UFO Digest Newsletter October 27, 2011

This week on UFO Digest, Carol Shield examines why NASA is creating No Fly Zones on the moon! ROger Marsh has some amazing MUFON reports and Diane Tessman wonders if UFO Occupants surf the internet. Chris Holly interviews a pagan witch, and Steve G. Jones explains astral travel. Theresa J. Thurmond Morris writes more about being Taken Up! Scott Corrales reports on crop circles and Ed Fleming is skeptical. Jon Kelly discusses your inner voice and astral connections. Alfred Lambremont Webre discusses ETs in israel. Ed Komarek discusses the secret space progam and then Gordon J. Gianninoto writes about the revenge of the nerds and finally j.s. thompson writes about Hell and Suicide. In our other publications, blogger Chimeric ponders if the sky is falling. Regan Lee writes about animal sacrifice and finally the prophets writes about the importance of astrology to the ancient Egyptians.

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