Welcome to this week’s edition of UFO Digest newsletter. We begin with Lost Lore and the UFO Rapture by Steve Erdmann. Then we have an exclusive news story written by Martha Jette, concerning a cruise ship, Muslim radicals and an atomic bomb! Next, Tony Elliott submits a 2-part article concerning mysterious holes and subterranean civilizations. Like horror movies then you’ll love Deanne Jaxine Stinson’s review of Annabelle! Next, Cheryl Costa reports on UFOs in 2014. Then, Paul Schroeder writes about alien mind control during abductions. MUFON’s John Ventre reminds of the UFO_creature conference to be held in Pittsburgh Nov. 8, 2014. Then, Theresa J Morris, writes about the alien ET UFO soul history. Next, Gerard Aartsen, writes about space people and the dangers of the social divide. The Examiner’s Jon Kelly reports on a Pleiadian piloting a UFO over Vancouver. Scott Corrales writes about a UFO that was witnessed flying straight up before vanishing. Richard Harkness completes his interview with Charles Hickson. Next, Chris Holly writes about her summer away from the communication grid and finally Pat Regan reports on UK politics, watching porn on laptops and other security questions. Enjoy Dirk

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LOST LORE AND THE UFO RAPTURE by Steve Erdmann. Paranormal writer Brad Steiger had combined his occult interest into Edgar Rothschild Fouche`s experience in Air Force Intelligence and cryptology as a prophetic science-fiction piece that could prove to be “the smoking gun that will astound anyone seeking the truth.” The book’s disclaimer said in part, “The Top Secret government documents are alleged to be authentic. However, we believe the U.S government would disagree. Existing Top Secret military science and technology, and government abuses are alleged to be authentic. Historical quotes by public figures are accurate.” More.. Also read:  LOST LORE AND THE UFO RAPTURE – PART II. Also read:  LOST LORE AND THE UFO RAPTURE – PART III.

1996 CRUISE SHIP FIRE WAS FAILED TERRORIST ATTACK THANKS TO ETS by Martha Jette . On July 6, 1996, a cruise ship traveling from San Francisco to Vancouver, B.C. was in grave danger. The 1,200 passengers and crew aboard the Golden Princess had no idea that Muslim terrorists were among them acting as tourists. The Muslims, who had shaved their beards so they could blend in with passengers, had a mission to perform. They brought with them a disassembled atomic bomb, which they intended to assemble on board and hide in the ship’s engine room..  More.. Also read: 1996 CRUISE SHIP FIRE WAS FAILED TERRORIST ATTACK THANKS TO ETS – PART II.

FROM MYSTERIOUS HOLES IN SIBERIA TO SINKHOLES EVERYWHERE, PRODUCTS OF SUBTERRANEAN HUMAN CIVILIZATION  by Tony Elliott. Since the discovery of three mysterious holes on the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia, Russia in July 2014, scientists have offered nothing more than speculation of what may have caused them and nothing regarding an approximate time, they may have been created. In going over some of the pictures of these holes, it should be evident to anyone with a mentality above an amoeba that they are at least 10 years old. This is based on erosion that has taken place on the walls of the craters surrounding the holes. Also evident in the photographs, is proof they were drilled and from the surface down, not from the ground up. The evidence for this is the soil deposited around the holes themselves. If the holes were drilled from the ground up, the surrounding soil would have appeared as huge chunks when whatever apparatus that was used broke the surface. More… Also read:  FROM MYSTERIOUS HOLES IN SIBERIA TO SINKHOLES EVERYWHERE, PRODUCTS OF SUBTERRANEAN HUMAN CIVILIZATION – PART II.

THE MOVIE ANNABELLE REVIEWED  by Deanne Jaxine Stinson. Annabelle is a horror movie about a possessed doll. The movie takes place in the seventies. Annabelle Wallis plays the starring victim, “Mia.” Mia is an expectant mother who is happily married to her husband, “Ward Horton.” Mia is a doll collector and her husband gives her a specialty doll as a gift. That night as they are sleeping Mia wakes up to the sound of her neighbor screaming. She wakes up her husband to go check what is happening and he comes back over drenched in blood. The neighbors have been murdered. As Mia is calling on the phone to the police a hippie woman named Annabelle comes into the house covered in blood also with her husband. A fight for survival happens and Mia’s Husband, John shoots the hippie man. The police come just in time as Annabelle is holding the new doll she is shot to death awakening the spirit of evil. More…

2014 UFO REPORT IN NEW YORK AND NORTH AMERICA by Cheryl Costa. A week doesn’t go by that someone steps up to me in a super market line or at my local diner haunt and asks: “Cheryl are there really a lot of UFOs in New York? Followed by the comment, “I never hear about any.” My first response typically is, “You should be reading my column every week and yes, there are heaps of UFO sightings.” Then I add, “Did you know that New York State is fifth in the nation for reported UFO sightings!”  More..

ALIEN MIND CONTROL DURING ABDUCTIONS  by Paul Schroeder . He is flying high over lush green tree landscape, over rolling tree lined hills and though he knows that it must be night, within the tractor light-beam, under a moving craft, the fields and countryside below are lit up as though it were day, but he knows it’s night, because he is told that he is dreaming. For a few brief seconds, until he is drawn into the craft, he sees the green granular nature of the trees below, and feels the a visual exhilaration of flying, but rather than fear, he is filled with a combined sense of peace and joyous happiness. More…

MUTUAL UFO NETWORK ANNOUNCES FALL UFO-CREATURE CONFERENCE  by John Ventre. For those who are fans of Ancient Aliens, Hangar 1: The UFO Files, or just wonder about the possibility of intelligent life in the universe or unexplained creatures, you now have a chance to meet and mingle with real-life professionals who scientifically investigate these things. An organization called MUFON and their highly qualified experts, who include individuals from all the sciences, go about quietly investigating reports of unusual sightings and experiences that possibly involve the extraterrestrial or ultraterrestrial. More….

ALIEN ET UFO SOUL HISTORY  by Theresa J Morris. Time is limited on this planet and we each have a soul mission. Soul does exist and those above off planet are older and wiser. It is my experience that they desire us to share health and prosperity while we visit earth. We are humanoid sentient intelligent beings who are spirits having a human experience on earth. Some of us are in levels of consciousness that work with the universal mind. We all have psychic ability through lifetimes as spirit progresses. Gathering intelligence as body-mind-spirits grows our soul. Each soul can send a spirit down to a different person. It is almost impossible to explain to the general populace how one can affect the critical mass mind. More….

SPACE PEOPLE WARN OF DANGERS OF SOCIAL DIVIDE by Gerard Aartsen. The state of the world: Switch on the news and you see record-breaking protests, historic uprisings and riots on once-calm streets – there’s no doubt that growing income inequality is an issue of central importance.” This is not a quote from a recent article in a magazine for social change, but the opening statement of chapter 2 in the recent Outlook on the Global Agenda 2014 report from the World Economic Forum, best known for its annual meeting of the global elite in Davos.  More.. Also read: SPACE PEOPLE WARN OF DANGERS OF SOCIAL DIVIDE – PART II.

PLEIADIAN PILOTS FLYING SAUCER OVER VANCOUVER  by Jon Kelly. Exclusive new video posted to YouTube on October 4, 2014, reveals the performance of a daylight flying saucer recorded in high-definition multi-sensor color as it passes through the local UFO corridor near Vancouver City Hall. During his initial report Canadian videographer Les Murzsa stated by voicemail how his instrumental documentation shows a black disc “doing the wobbles and flipping over” while flying along a linear northwestern trajectory just after 6:00 p.m. PST on the evening of September 25, 2014. More…

UFO WENT UPWARD UNTIL IT COMPLETELY VANISHED!  by Scott Corrales. MERIDA, Yucatan – A new report concerning the presence of an unidentified flying object came in from the port of Progreso, were it is said several strange lights were seen last weekend. According to the information provided by Manuel Loría Alejos, a fan of the UFO subject for over 20 years, he went to the port on Friday, 26 September [2014] to spend the weekend at his family’s home, an activity they have been doing for several years. More…

CLOSE ENCOUNTER: MY INTERVIEW WITH CHARLES HICKSON – PART IV  by Richard Harkness. HICKSON: Right, and when I try to forget, I can’t do it, you know, I’m compelled to do something and I do it. WHAT PUTS YOU BACK ON TRACK? HICKSON: Well, it’s just…I just get on pins and needles…I get upset, I won’t eat, I can’t sleep. It’s just something that compels me to get back on what I’m doing.. More...

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MY SUMMER WITH TIME AWAY FROM THE COMMUNICATION GRID  by Chris Holly. If you have a Facebook page you may have noticed along the massive movement of passing posts a silly thing asking if you would give up all your communication devices for three months for a million dollars. Of course this is ridiculous as many of the comments on this post were how people could not live without their phones, Facebook Friends or all their other techie devices that fill their time. My bet is that in reality if this offer was made in a serious manner there would be a stampede for the money and cell phones being tossed in to the air! However on second thought many people are seriously suffering from technology addiction , I guess unless the offer was real we will never know what our addicted society would do. More…

CONSERVATIVE PORNO COUNCILLOR IS ‘DISCIPLINED’ – BUT WHAT ABOUT POTENTIAL DATA SECURITY QUESTION FOR THE WIDER POPULACE? by Pat Regan. Do we really need to have reckless people like this playing such dangerous games and at trusting taxpayers’ expense? Cllr Papworth admitted that he had been caught using a council laptop to watch pornography twelve months ago, yet that this was allegedly the ‘only’ other occasion. More...

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