This week we begin with my review of the movie Dark Skies. It is fast paced and shocking. I also report on a UFO over Derby, UK. Next, also from the UK, Jodie Richardson sends us a report of a UFO over Coventry. Then, new contributor Cheryl Costa writes about the chariots of fire over New York City. Scott Corrales reports on a UFO crash in Chile, as well as one in Gobernador Martinez and more. Pat Regan informs us of an ultra fast UFO over Southport. Next, Ed Fleming reports on his daughter’s sighting with video. Then, Paul Schroeder explores alien abductees with psychic abilities. Chris Holly writes about a scary night! Michael Horn is back and cities the Washington Times as a source for the Menoch Prophecies. Ed Komarek updates us on the ET Cultural Center. Editor Robert Morningstar reports on why the Federal Reserve is doomed to fail. Author Diane Tessman explains why Fukushima is a ticking time bomb. Hope Bradford writes about an ancient deity and more. Tony Elliott remembers the Mississippi nuclear bomb tests. Ron Murdock retells a tale that you must read to believe and finally Mary Alice Bennett connects Castillon and Rilke and the Da Vinci Code. Be sure to check out this week’s videos at the end of the articles. Enjoy Dirk

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WHY ARE ALIENS ABDUCTING US? by Dirk Vander Ploeg. One morning Keri Russell’s character Lacy Barrett, the mother of the household, is first to go downstairs to start breakfast and she is startled to see food stuffs scattered all over the kitchen floor. She and her husband Daniel, played by Josh Hamilton, ask their children (Sam, their youngest, played by Kadan Rockett and Jessie played by Dakota Goyo, their oldest) if they knew who made the mess and the youngest child claims it was done by the “sandman.” The next day, Lacy finds her dining room glassware stacked up one upon another forming towers, casting geometric patterns on the ceiling. At this point the police are called, the alarm system is reactivated (it had been deactivated because Daniel lost his job due to downsizing) and things go from bad to worse. More… Also read: DISC-SHAPED GLOWING UFO HOVERS OVER DERBY

STRANGE LOOKING UFO PHOTOGRAPHED IN THE SKY OVER COVENTRY, UK. by Jodie Richardson. Scanning the sky from my garden in Eastern Green, Coventry facing north with the sun behind me for safety reasons (as always) using Nikon 8 x 40 Binoculars to sweep the sky in a grid pattern covering the sky from North-east to North-west. Looking for unusual small dot-like objects, which may not be balloons. After around 45 minutes I caught sight of a suspicious, glinting object which was catching the sun-light and seemed metallic. It was very small i.e. tiny, no vapor trail was visible visually and it was moving upwards in elevation very slowly. More…

UFOS OVER NEW YORK CITY DESCRIBED AS ‘CHARIOTS OF FIRE’ by Cheryl Costa. In New York City, many people were at their windows and doors seeking relief from the day’s sweltering heat. The sky was clear, except for the occasional vivid flash of sheet lighting. At about 9:30 p.m., the sleepy evening’s peace was broken by an unexpected great luminance in the sky and the appearance of two great red balls of fire silently passing overhead. The local press called them “Chariots of Fire.” More

STRANGE OBJECT REPORTEDLY CRASHES IN VICUNA, CHILE by Scott Corrales. Resident of Vicuña and Valle del Elqui say that the object fell in a hill after zig-zagging for a few minutes. Several residents of Vicuña and vicinity have reported the collision of a hitherto unidentified flying object in a hill near Vicuña, in the interior of Valle del Elqui. More… Also read: ALLEGED UFO PHOTOGRAPHED OVER SMALL AIRCRAFT THAT CRASHED IN GDOR. MARTINEZ Also read: THE POSSIBLE RESEMBLANCE OF HUMANOIDS IN THE TORRENT CASE (1965) TO MYTHICAL MODELS IN THE SOCIAL MINDSET OF CORRIER

ULTRA FAST UFO SPOTTED OVER SOUTHPORT by Pat Regan. Twenty-eight year old Jordan informed me that he had arrived home after work that evening. Jordan went up to his bedroom to have a cigarette. With the window wide open he was facing east. The witnesses recalled that the night sky was quite cold and clear with an almost full moon up in front of him. Just below the moon Jordan noticed a bright white object, which he initially thought was a star or possibly Venus. The object was motionless and not moving and he watched it for perhaps two minutes or more. More…

INCREDIBLE COLBY KANSAS UFO SIGHTING by Ed Fleming. This was seen only with her cell phone. The only object that could be seen with the naked eye was the strobe in the distance. She has a high end phone that has a camera that can filter infrared. Another of the witnesses could not see the objects with his phone. So that having been said, this is a unique situation for this sighting, and I think it would be almost impossible to gauge size and distance. First because it is night time and second is because the objects could not be seen with the naked eye. More…

ALIEN ABDUCTEES WITH INCREASED PSYCHIC ABILITIES by Paul Schroeder. Spending a lifetime, recalled in snippets, with highly psychic, abducting entities, has made my intuitive prowess mushroom, dramatically. There’s only a razor’s thin edge difference between encounters with the supernatural and psychic experiences. Some religious Fundamentalist Christians and Jews refuse to accept paranormal realities, yet they deeply accept God, Holy Ghosts, angels and demons, and one CANNOT get more paranormal and supernatural than THAT! More…

THEY WILL NEVER FORGET THIS SCARY NIGHT! by Chris Holly. I am going to tell you a story that I have been told is true. Since I did not experience it firsthand I am only able to repeat to you what was told to me. This event took place in the mid 1960’s in a small town along the Long Island coast. This little town is located adjacent to the coastline of one of Long Islands Rivers. The town looks like many small New England towns you may find along the Coast of the Eastern seaboard of the United States. More…

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: YOUR SOURCE FOR HENOCH PROPHECIES UPDATES by Michael Horn. And now it looks like there’s a reliable, if not intentional, mainstream source for updates and progress reports on…the Henoch Prophecies. Now both Der Spiegel and our news sources inadvertently reveal not only why “many countries will howl with the wolves of the US” but some rcan ons why the countries “will rise up against the American hegemony, once they recognise that the United States of America is only taking advantage of them.” More…

EXTRATERRESTRIAL CULTURAL CENTER (STATUS REPORT 2) by Ed Komarek. The Center Concept is now accessible in its entirety on our new Webpage that includes the Center’s Architectural Drawings, Business Plan, Organizational Structure, Blog, and Book. http://etculturalcenter.weebly.com/ The Extraterrestrial Cultural Center Concept is based on the evidence and concepts mentioned in my now free book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder. More

THE FEDERAL RESERVE: “DOOMED TO FAIL” (AND EXACTLY WHY IT MUST DO SO) by Robert D Morningstar. Our collective predicament is simply this: Nothing can grow forever. Sooner or later, everything must cease growing, or it will exhaust its environs and thereby destroy itself. The Fed is busy doing everything in its considerable power to get credit (that is, debt) growing again so that we can get back to what it considers to be “normal.” But the problem is – or the predicament, I should more accurately say – is that the recent past was not normal. You’ve probably all seen this next chart. It shows total debt in the U.S. as a percent of GDP: More…

FUKUSHIMA: TICKING TIME BOMB OF DEATH by Diane Tessman. In the coming weeks, brave men and women will begin the treacherous task of removing 400 tons of spent fuel from the Fukushima Daiichi Reactor No. 4. Can they do it? Will they be alive when it is done? And where will extremely radioactive spent fuel be stored or disposed of? Of course “disposed of” is the wrong phrase because radioactivity cannot be disposed of—for thousands if not millions of years. And it is deadly to life; in fact, it is anti-life itself. More… Also read: FUKUSHIMA: TICKING TIME BOMB OF DEATH – PART II

AN ANCIENT DEITY, THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA AND THE VATICAN’S COURT OF THE PIGNA by Hope Bradford . Representing the Third Eye Chakra and mankind’s innate intuitive abilities, Kuan Yin is worshiped throughout India (as the male god Avalokitesvara), Japan (as Kannon) and mainland Asia. Kuan Yin has many names having many translations, for example: “She who harkens to the cries of the world” or “the Lord who looks upon the world with compassion”. Reverence for Kuan Yin is estimated, by many, to date back to Mother Goddess Devi and the Indus Valley Civilization (3000-1500 BC). More…

REMEMBERING THE TWO NUCLEAR BOMB TESTS IN MISSISSIPPI: 1964, 1966 by Tony Elliott. Here in the US we think of the Nevada Test Site, now known as the Nevada National Security Site located some 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas as being the only place where nuclear bombs were detonated. However, this isn’t the case. There were 2 nuclear bomb tests known as the Tatum Salt Dome Nuclear Tests conducted in Lamar County, Mississippi some 10 miles west of Purvis, Mississippi in 1964 and the second in 1966. More… Also read: THE TRUE FACTS ABOUT 9-11 MOST REFUSE TO BELIEVE

A CLOSE CALL WITH EVIL by Ron Murdock. When I first heard this story back in the late 80’s I didn’t believe it. Considering the source that told me I thought it was put together for the sake of telling a story. But after confirming it was true with the person involved I was amazed he lives to tell it. He was too. More…

CASTILLON AND RILKE TO RUSSIA WITH LOUISA SALOME by Mary Alice Bennett. Rainer Marie Rilke, ‘a Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist, “widely recognized as one of the most lyrically intense German-language poets”, meets Louisa Salomon, a lady of Russian origin who has studied the new psychoanalytic techniques in Vienna under Wilhelm Stekel a member of Sigmund Freud’s inner circle. She puts him through a course of therapy with beneficial results’. More…

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