rennes le Chateau Parchments and Galamus Gorge. Reuters is reporting that scientists wish to test Bigfoot DNA to finally prove or disapprove its existence. Finally, we have an article from the website Paranormala about the Sudarium, a cloth that allegedly covered the face of Jesus after the crucifixion!

Enjoy Dirk.

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