This week, Scott Corrales reports on 100 UFO fly-overs in Bolivia, an anomaly over Cordoba and a man-bird in Chile. Then Sol Aris writes about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Holy Grail, Next, J.S. Thompson wonder4s if advanced beings live underground. Next, new contributor Jodie Richardson submits a report from a private pilot and his encounter with a UFO. Next, Pat Regan reports on a UFO over the Lake District of Keswick. Then, Diane Tessman says goodbye to astronaut Scott Carpenter. Next, Paul Schroeder offers an alternative life philosophy. Randy Maugans and Chris Holly on Offplanet Radio will interview Brad and Sherry Steiger. Then, author John Foster asks what is the true nature of UFOs beyond mere UFO sightings? Tony Elliott wonders about the report that Moose are declining and that comet Ison could be a harbinger of doom. I, Dirk Vander Ploeg,  report on a UFO encounter in Bainsville, Ontario. Then, Christian Mace reports on two more sightings in France. Sean Casteel wonders where the space brothers went? Finally, Norio Hayakawa, reports on the shutdown of Area 51. Watch the videos following the articles. Enjoy Dirk


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100 UFO FLY-OVERS REPORTED IN BOLIVA FOR PAST TWO YEARS by Scott Corrales. Pablo Santa Cruz claims the greatest number of sightings took place in Quillacollo and Tiquipaya (Cochabamba) and especially in the Altiplano o areas with remnants of ancient civilizations. The studies of a Bolivian ufologist who is most involved in the subject – Pablo Santa Cruz – account for nearly 100 unknown objects reported in B More… Also read: ANOMALY PHOTOGRAPHED OVER CORDOBA, ARGENTINA Also read: THE MAN-BIRDS OF CHILE

ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE AND THE HOLY GRAIL by Sol Aris. The Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle is most familiar to us today as the creator of the detective Sherlock Holmes. A lesser known fact about him is that he was also a Scottish Rite Freemason. Doyle was inarguably a highly intelligent and well-read man, who later in his life turned to mysticism and was the head of a Spiritualist movement, which lobbied to change England’s old law against witchcraft. He was a champion of the occult, and relished the writings of Crowley and Madame Blavatsky. Doyle may also have been a user of cocaine (due to his favorable references to it in his earlier works.) This drug was legal and socially acceptable then, and has been described as causing one to make strange mental leaps. More… Also read: ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE AND THE HOLY GRAIL – Part II

DO ADVANCED BEINGS OR ALIENS LIVE UNDERGROUND? by J.S. Thompson. After reading your article…. It sounds as if you are typically saying that these supposedly smart people live under ground because they are nerds that are going to define or create our future for us, but yet they are afraid of us because they are the worlds smartest, but half human half mortal beings living underground because they are afraid of us? Why are they afraid of us? We aren’t going to steal their brains to replace with ours, we aren’t going to kill them because they are nerds. Only reason I think of why they are afraid of us is because if we know they are somewhat involved in underground activity, possibly alien connected or any related connection, we will simply force any kind of information out of them forcing their lives into danger, point blank? More…

PRIVATE PILOT SPOTS UNIDENTIFIED AIRCRAFT FROM MOTORCYCLE by Jodie Richardson. This was pre-internet days. I’m a private pilot, I’ve held a full licence for eight years and currently fly out of Tatenhill. I’ve always been aviation mad, even as a child and always found pride in being able to discern aircraft types at long range before my family did. I’ve always been an airshow attendee and used to seeing rare aircraft types displayed in unusual flight altitudes. I live near Junction 10 M6 under the base leg of Birmingham International South facing runway so I am used to seeing all types of heavy commercial traffic. I mention this only to tell you that I’ve always been used to looking at the skies for the first sign of aerial activity and figuring out what type of aircraft I’m looking at. More…

MYSTERIOUS REVOLVING LIGHT FILMED IN THE SKY ABOVE THE LAKE DISTRICT AREA OF KESWICK by Pat Regan. Once again, Cumbria is in the UK headlines with further UFO activity. David Hemming, a reporter for the Cumbrian News and Star/The Cumberland News, contacted me on 8th October 2013 asking for my opinion, with regards to a bizarre UFO sighting in the English Lake District. The UFO was apparently recorded by one Richard Smith through his telescope. More…

FLY SAFELY HOME, SCOTT CARPENTER! by Diane Tessman. Scott Carpenter passed on October 10th, 2013. He was the second American to orbit the Earth in 1962, but his flight into space was riddled with technical problems; the nation waited anxiously to see if he had survived a landing far away from the target site. He died at age 88 and was one of the last two surviving astronauts of America’s original space program, Project Mercury. Only John Glenn is still alive and is in his 90s; Glenn flew the first orbital mission on February 20, 1962. More…

AN ALTERNATIVE PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE by Paul Schroeder. I never worked overtime, or sought spare time jobs to make more money, seeking blue skies above to doing work, indoors, and I relished my poor beer pockets without ever really developing a rich champagne taste. Those ambitious lads of my childhood who entered finance, medicine or law, worked 24-7 towards a salaried lifestyle that flew them first class, to luncheon meetings and purchased them mansions in the sky towers of Manhattan. More…

BRAD STEIGER AND SHERRY HANSON STEIGER APPEAR ON OFFPLANET RADIO WITH RANDY MAUGANS AND CHRIS HOLLY by Chris Holly. Newcomers to the world of paranormal research writing (and there are now many, due to the growth of internet and satellite networks where the material has become a staple), would do well to pay special attention to the latest offering by authors, Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger. “Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings” cuts a wide path into the supernatural/paranormal realms, focusing on the highly strange encounters reported by witnesses and experiencers with various types of entities; astral beings, extraterrestrials, spirit guides, underwater inhabitants; as well as a healthy dose of various disembodied types like poltergeist and monsters. More…

WHAT IS THE TRUE NATURE OF UFOS BEYOND MERE UFO SIGHTINGS? by John Foster. There are few things in our world that have challenged our scientists and theologians more than the phenomenon of UFOs, which recently have been considered a part of our history. This includes ancient history and Legendre. In an attempt to define more clearly the true nature of the phenomenon, I have written my second book which is entitled To Earth From Heaven. More…

WHAT DECLINING MOOSE POPULATION IN US? by Tony Elliott. We seem to have another attempt from the climate change fanatics at convincing us of the reality of a warming world. The latest comes in an announcement of a massive die-off of the moose population in N. America in general, and the United States in particular. More… Also read: COMET ISON: HARBINGER OF DOOM, GENESIS, OR?

ARRIVAL OF UFO SHOCKS BAINSVILLE, ONTARIO FAMILY by Dirk Vander Ploeg. In this report, the witness tells us that she, her husband, and 3 of her children returned home after an outing. She also tells us that they were in a kind of family crisis as she and her 16 year old got into a horrible argument. The witness further tells us how she and her family members sighted the alien entity, when she was about to leave. The witness also tells us that the alien entity looked like a cloud at first although the sky was clear. More…

UFO PHOTO TAKEN NEAR PUY DE SANCY, FRANCE by Christian Macé. I received the following email yesterday from my good friend Christian Mace from OVNIPARANORMAL. Hi, dear Dirk My friend Thierry Chauvet has analyzed the ufo photos taken near Puy de Sancy in France….Here his email with photos… More Also read: UFO PHOTO TAKEN AT NOIRMOUTIER ISLAND IN FRANCE OCTOBER 3, 2013

DEALING WITH UFO FEAR FACTOR – HAVE THE ‘SPACE BROTHERS’ GONE AWRY? by Sean Casteel. What does the word “Wicked” really mean? One must allow for the fact that the term is really relative, subject to individual interpretations and beliefs. The word conjures up images of a red, horned Devil, or a medieval witch casting spells to make a young woman miscarry or a struggling farmer’s cows go dry. The mind drifts toward thoughts of Adolph Hitler or Judas Iscariot or the Whore of Babylon from the Book of Revelation. More Also read: DEALING WITH UFO FEAR FACTOR – HAVE THE ‘SPACE BROTHERS’ GONE AWRY? – Part II

AREA 51 SHUTDOWN! by Norio Hayakawa. I am sure that you are aware that Area 51 has practically been shut down due to government shutdown. This is quite important and this is why I recommend you to post this item on your UFO Digest: October 04, 2013 – According to an investigative reporter, flights to Area 51 are suspended due to the government shutdown. More…

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