UFO Digest Newsletter November 9, 2012

This photo shows the observation tower at Nazca. Truly a scary place: high, windy and cold.

First up this week are my photographs of the Nazca Lines. Hope you enjoy them. Next, Diane Tessman writes about telepathy and UFO contact. Then, Pat Regan, insists that UFO researches are not going away. The Examiner’s Roger Marsh offers three new sighting reports. Steve Erdmann writes about Dr. J. Allen Hynek and what he saw in 1967. Then Doc Vega remembers bizarre UFO encounters in 1949. Next, Louis Proud interviews one of our contributors, Norio Hayakawa, there are a lot of surprises here. Scott Corrales examines Puerto Rico’s incredible decade. Mary Alice Bennett writes about Maya and the Chocolate Warrior. Lori Carter gives us an overview of Orbs! One of Gordon J. Gianninoto’s readers claims to see Planet X with her naked eye and finally Jon Kelly introduced a new video last Saturday night and you can see it. Enjoy Dirk

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Photographing the Nazca Lines by Dirk Vander Ploeg. I thought I knew a lot about Nazca and the Nazca Lines but in reality I didn’t know much. I did realize that ancient Indians had drawn the lines in the earth and that they were best seen from the air, but I really didn’t know the history. It seems that the people who drew the lines were related to the ancient civilization called the Paracas. They were from an area of Peru called Pisco, very similar to a state or province, home of the famous drink the Pisco Sour. The Nazca people lived near the coast and in an area called Ica. I didn’t know that these people also built pyramids, discovered in the lost city of Cahauachi, and lived 2200 years ago. In fact the Nazca plain hides many cisterns (hydraulic works built millennia ago ) that provided water then and still continue to be used by local farmers today. This in of itself proves that the Nazca people had very sophisticated technology. More…

Telepathy and How it Fits into the UFO Puzzle by Diane Tessman. There is much evidence throughout the years that UFO occupants use telepathy on humans. Physicists such as Jack Sarfatti research a field called post-quantum theory which goes beyond accepted quantum mechanics; it has been called the new dawn of physics. Post-quantum theory involves the concept of consciousness. More…

UFO Researchers are ‘not’ going away! by Pat Regan. Is the established British Press inadvertently calling for UFO research to halt with the latest headline? ‘UFO enthusiasts admit the truth may not be out there after all’ This rather dismissive headline most certainly does ‘not’ speak for me or other UFO researchers that I am acquainted with. More…

Hovering UFOs Described as Four Cigar Shaped! by Roger Marsh. A Pennsylvania witness at Boothwyn reported watching “four amber, cigar-shaped lights hovering in the sky at the Pennsylvania-Delaware state line” just after 5 p.m. during rush hour traffic on November 5, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More… Also read: Mysterious Lights Described as ‘Gliding Slowly Under 200 Feet’ Also read: New Hampshire Couple Witnesses UFO hovering at Tree Line

What Did Dr. J. Allen Hynek Believe About UFOs in 1967: And When Did He Say It? by Steve Erdmann. The world of unknown phenomena in 1947 was a peculiar world. In June, 1947, Kenneth Arnold sighted strange machines skipping through the Mount Rainer, Washington state skies akin to superior aircraft that he could not identify. “I am convinced in my own mind that they were some type of airplane, even though they did not conform with the many aspects of the conventional types of plane that I know,” (Kenneth Arnold, Spring, 1948 FATE Magazine1). More…

Bizarre UFO encounters over the US in 1949 by Doc Vega. Prior to the first visitation by the US Navy’s Nautilus nuclear powered submarine beneath the northern polar ice cap in 1957, the newly formed US Air Force was forced to patrol the skies over the North Pole, Bering Straights, and Aleutian Island Chain that ran perilously close to the Siberian border of the Soviet Union. B-29 Super Fortresses, the same bomber that had carried the plutonium or A Bomb to Nagasaki and Hiroshima to end World War II, now conducted aerial reconnaissance over the Arctic. More…

UFOs, the Government & Faking an ET Invasion: An Interview with Norio Hayakawa by Louis Proud. Norio Hayakawa, a resident of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, has been engaged in the study of UFOs for more than fifty years. An expert on Nevada’s Area 51 and the alleged underground base near Dulce, New Mexico, he was responsible for organising ‘The Dulce Base: Fact or Fiction?’ conference – the first event of its kind ever held – which took place in the town of Dulce in March 2009. During his many years as a UFO lecturer, activist, and researcher, he’s brushed shoulders with such well-known figures as the late William ‘Bill’ Cooper, Bob Lazar and the late Gabe Valdez. More…

Puerto Rico’s Incredible Decade 1987-1997 by Scott Corrales. Looking back at major outbreaks of UFO activity always has a dream-like effect. In later years it becomes hard to believe that perfectly ordinary parts of our world can be swept up in a frenzy over unusual activity, bordering on hysteria. Perhaps for this reason, the Spanish-speaking countries have used the term “psychosis” to characterize the atmosphere surrounding a saucer flap, for example. The image that best characterizes this is the tabloid cover photo of a police officer and a knot of teenagers looking up at the night sky, with the screaming headline “¡platillera psicósis!” referring, in this case, to the 1991 UFO events in Mexico City. More…

An Overview of Orbs by Lori Carter. What do we really know about the orbs that are often found in our pictures? Searching across the Internet, it seems that most of them are not seen by the naked eye, but found in the pictures later. I often wonder why that is? The only conclusion I can come up with is that they move faster than we can see, but a digital camera can catch them because it shoots within seconds. Maybe, they also have some kind of field around them, something that disturbs the air around them that hides them from the human eye, but a camera, not being human, can see through it. I don’t know the answers but there are reports of orbs, round balls and such in UFO, spiritual and paranormal reports. More…

Planet X Clearly Seen By Naked Eye by Gordon J. Gianninoto.Hi, I keep telling people that I am not making this up; that Planet X is visible plainly now and can be seen, photographed, and videotaped. Here is a report today that it is plainly obvious from NW New Mexico. And she wanted me to be wrong; but there it is. Right where it is when I photograph it. More…

New UFO CE-5 video shows ETi in sync with witnesses by Jon Kelly. A new video published Saturday, November 3, 2012 explores how synchronized light signals may demonstrate coordination between human observers and extraterrestrial intelligences operating UFOs near Mt. Adams, Washington. More…

Maya 2012 – The Chocolate Warrior by Mary Alice Bennett. This imposing Mayan warrior figurine was discovered on the funerary island of Jaina in Campeche, Mexico off of the northeastern coast of the Yucatan peninsula. He is being used to illustrate an article about prehistoric war, but is he ready for battle or for a ballgame with the powers of the Underworld? More…

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