This week’s UFO Digest Newsletter is again full of the Internet’s best articles, beginning with Chris Holly‘s question about abductees benefiting from hypnosis? Next, Scott Corrales reports on UFOs, humanoid winged creatures and chupacabrias. Jose Antonio Cangco writes about being interviewed by an alien. Then Diane Tessman reports on possible one of the best movies of the year: Vertigo. Steve Erdmann contributes an article about when UFOs crash. Doc Vega writes about General Custer and UFOs. UFO Digest, Robert D. Morningstar, reviews the THE GALACTIC TRANSCRIPTS. Christian Macé reports on a UFO at La Tour d’Auvergne and another over Lake Geneva. Next, Pat Regan reports that UFOs almost collided over Lincolnshire. Former FBI agent Mark Bouton writes about his book: The ET Murders. I recommend this article about Thomas Mantell. Then, author, Dr. Susan Shumsky, writes about the power of Prana! Finally, Carolyn Shield reports on Russia and China preparing for alien invasion. Enjoy Dirk

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DO ALL ABDUCTEES BENEFIT FROM HYPNOSIS? by Chris Holly. I have spent the last decade talking to, interviewing and writing about people who have had encounters with abduction, lost time or sightings up close and personal with unidentified beings and or objects. I have made it a habit to ask those involved with these topics what they think about hypnotism being used to induce the memory of those who cannot remember what took place during their encounters. More…

RESIDENTS OF TUCUMAN VIDEOTAPE A UFO OVER RIO NIO by Scott Corrales. Members of the Agrupacion Tucumana Investigacion Fenomeno OVNI (ATIFO) recorded a strange flying object in broad daylight. The recording was made at the end of a meeting held on 23 June 12:05 pm at the ATIFO headquarters. The members were exchanging farewells without noticing the white object that emerged in the backdrop, they said. More… Also read: UNCANNY WINGED CREATURES OVER SANTIAGO, CHILE Also read: UFO OR CHUPACABRIAS? MUTILATED COWS REAPPEAR IN TABOSSI, ARGENTINA

ALIEN MATTERS – INTERVIEWED BY AN ALIEN by Jose Antonio Cangco. The following interview occurred many years ago when I was in my twenties. I thought I was just answering the questions of a curious teen-aged boy and it never occurred to me that he was an alien sent to interview me about my beliefs. He was the smartest person I had ever met, and considering he said he was an oncoming high school freshman (Grade 7), I could not easily forget the conversation we had. More… Also read: ALIEN MATTERS – INTERVIEWED BY AN ALIEN – PART II

“GRAVITY” – GREAT NEW SCIENCE FICTION FILM! by Diane Tessman. Good science fiction films are few and far between, but when one is created, it invariably takes us to bizarre and often frightening scenarios, all the while allowing us to perceive more about our inner selves. Good science fiction also views humankind from above the maddening freeway of daily life and offers truth and even inspiration. “Gravity” with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, does it all and we humans are responding by making it a box office smash. More…

WHEN UFOs CRASH by Steve Erdmann. Authors Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt are not new to the alien crashed disc scenario, having become veteran investigators into the July,1947 alleged Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash. In their Witness to Roswell book, the authors went into detailed testimony and evidence of a supposed crashed alien spacecraft on a ranch in the Roswell, New Mexico region. In this tome they branch out into the further questions: Where was the material taken, were there any witnesses, and how and why was it covered up? They also reveal Additional Roswell disclosures. More… Also read: WHEN UFOs CRASH – Part II

THE REAL GENERAL GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER CONSPIRACY by Doc Vega. George Armstrong Custer by all accounts was reportedly a fearless if not obsessed US Army officer. His brilliance in battle both won important victories for the Union Army during the Civil War but apparently also created enemies among his own comrades and envious leadership. The story of George Armstrong Custer is a study in what ambition, courage, envy, and arrogance can do to the career and life of a great field officer. It is a classic case of the tragic hero. More… Also read: THE REAL GENERAL GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER CONSPIRACY PART II Also: HAVE YOU HAPPENED UPON A UFO LATELY?

“THE GALACTIC TRANSCRIPTS” – ONE MAN’S CHRONICLE AFTER UFO CONTACT by Robert D. Morningstar. The Galactic Transcripts is non-fiction personal account of UFO contact. It is based on one man’s very real, extraordinary, and life-altering experiences. This book has had a profound effect on many people. And this book could have an effect on you, as well. It’s the 1950s. A man sees a cigar-shaped UFO, subsequently becomes involved in receiving channeled messages from intergalactic “human” beings, and then, within hours of his death, writes a message “Border to Infinity” as the final entry in his personal journal. What does it all mean? And could all these real life events, including death, all be interconnected? More…

UFO CAUGHT ON CAMERA AT LA TOUR D’AUVERGNE by Christian Macé.UFO caught on camera at La Tour d’Auvergne in the Puy-de-Dôme in France October 2, 2013. Many thanks to Mrs. X who just sent me the email below, with two photos attached with original! I did not say his first and last name for the sake of discretion and upon request. “Hello Mr. Christian MACE, More… Also: POSSIBLE UFO PHOTOGRAPHED NEAR LAKE GENEVA, SWITZERLAND

STRANGE UFOS THAT ALMOST COLLIDED OVER LINCOLNSHIRE IN THE UK by Pat Regan. In the last 10 years or so Jodie Richardson has experienced a number of UFO sightings. One of Jodie’s most profound sightings was when she, her husband, children and dog were on holiday in Skegness, Lincolnshire, UK. One clear evening they all decided to go for a walk to admire the stars and possibly hunt for a few UFOs. As they walked around the edge of the caravan site at Skegness Water Leisure Park they came across a manmade hill that was covered in patchy grass. They soon decided it would be a good position to view the sky. More

BOOK REVIEW: THE ET MURDERS by Mark Bouton. In October of 2011, more than one hundred people reported they’d seen several configurations of UFOs over the Kansas City area. Probably the most dramatic sighting occurred when startled drivers observed a huge, triangle-shaped black aircraft, several hundred yards long, which hovered one hundred feet above I-70 leading into the city. Several motorists stopped to study the craft more closely, with the expected fender benders resulting. After several minutes, the craft zipped away at a fantastic speed. Mufon investigators in Missouri continue to follow up on the reports. More…

WAS THOMAS MANTELL A VICTIM OF A UFO ENCOUNTER? by Dirk Vander Ploeg. More than 65 years after Roswell became the top location in UFOlogy, believers in UFOs have come to be seen as a little… kooky. We joke about probes and little green men, brushing off stories of close encounters as made-up. We may want to believe, but most of us go through our lives safe in the knowledge that we’re the sane ones – and the people who think aliens have visited earth are clearly silly, misguided and delusional. More…

THE POWER OF PRANA by Dr. Susan Shumsky. Have you ever met a person who had a powerful, wonderful vibration? Someone you wanted to get closer to? Have you met another person whose vibration gave you the creeps? Can you tell immediately whether you will like someone—or not? Have you ever felt someone was standing too close, and you had to step back? More…

SPACE WARS: RUSSIA AND CHINA ARE GETTING PREPARED. IS AMERICA READY? by Carolyn Shield. In the few more weeks United States shutdown goes critical meanwhile Russia and China are preparing for space wars in their budgets. China just captured another one of their satellites in a major breakthrough in space wars capturing of enemy satellites. They demonstrated years ago that they could blow up any enemy satellites after testing a missile on their own. The results were not what they wanted. They shot down their satellite but in the process sprayed debris all over in space hindering their other satellites as well as others. They have developed now and aim to capture their satellites and it has the capacity to capture other countries satellites. China’s budget for defense is looking into space. America is closing NASA. More…

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