This week Scott Corrales submits various events including an invisible being photographed in Chile. Then, Chris Holly interviews mystic medium Cindi Sansone Braff. Next, Pat Regan is interviewed on radio and writes about his veteran grandfather. Then, Emerson asks and answers if he believes in UFOs. I pen an article about the existence of UFOs and aliens. Anthony writes about a case of identity and Jim Mllard examines the Greys. Steve Pearse jumps into the fray and critiques Jim Millards’s examination. Then, Doc Vega reviews ‘The Eighth Tower’ by John A Keel about the discovering of a black box and the mysteries that lie within. John Foster is back and writes about who the Greys said they were. Christian Macé reports on a 3-4 lights forming a triangle UFO. Finally, Neil Gould, Hong Kong Exopolitics Institute, announces a UFO tour in 2013. Enjoy Dirk Vander Ploeg.

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AN INVISIBLE BEING PHOTOGRAPHED IN ANGOL, CHILE! by Scott Corrales. Mrs. Janette Villa Torres, married, with a high school degree and considered a trustworthy person at her place of employment, since she works as a municipal official in downtown Angol (9th Region), never imagined she would manage to photograph what we are showing to our readers. More… Also read: BELEIVE OR NOT, THE UFO PHENOMENON IN ARGENTINA

MY INTERVIEW WITH MYSTIC MEDIUM CINDI SANSONE BRAFF by Chris Holly. A few times over the past recent years I have visited Cindi Sansone Braff at her home on the eastern end of Long Island for a reading of what she could foresee happening in my future life. Cindi also would give advice as she received it concerning the people and events going on in my present day life as well. More…

THE MIGHTY FM RADIO INTERVIEW OF 12 NOVEMBER 2013; WITH SOUTHPORT UFO/PARANORMAL AUTHOR, PAT REGAN by Pat Regan. PERFORMED BY TOP PRESENTER, TONY HIGGINSON. I had the pleasure of visiting Mighty FM Radio in Southport town centre this evening at 10.00 pm, at their request. I was interviewed for over one hour about numerous issues and the content of my various books by presenter, Tony Higginson. More Also read: LEST WE FORGET

DO I BELIEVE THAT UFOs EXIST? by Emerson. No, I do not believe that UFOs exist… because I now know they exist. Mind you, it took until I was 63, and flippantly suggested in an e.mail to you, Robert (UFO Digest editor Robert D. Morningstar) that you let the Hudson River crafts know when you could be camera-ready. Within weeks, I was presented with a close, brief, evidenced appearance (passed behind an intervening tree and emerged beyond it). More…

A CASE OF IDENTITY by anthony. ‘It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.’ – Sherlock Holmes. “A Case of Identity” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. If you look out toward our galaxy the Milky Way you will see an uneven distribution of stars. In certain parts of the Milky Way, between the stars, things can get a little murky. More… Also read: A CASE OF IDENTITY – Part II

DO YOU BELIEVE THAT UFOS AND ALIENS EXIST? by Sigrid Salucop. Sixty-three years ago, Italian physicist Enrico Fermi asked, “Where is everybody?” The question was of cosmic proportions. While there are many ufologists and those who believe that there are other living beings in other parts of the universe, there are those who don’t believe in UFOs and aliens. According to a study about the “Prevalence of Earth-size planets orbiting Sun-like stars” reported by PNAS.org, there are many planets that have potential to support life. The nearest, according to the study, is “just 12 light-years away.” More…

EXAMINING THE GREYS by Jim Millard.I have been lurking here for several years. This is my first post, so please be kind, constructive, and helpful in your comments. I have been studying the “Roswell Incident” and had a thought. For this discussion “greys” refers to the small 3½ to 4 foot grey aliens that have been reported. greys have been described as basically humanoid in form; disproportionately large heads (compared to the rest of their body), long upper limbs (reaching their knees), four digits on the hands. Some reports mention suction cups on the ends of the digits, others mention slight webbing. Their eyes have been reported as being “almond” shaped and unblinking. They have narrow slits for ears, nose and mouth, no teeth have been reported in the mouth. The skin has been reported to more lizard like than mammalian. More…

ANSWERS TO JIM MILLARD’S ‘EXAMINING THE GREYS’ by Steve Pearse. I’ve been on a similar quest for over 12 years, and while I don’t think anyone has a complete picture or understanding of what or who the “Greys” really are; but least I can share some of the information that I have been able to discover so far. Your physical description is right on, from my perspective their evolution seems to have favored mental over physical, which helps to explain their brainer abilities to overpower humans mentally at will. The Preying Mantis Being also seems to be able to disguise and shape shift their true physical image as well. More…

THE BROKEN RECORD IN THE SKY by Doc Vega. In his book, “The Eighth Tower” author John A. Keel offered a theory. What if a black box hidden within ruins or in some enigmatic location near the birthplace of ancient human civilizations were to have been left by an advanced extraterrestrial race? This black box would broadcast a specialized wave band of integrated signals that would act on the human mind. Its repetitive broadcasts would simply continue unabated as events unfolded. The purpose of this device supposedly to subliminally orchestrate human affairs. More… Also read: THE BROKEN RECORD IN THE SKY – Part II

THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS – WHO THEY SAID THEY WERE! by John Foster. In the post immediately below, I indicated that I received several important pieces of information in 1957. Much of the information came during The Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin Experience, which is narrated in Chapter Nine of the book Eminent Discovery. It lasted from just after supper until just before a late breakfast the next morning. During this very lengthy encounter, more than at any other time, they, “the mysterious intelligences” told us outright who they were and what they were doing. They identified at least a part of themselves as “the Monitors or Keepers of the Earth,” and one or more historic/ancient “brotherhoods,” etc. More…

POSSIBLY 3-4 LIGHTS FORM TRIANGLE UFO PHOTOGRAPHED OVER FRANCE by Christian Macé . I give you my testimony on what is for me one of the nicest comments I have achieved to date. Location of Sighting: City COMINES FRANCE (Belgian border) near LILLE Department 59 NORTH. We are Monday, November 4, 2013, it is 9:50 p.m. I am in my garden for a cigarette before going to bed. The weather is cool and rather windy, about 60/70 KMH depending on the weather. After a rainy day has a strong disturbance, the sky is very dark and very starry allowing only low clouds scattered. More…

HONG KONG UFO USA TOUR 2013 by Neil Gould. On 12th October 2013 a historic event took place in Exopolitical arena, a group of 20 Chinese UFO enthusiasts departed from Hong Kong and China en route to the USA under the tutelage of Neil Gould – Director of Exopolitics Institute, Cheuk Fei – HK media host MJ13, Jake Gould –Exo-filmmaker and Stan Ho – Exo Cert., for the exo-tour of a lifetime. The objectives were to engage in discussions with top exopolitical researchers, contactees and experience the paranormal at the infamous Bradshaw Ranch, UFO sightings and to take part in human initiated ET contact -CE5 (close encounters of the fifth kind), a program endorsed by the Exopolitics Institute Certification Program. More…

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