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Welcome to the Halloween issue of UFO Digest. Here you will find many Halloween related articles including two articles by Pat Regan, concerning Pagans and Bigots! Diane Tessman wonders if Halloween is the time when corridors open to other dimensions. Dr. Rita Louise writes about ghosts and more ghosts. Brad and Sherry Steiger are back and choose their favorites ghost movies. Even Roger Marsh, from the Examiner, writes about the paranormal and its sense of humor. Paul Schroeder suggests we like to be scared. On the UFO front, Scott Corrales submits that a cylindrical object plummeted into a Mexican volcano. Ron Murdock cites more UFO activity and Jon Kelly writes about this week’s UFO sighting. R.W. Sanders asks questions of the disappearance of UFO related articles. Finally, Floco Tausin writes more about Eye Floaters and Near-Death Experiences. Enjoy Dirk

Halloween: The Sacred Pagan Time of True Love… by Pat Regan. The intolerant anti-Halloween crusades to outlaw this ancient British Pagan festival will rage on and on, ad infinitum. The odious religious bias of those activists who seek to ban children from simply having a fun-filled event, just as their parents always did, will continue due to ignorance, political correctness and subconscious religious prejudice against the international Pagan community. More… Also read: Halloween: Banned by Bigots in South Russia and American Schools! and Your Destiny Or Their Hidden Agenda?

Brad Steiger’s Picks for the Most Authentic Ghost Films by Brad and Sherry Steiger. For Your Halloween Chills…. The Uninvited (1943)–I first saw this motion picture when I was seven years old and some of the scenes left an indelible impression upon me. I have the film in our video collection and have seen it many times, on each occasion savoring the intelligent and superbly paced script by Frank Partos and Dodie Smith that is at once eerie, compelling, and chilling. More…

Halloween Ghosts and Spirits: Is This the Time the Corridor Between Dimensions Opens? by Diane Tessman. These days, it might be said that the membrane between branes is less-dense at a particular point in space/time of quantum perception, but the concept is the same. As Pagans say, at Blessed Samhain, the veil is thinnest! This idea actually makes sense in a quantum view of the universe: Consciousness, whether embodied (as in living humans), or disembodied (as in pure energy beings), travels on sub-atomic particles, waves, and/or strings (physicists are still arguing as to waves or strings). Or, for all intents and purposes, consciousness IS sub-atomic quantum bits. More…

Ghosts, Ghosts Everywhere! by Dr. Rita Louise. There has been an enormous leap in interest, in the minds of the American people, into the subject of the paranormal and ghosts in particular. Television shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer, and Medium are viewed by millions each week. At the same time, network channels including Sci-Fi, Discovery and Travel have presented countless documentaries about haunted locations and other ghostly phenomena. More…

The Paranormal Has A Sense Of Humor by Roger Marsh. The paranormal is not always scary, but rather a neat connectivity that may scream coincidence or synchronicity as your mind attempts to understand something that’s just happened that probably shouldn’t have. Case in point – The Vintage Lamp. During my grad school days in DeKalb, Illinois, I turned to short story writing as an outlet while pursuing a masters in journalism. I always begin with character and quickly invented Anita Perkins – a quirky woman with a paranormal past that everyone talked about. More…

We Like To Be Scared! by Paul Schroeder. The Haunting of Hill House”, by Shirley Jackson, titled,”The Haunting”, in its movie version terrified me and I have yet to see a scarier movie. Goose bumps still have goose bumps when I recall this film horror and subsequent viewing still chills my bones to its marrow.. More…

Sirius update from Dr. Steven Greer by Dr. Steven Greer. Holding the story line of this film together will be the talk Dr. Greer gave in Santa Monica in September. He covered the range that will be covered in the film from evidence, to why the secrecy, to new energy to current contact being made by CE-5 teams. And research continues on the little 6 ” being. We will include as much as we can in the final production. More…

Cylindrical Object Plummets into Volcano in Mexico? by Scott Corrales. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the numerical value of a video is incalculable, provided it is not a hoax. Prof. Ana Luisa Cid has very kindly shared with us a video from the Mexico’s TELEVISA network showing the precise moment at which a bright, cylindrical shape appears to plummet into the smoking maw of 17,000 foot Popocatepetl on 25 October 2012. More…

More UFO Activity Over The Night Sky Of Nelson by Ron Murdock. I was coming home one evening in late January after a dinner out. It was a clear evening in Nelson, the first one in weeks. The moon was near its last quarter phase, on each side of it was a planet. One was Venus, the other was too bright to be Jupiter nor did it have the reddish tinge of Mars. Between the moon and the planet to the left of it I noticed another steady light. It was much fainter than the other two planets. Using overhead wires as a point of reference I kept an eye on the third light. It coasted lazily in the sky before fading into the blackness of deep space. More…

Disappearing Documents Force Questions by R.W. Sanders. The famous Bentwaters Case in England is one of the most publicized and investigated ufo cases in history. The incident went over multiple nights with multiple witnesses, one of whom touched the craft. These witnesses were military guards at a base storing nuclear weapons. These were not some fly by night publicity hounds. The deputy base commander, Charles Halt, also witnessed this incident. Others witnessed these craft shining beams into the bunkers where the nukes were stored. So, since this is often called Britain’s Roswell, how did the Ministry of Defense, “lose” all the documents associated with this most famous case? More… Also read: Operation Paperclip, 2012, And The Coming Alien Invasion

This week’s top UFO news by Jon Kelly. This past week, sightings reports from Kentucky and Illinois with accompanying video and photographs garnered widespread international coverage from mainstream media outlets. More…

The Shining Sphere at the End of the Tunnel – Eye Floaters and Near-Death Experiences by Floco Tausin. Persons who were revived after being clinically dead often report unusual and profound perceptions they had in the state of near-death. These experiences defy scientific and religious thinking alike. Some visual elements of near-death experiences (NDE) resemble one particular type of eye floaters, the ‘shining structure floaters’. The thesis of this article is that floaters and other entoptic phenomena are phenomena of consciousness which continue to exist in states of near-death – and possibly even beyond death. More…

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