The publisher and the staff of UFO Digest wishes all of its U.S. readers a happy and safe Thanksgiving. THIS WEEK, editor Robert D. Morningstar reviews a new book that asks the question, “Did JFK deserve to die? Next, I contribute several articles and UFO sighting reports. Then, Scott Corrales reports on UFO activity in South America. Doc Vega submits a two-part article on Lloyd Pye’s Star Child skull. Then, Roger Marsh reports on MUFON sighting reports. Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews Magnus Olsson about assassination by Transhumanist controllers. Next, Sean Casteel and John Weigle collaborate on black-eyed kids and flying saucers in the Old Testament. Cheryl Costa reports on more fireball UFOs in the New York skies. Then, John Foster talks more about his UFO experiences. Ed Komarek writes more about The Extraterrestrial Cultural Concept and finally, Carolyn Shield writes about the Nephilim giants and King Richard. Watch the newest videos just below the articles. Enjoy Dirk

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“DID JFK DESERVE TO DIE?” – A NEW BOOK BY ROBIN HAINES WEIGHS THAT QUESTION by Robert D Morningstar. A new book, researched and written over a span of 35 years, by author Robin Haines, explores that very question in detail. The author contends that in the context of the times (i.e., The Cold War Era) and in view the national values and official diplomatic, national security and military policies of the United States Government at that time (i,e a worldwider confrontation with Communism and Mutual Assured Destruction in nuclear war), JFK’s actions during the last year of his life were (rightly) viewed, Haines ssserts) as high treason when seen through their eyes by the powers that were the Military Industrial Complex, against which President Eisenhower had so wisely warned the nation in his final address to the American people. More…

INVESTIGATING EXTRATERRESTRIAL ABDUCTIONS by Dirk Vander Ploeg. In the United States the first story of abduction by extraterrestrials that received national attention was that of Betty and Barney Hill, a couple from New Hampshire who claimed to have been kidnapped in a UFO in 1961. There is, however, another, earlier, story of abduction. This one dates from 1957 and centers around Antônio Villas Boas, a farmer from rural Brazil. More… Also read: WITNESS REPORTS STAR-LIKE OBJECTS ZIPPING THROUGH SKY Also read: IS A UFO SPYING ON DEVON AIR BASE?

ALLEGED UFO OVER GUANAJUATO, MEXICO by Scott Corrales. Mexicans witnessed an alleged triangular UFO flying over the skies of León, Guanajuato. The alleged UFO was recorded on video on 14 November in León in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. The recording is from the [YouTube] channel belonging to “jmhz71” and it displays a triangular object flying across Mexican skies at high speed. More… Also read: UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT OVER CORRIENTES AND RESISTEENCIA, ARGENTINA Also read: UFO SIGHTINGS ARE ONGOING IN VICTORIA, ARGENTINA

LLOYD PYE’S STAR CHILD: THE COSMIC IMPLICATIONS by Doc Vega. What if everything you had been taught and led to believe by our government influenced public education and media were nothing but indoctrination and sanctioned lies? What if you learned that your world view was shaped by a globalist agenda? What if every basic belief that you hung your hat on was an intended misconception designed to push you and your fellow members of society toward policies you were not even aware of? More… Also read: LLOYD PYE’S STAR CHILD: THE COSMIC IMPLICATIONS – PART II

SIX STATES REPORT 248 OCTOBER UFO CASES by Roger Marsh. The National UFO ALERT Rating System has been updated for November 2013, with California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan moving to a UFO Alert 3 as the highest reporting states during the month of October 2013, filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). California was the leading high-reporting state in October with 77 caes, up from 70 September cases, 97 August cases, 91 July cases, 72 June cases, 67 May cases, 47 April cases, 59 March cases, 53 February cases and 63 January cases. More

UFO PHOTOGRAPHED OVER THE ISLAND OF NOIRMOUTIER, FRANCE by Christian Macé. Many thanks to Serge85 that just email me below his testimony with his picture he took, together with, and here: “Mr. Christian Macé I send you a new photo taken on the island of Noirmoutier to upload on your blog please …. Photo taken Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 18:37 … taking pictures of the moon! More…

ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION BY TRANSHUMANIST CONTROLLERS! by Alfred Lambremont Webre. In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, EUCACH.ORG Executive Director Magnus Olsson describes the Nov. 16, 2013 assassination attempt on his life by controllers of the Transhumanist agenda using remote suffocation technology. The assassination attempt occurred shortly after the EUCACH team had met in Geneva, Switzerland with the World Organization against Torture. Magnus Olsson’s life was saved by CPR administered by his mother, a nurse, while the EUCACH team waited with him for an ambulance to take him to hospital. More…

WHEN THE BLACK-EYED CHILDREN COME KNOCKING by Sean Casteel and John Weigle. Black-Eyed Children are a paranormal phenomenon that may or may not be related to UFOs, but there is no doubt as to the terror experienced by those who have encountered them. Who are these mysterious visitors, passersby, whatever, who strike such cold-blooded fear into witnesses, even trained and seasoned military personnel? . More… Also read: FLYING SAUCERS AND ABDUCTIONS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT

FIREBALL UFOS ARE BACK OVER NEW YORK SKIES by Cheryl Costa. The other day I was reviewing the database at the National UFO Reporting Center for sightings in New York. I noted a commentary by one of the analysts that during the first two weeks of November, sighting incidents of orange, reddish-orange fireball UFOs has dramatically spiked nationwide. More…

THE STORY IN A NUTSHELL – A FINAL SUMMARY…SCATTERED THOUGHTS by John Foster. As mentioned previously, I lived a somewhat normal life from the time I was born in 1937 until that fateful year of 1986 when I was 48 years old, when I mysteriously recalled an enormous number of bizarre experiences that had occurred as early as 1939 or 1940. I knew during my 1986 recollections that my life would never be the same. When asked to “go public” with my story in 1988, I nearly died from heart attacks and later from heart surgery because of my fear, anger, anxiety and frustrations. This was caused by the shocking knowledge I received from my memories…memories that: More…

OPPORTUNITIES AND DANGERS INVOLVING ET CONTACT by Ed Komarek. The Extraterrestrial Cultural Concept has been conceptualized on its webpage and on Facebook. http://etculturalcenter.weebly.com/ My disclosure book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder is now published and free on its own website as well so I have the time to concentrate on other aspects of Contact. I think it is time for a serious discussion on both the Dangers and Opportunities of Contact now that there are at least tens of thousands of people having and attempting contact individually and in groups. More…

NEPHILIM GIANTS: WERE ONE OF THEIR BLOODLINE POSSIBLY RICHARD THE LIONHEART? by Carolyn Shield. Richard the Lionheart’s bloodline had been traced by historian Ralph Di Ciento.. He linked Richard’s bloodline all the way back to Noah and Woden. In Genesis,Noah built an ark and survives the great flood that occurred after the Nephilim fallen angels from the heavens took the daughters of Eve for wives. Giants were said to be their off spring. The Angevin legend talked of a strange bloodline. Richard was part of the Angevin family. More…

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