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This week we have amazing slate of articles beginning with Sean Casteel’s The Disturbing World Of Alien Abduction And Mind Control. Next Dr. Steven Greer reports on findings of an alien body. Regan Lee writes about UFOs and debunkers. Diane Tessman wants to hop a starship to Alpha Centauri and Pat Regan wonders when a UFO is not a UFO. R.W. Sanders examines alien DNA and William Grabowski writes about Your Proof Or Your Life. Louis Hart is back and submits Endless Images. Next, Mary Alice Bennett reports on the dancing king of Dos Pilas. Christian Macé publishes a very unusual photo of an unknown. In keeping with Halloween we have two articles: Brad and Sherry Steiger examines classic UFO movies and Chris Holly examines ghosts! Enjoy Dirk

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The Disturbing World Of Alien Abduction And Mind Control by Sean Casteel. There are a few alternative explanations for the alien abduction phenomenon, the most prevalent being that the experience does not involve actual aliens at all but is instead a complex, human-driven tool used for purposes of mind control. It is said that the alien abduction approach is actually a cover story intended to conceal something even more disturbing than aliens, that being an encroachment on the very souls of those chosen to be victims of government and military experiments that seek to control the workings of the human brain itself for purposes of psychological warfare and for intelligence operations requiring a “zombie” type agent who has no idea he is carrying out a covert mission at all. More… Also read: The Disturbing World Of Alien Abduction And Mind Control

Dr. Greer Researches Possible ET Body! by Steven M. Greer MD. After many weeks of travel, we are back to report that amazing results have been obtained from our study of the small possible ET body which was discussed in an earlier blog post. More…

When It Comes To UFOs, Why Do Debunkers Do That Debunking Thing They Do? by Regan Lee. I was asked today why I think UFO debunkers (and so-called UFO “skeptics” which really, are one and the same) do what they do. Why do they care so damn much about proving UFOs don’t exist? More…

All Aboard, Starship Destined for Alpha Centauri! by Diane Tessman. Excited astronomers have spotted an Earth-sized planet in the Alpha Centauri system, the closest star system to Earth! With warp drive, one could get there in a jiffy. The rocky planet was discovered by a European team; it circles one of the three stars in the Alpha Centauri system, which is just 4.4 light years away. Alpha Centauri B is uninhabitable by life as we know it, with surface temperatures of around 1,200 degrees. However, we have to wonder if consciousness is “where” life truly lives, rather than in the corporeal (organic) body. More… Also read: Mars Mysteries: Unexplained Discoveries on the Red Planet!

When a UFO is not a UFO by Pat Regan. The Daily Mail recently ran this following story on 19 October 2012: ‘Man photographs UFO floating in the clouds moments before ten dead birds ‘mysteriously’ appear in his neighbour’s garden’. The cloud formation looked immediately familiar to me so I commented, as follows below, on the site page and also wrote to the editor of the Daily Mail about it. More… Also read: Another Mysterious Flying Object over Southport and Cast A Line – To Save Your Life!

“Foreign DNA, Evidence of Ancient Aliens? by R.W. Sanders. Joshua Akey, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington, has announced a rather spectacular finding in an interview with Linda Moulton Howe, the Emmy winning investigative journalist. In this interview which can be heard at earthfiles.com, he states that he and his associates found common DNA in tribesmen separated by hundreds of miles of inpenetrable African jungle. Five individuals from the Pygmy from Cameroon, the Hadza and Sandawe from the area of Tanzania, all who speak with a click language, had their individual genome run through and analyzed sixty times each. And their conclusive results were that they found what they termed, “foreign DNA” in each of the tribesmen. More… Also read: Aliens Off The West Coast?- REVISED

Your Proof Or Your Life? by William Grabowski. In the spirit of open discourse, I’d like to present several items that are troubling me. I know I’m several years behind these, as I was without Internet access from 2007 until 2011. More…

Endless Images by Louis Hart. Tuesday was a unique day. For what took place there are a number of words that might apply, but strange and weird seem most appropriate. As I sat in a comfortable chair, in a room with subdued light, while my body systems slowly recovered from the eye surgery of the previous day, I began to notice images forming. More…

2012 – The Dancing King of Dos Pilas in Color by Mary Alice Bennett. The king wears a headress made of the striped feathers of the Harpy eagle which swoops down to capture monkeys right out of the trees of the towering jungle forest. On his chest, he wears a winged pectoral. He has a necklace made of blue jade as well as a face carved of precious green jade below his chest pectoral. The colors of green and yellow used here represent the corn god in whose honor many of the sacrifices were conducted. More…

UFO photographed Alaincourt in Haute-Saône in France September 27, 2012 by Christian Macé. Many thanks to Ms. Madalena (his name) who just email the original photo she has taken this strange “thing” to Alaincourt on 27 September 2012 to 23 H… Our Amie Madalena says in his email: “Good evening, Mr. Mace, once more looking out the window here that I photographed today at 23H. saw the lights are very low circling around a tree in the field, 300 meters of the house. “… More…

The Hall of Havoc by RichardCarter. These articles you’ll find in the Hall of Havoc, are a door to an improvised armory of sorts… In this area we will discuss means of self-defense, tools that can be converted to weapons, decorative and functional arms and other hopefully useful precautions you might be able to take in extreme situations. More…

Classic Spooky UFO Movies for Halloween by Brad and Sherry Steiger. Invaders from Mars: This film has built a cult following because it left an indelible mark on the psyches of millions of many baby-boomers who have never forgotten the movie that first scared the bejabbers out of them. The plot is simple: A young boy (Jimmy Hunt) is awakened one night by the sound of an extraterrestrial craft landing and submerging itself into the sandy hill near his home. No one will believe him, and he comes to realize that nearly everyone in town–including his parents–have been possessed by alien lifeforms–nasty little buggers that cling to the backs of their victims’ necks. More…

Chris Holly Wonders, ‘What’s the Story with Ghosts?’ by Chris Holly. What do you think about ghosts? Millions of people claim to have seen them. Stories about them haunting the living have been told since man could communicate. They seem to be part of our existence but what do we really know about them?”… More…

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