We start this week’s newsletter with Nick Pope’s monthly column in which Nick proclaims that MoD has finally released the smoking gun of UFO! Next, I was contacted by reader Chris who sent in several videos showing a unique UFO. Then, Roger Marsh reports on a MUFON sighting of triangular lights seen over West Virginia. Scott Corrales translates reports of UFO sightings in Argentina, Diario Tempo and the War of the Worlds was remembered in Ecuador. Next, Sean Casteel reviews ‘Thirty-Years Among The Dead.” Then Cheryl Costa examines Long Island’s Great River triangle UFOs. Deanna Jaxine Stinson is back writing about the Indigo Gods and Goddesses, reincarnation and Star Children. Next Paul Schroeder cites Twinkle, Twinkle, Little StarDoc Vega writes about the entity at White Rock Lake! UFO researcher continues to study extraterrestrials and finally, Theresa J Morris states that alien civilizations are real! Enjoy Dirk

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UFOS – A SMOKING GUN AT LAST?  by Nick Pope. In last’s month’s column I revealed that although the June 2013 release of MoD UFO files was supposedly the end of a five-year programme to declassify and release the entire archive, an additional 18 UFO files have now been located and will be made public in 2015. A UK national daily newspaper, the Daily Star, broke this story in September, but the full story can now be told for the first time. It links the release of these files to the highly-classified intelligence study on UFOs, codenamed Project Condign, and also links it to the Rendlesham Forest incident. More…

UFO SIGHTING AT CROSBY BEACH, LIVERPOOL by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Publisher’s Note: I received an email from a UFO Digest reader named Chris. He sent me a description of his sighting and 5 short videos of the object which I believe are unidentified flying objects. Dirk. Chris wrote that he goes tor a jog every day down to the beach. He was returning hoe when he saw an unusual object in the sky. “I go for daily jogs down the beach, on the way back i look up and see this in the sky”, said Chris.  More..

REPORTS OF UFO LIGHTS IN TRIANGLE FORMATION: WEST VIRGINIA  by Roger Marsh. Four West Virginia witnesses at Barboursville reported watching lights in a rotating triangle formation that they could not identify, according to testimony in Case 61100 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The reporting witness was sitting outside with his wife and two friends about 1:45 a.m. on October 10, 2014, when the lights were first noticed. More…

UFO SIGHTINGS AT NECOCHEA AND QUEQUEN, ARGENTINA by Scott Corrales. The city of Necochea on Argentina’s Atlantic seaboard found its hotels crammed with thousands of foreign tourists who come to enjoy the long beaches known as the “soft slope” which run in excess of 300 meters from the sea to Avenida 2 (Costanera), their fine sand and the purity of its waters, refreshed by constant waves. This is one of the factors which among others ( their width, which makes them unique in Argentina) and Parque Miguel Lillo, covering over 700 hectares and including a million trees, largely pines and firs which provided shelter to the birds living in the area, have aided in keeping temperatures in excess of 30 degrees every day during the month, making Necochea beach a safe and enchanting place for tourists.  More. Also read: UFO SIGHTINGS AT NECOCHEA AND QUEQUEN, ARGENTINA – PART II.  Also read: UFO SIGHTINGS AT NECOCHEA AND QUEQUEN, ARGENTINA – PART III. Also read: ALLEGED UFOS UNLEASH CONTROVERSY AMONG READERS OF DIARIO TEMPO. Also read: THE “WAR OF THE WORLDS” TRANSMISSION REMEMBERED IN ECUADOR.

‘THIRTY-YEARS AMONG THE DEAD’ – FIGHTING THE SPIRITS OF MADNESS AND THE UFO CONNECTION  by Sean Casteel. One never ceases to be amazed at Timothy Green Beckley’s fascinating choices for exciting but overlooked books to republish. His latest gem, plucked from the murky hazes of yesteryear, is “Thirty Years Among The Dead,” written by a physician named Dr. Carl A. Wickland and first published in 1924. The book is still available in older, more expensive editions, but Beckley’s Global Communications version is the only one that can truly be called “complete and unabridged,” thus serving as an invaluable historical document.More…

LONG ISLAND’S GREAT RIVER TRIANGLE UFOS by Cheryl Costa. On the central southern shore of Long Island, NY is an interesting nexus of UFO sightings, which I like to refer to as the Great River Triangle. The Great River Triangle is, loosely, a 4.5 sq./mile area that extends from Great River to Oakdale to Islip and back to Great River. This geographical area has had an interesting UFO history. A database search revealed that the municipalities within the 4.5 sq. / mile Great River Triangle have logged in excess of 40 UFO sightings in the past 96 years. More..

INDIGO GODS, GODDESSES AND THE REINCARNATION FOR STAR CHILDREN  by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Indigo’s are star children. They are called Indigo because for someone that can read auras they will most certainly possess this color around the third eye. Star children are human beings that possess extraordinary capabilities and are said to have some form of alien genetics fused into their human makeup. They have knowledge of secret and mysterious things from a very young age that they were never taught. So, what happens when these indigo souls are reborn? The souls of goddess are also said to be reincarnated. We can carry with us the incarnations of deities or other supreme beings while we are alive. The spirits of gods and goddesses dwell within our human bodies as well. More…. Also read: THE MYSTICAL POWER OF SEASHELLS THROUGHOUT HISTORY.

TWINKLE, TWINKLE, LITTLE STAR: A CHILD’S WONDER  by Paul Schroeder. “Daddy? What’s “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”, mean? Every night, was another question, one that was sometimes designed to delay bedtime, but every so often one of a childlike philosophical cosmology. “So, it’s twinkle, twinkle, is it?” I asked her to recite it to me, and she did. More…

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ENCOUNTER WITH AN ENTITY AT WHITE ROCK LAKE (A REAL HALLOWEEN STORY)  by Doc Vega. My best friend, Don, was so scared he was practically hyperventilating in my car as I drove off fast at his urging. Don was a big, powerful, young guy who’d played football all through junior high school. There were few people he was afraid of, yet here he was shaking like a leaf with a pale face as I stepped on the gas and left White Rock Lake behind us. My girlfriend and wife to be and his little blond honey sat wide eyed and speechless wondering just what had frightened this tall athletic man, who was popular and well liked by most, but in hysterics at the moment. More….

UFO RESEARCHER, THEOLOGIAN AND SCIENTIIST AND THE STUDY OF EXTERRESTRIALS  by Dennis G. Balthaser. As a UFO researcher for many years, on several occasions I have had to explain how I can do UFO research and proclaim to be a Christian in the same breath. In a previous editorial, and when questioned in person, I explain that as a Christian, “If one believes that God created everything, that’s the end of the story.” Also, if we know the universe is so large, and we say it does not contain other life forms out there, one would be limiting God. So for me as a Christian, I personally have no problem thinking as I do. More…

ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS ARE REAL: ARE UFOS REAL OR A BELIEF SYSTEM? by Theresa J Morris. Alien civilizations exist is a belief system. The story of aliens visiting this planet was here all along. We just didn’t understand how to perceive through the filters of our mind what we call the facts of truth through logic and reasoning. Dan Brown’s story of the mysteries behind the Da Vinci Code has opened our eyes to other possibilities as to how to read the mysteries of life in our ancient religions about the ancient religions. Just like Zechariah Sitchin and the Annunaki stories in the ancient translations of the Sumerian texts in cuneiform we are now willing to open our eyes to the ancient mystery schools. More..

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