IN THIS WEEKS NEWSLETTER, Michael Horn reports on two UFO skeptics who were abducted by aliens. Then, Sean Casteel writes about Enochian Magick and angels. Next, Brad Steiger reviews the move The Ouija Board! Scary? Edward Crabtree reviews Bret Lueder’s A UFO Hunter’s Guide. Latin American correspondent Scott Corrales reports that the Monte Grande conspiracy continues 3-years after mysterious explosion. Reader F Carlton McLean Jr has photos of UFOs docking with the ISS. Pat Regan believes the UK society is being undermined by radicals. Deanna Jaxine Stinson contributes articles about Imps, goddesses and legends of entities and the outlines the history of angels. Next, Louis Hart has a message for you and you alone. Ron Murdock believes it is time to make changes and finally, Theresa J Morris tells us about a true ALIEN ET UFO story. Enjoy Dirk

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NOTED SKEPTIC, PROFESSOR BELIEVED ABDUCTED BY ALIENS  by Michael Horn. James McGaha (pronounced McGayHay), an astronomer from the Grasslands Observatory in Southeastern Arizona, was recently quoted as saying, “You know the whole UFO phenomenon is nothing but myth, magic and superstition, wrapped up in this idea that somehow aliens are coming here either to save us or destroy us.” While not entirely incorrect, McGaha also stated that evidence in one UFO-related case was actually due to spider webs, which in fact can be the cause of such sightings, according to information from Billy Meier. More…

ENOCHIAN MAGICK AND CONVERSING WITH ANGELS by Sean Casteel. The following are some excerpts from Sean Casteel’s contribution to the new Global Communications book “Angel Spells – The Enochian Occult Workbook of Charms, Seals, Talismans and Ciphers.” The other contributors are Tim Beckley, William Oribello and Maria D’Andrea. The book also includes, as a bonus section, the complete text of Bishop Allen Greenfield’s “Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts.”  More.. Also read: ENOCHIAN MAGICK AND CONVERSING WITH ANGELS – Part II.

THE OUIJA BOARD: PORTAL TO THE DARK DIMENSION OF SPIRIT PARASITES  by Brad Steiger. On October 24, the motion picture Ouija was released and swept away the box office competition. The horror film, which portrays the frightening misadventures of teenagers exploring the unknown with a Ouija board, is still Number One. More… Also read: THE OUIJA BOARD: PORTAL TO THE DARK DIMENSION OF SPIRIT PARASITES – Part II.

BRET LUEDER’S A UFO HUNTER’S GUIDE: A BOOK REVIEW by Edward Crabtree. Doing UFOs once seemed a breeze. A Mrs L R Wentworth in Suffolk would be tending to her roses. She would look and see a floating disk -`like a big upside down cake`. This might then zoom away at `supersonic` speed in a `northeasterly direction`. Writing up the account, a gentleman in sensible rain wear and a background in drainage inspection called Nigel, would speculate: `The only explanation I can find for this is that it was an emissary from another star system`.  More.

THE MONTE GRANDE CONSPIRACY CONTINUES  by Scott Corrales. Three years removed from the terrible explosion that caused one death and the total destruction of two dwellings, there are still too many issues regarding the causes behind the mysterious explosion whose magnitude overwhelmed all mathematical calculations. Official inquiries ascribed it to a gas leak in a domestic oven. However, many consider that the whole truth has not been told about what happened on 26 September 2011 in the 9 de Abril district of Monte Grande (Esteban Echeverría prospect). More…

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION HAS ALIEN CRAFT ATTACHED TO IT  by F Carlton McLean Jr. After a yellowish looking elongated object (UFO) had attached itself onto the International Space Station (and was not fully explained)! Bill Clinton came out to announce that he thought that we humans would be seeing aliens not too far off in the future. Bill Clinton placed himself onto the UFO hero list by making this statement. More…

MIKE WOOLEY DISCUSSES BIGFOOT: AGGRESSIVE AND DANGEROUS by Chris Holly. I have been watching as the Bigfoot mystery continues to spread across the world with more sightings, more TV shows, and more people searching to find this elusive large hairy creature. I became friends with Mike Wooley when I interviewed him concerning a terrifying Bigfoot experience he had while deer hunting a few years ago. Mike survived a face to face encounter with two large angry Bigfoot creatures. Mike was lucky to live through that day. I wrote his story about that frightening incident and will include it with this article. More..

STREET NATIONALISM 2: ‘FOLLOW US OR BE DAMNED’! OR HOW THEY ARE PULLING YOUR STRINGS  by Pat Regan. At times society drifts back into a dangerous frame of mind that equates with… who can shout the loudest gets the most attention and support. Radicals hunting more power rely primarily on general public ignorance and fear. They are frequently rewarded well with excellent dividends for such established dependence on social unawareness.  More…

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IMPS, GODDESSES AND LEGENDS OF ENTITIES FROM THE SPIRITUAL REALMS OF EARTH  by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Everything about our world is magical because it still retains some form of mystery. The stories that we ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge in the Christian bible may have opened our eyes but it didn’t reveal everything. There is a mystical realm attached to ours. It is the realm you played in as a child; where you saw trolls, fairies and ghosts. I have kept my psychic abilities by meditating, writing down my dreams and researching endlessly this realm of magic. I have studied many different religions and spiritual practice like yoga and ceremonies of light from all religions I am drawn to this world. More…. Also read: THE HISTORY OF ANGELS THROUGHOUT THE AGES.

YOU AND YOU ALONE  by Louis Hart. There is a lot of moaning and groaning about the state of the world, the ineptness of the government, the crappy attitude of their employees, the unjust tax rates, police brutality, and maybe even the unreasonable price of candy bars. And on and on and on. Oh, and let’s not leave out global warming. That’s a big one and will be until the global freeze hits and catches the experts with their collective pants down. More…

WE NEED TO MAKE SOME CHANGES  by Ron Murdock. The Lottery, written by Shirley Jackson, was a short story that involved a yearly ritual stoning that was to guarantee a good crop would be harvested later that summer. Like such a lottery really would make a difference one way or another. The main point of The Lottery is how people can be swayed so easily to be part of the herd mentality. Participants in this story did so willingly though it could be termed morally offensive and repugnant. People join in events, like the above lottery, as it could be termed essential to public order and/or as a form of community bonding. The event could be prolonged to increase the drama and group satisfaction.  More…

A TRUE ALIEN ET UFO STORY by Theresa J Morris. As you probably already know I have a long story to tell of life on earth before and after meeting TOM my husband. Tom and I have spoken with Robert Morningstar on radio for archiving purposes.The story of him and I meeting is no accident. The question is however was it predestined by Alien ET UFO BEINGS or our GOVERNMENT for DISCLOSURE. More..

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