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This week we remember the 11th anniversary of 9/11 and pray for those that have paid the ultimate price for freedom. Chris Holly writes about when war comes knocking. Next, Diane Tessman examines the 7 things we have in common with aliens and also contributes ‘Winds of the Mind and Wind Turbines’! Scott Corrales translates the story of the foreign woman in a hollow box and reports on another flying humanoid! Peter Dunn sent me an article about a mothership releasing orbs over the ISS. Then I report on Jesus, King of Edessa and why Evolution is a touchy object. Pat Regan reports on the Southport Air Show and examines the controversial evidence concerning Jesus. Christian Mace believes Mars’ Curiosity may have photographed a city. Karen Meyes had a UFO encounter in Getting ‘The Feeling’. New contributor S.E. McKone writes a fictional account of the night the giant rock split. Also new, Jason Francis, interviews Gerald Aartsen, concerning George Adamski and the Space Brothers. I found an article stating the Odyssey phoned home for Curiosity! Finally, Louis Hart asks ‘Have you grounded your body lately?’ Enjoy Dirk.

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Seven Things We Have in Common with the Aliens by Diane Tessman. We spend a lot of mental energy making ourselves frightened of aliens, perhaps it is time to consider what we might have in common with them. Humans do not easily perceive commonality even with other humans; we are trained to be ready to march to war and thus perceive “The Enemy” with all the usual loathsome traits whether he is Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, or Iraqi. Since our “enemies” are humans also, the terrible syndrome never ends. Then how in the world can we make the leap to finding our commonality with aliens? More… Also read: Windmills of the Mind and Wind Turbines

When War Comes Knocking… by Chris Holly. When War Knocks at Your Front Door in Your Home Town! As a New Yorker who lived through the horror of 911 I always find this time of year to be difficult and full of heartache and sorrow for all those who were savagely attacked and killed that day. My heart is with all those who lost the ones they loved in a cowardly attack on innocent defenseless people by hate filled cowards. For all New Yorkers who witnessed this act of hate and baseless slaughter I know that the images of that day and many days that followed will remain clearly forever in their memory and hearts. More…

A UFO in Name Only – Utsuro Bune by Scott Corrales.. The story first became known in Japan well into the 19th century through two books that were compilations of various curious events and fictional items based on the Japanese folklore of the time: the “Toen Shosetsu” and the “Ume no Chiri” published in 1825 and 1844, respectively. Both works included the same story, more or less, under the same title: “Foreign Woman in a Hollow Boat”. The story goes that on 22 February 1803, the residents of a Japanese village (Modern Ibaragi) saw a strange vessel floating in the sea and slowly approaching the shore. When some fishermen set out on their craft to meet it, and then towed to the beach, they found within it a young woman – some 20 years old – of unusual physiognomy, with pink skin and long red hair, who spoke to them in an unknown language as she clung to a wooden box. More… Also read: A Flying Humanoid over Santiago Chile

Amazing Mothership Releasing Orbs Above Earth by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Only for a few seconds – looking to the backside of the ISS -in broad day light – then NASA switched very fast to earth view and did not return to this view. It looks like a very big Object – far away behind ISS and you can see 4 holes looking like engines. I do not know what it is … Maybe anyone has an Idea … but it is no reflection from the ISS because the cam is outside …also the ISS has not such a lot of lights in one row ! More…plus video! Also read: Jesus, King of Edessa Also read: Evolution is a touchy subject for some people

Southport Air Show 2012: the real stars of the show, the pilots in action by Pat Regan. I have written at some length over the years with regard to unidentified flying objects involved at the Southport Air Show. However, we would not even have such a wonderful event if it weren’t for the dauntless efforts of the pilots themselves. More… Also read: Eusebius: would you trust this man to sell you a used automobile? Also read: Southport Air Show 2012 – oh no, not ‘another’ UFO!

Curiosity has photographed the city Martians August 23, 2012 by Christian Macé. Open the link below and see the new additions of photos, including the photo of the scale of the shooting of 23 August 2012. The site of the city on Mars is located at the bottom of the photo 5.5 km from ground robot Curiosity. See enlarged view above. It is not so small rocks or pebbles. Click here to see enlargement of photo! More…

Getting ‘The Feeling’ by Karen Meyers. Of particular interest to us, psychically and psychologically speaking, we find that “getting ‘The Feeling’ ” is an often reported characteristic of hundreds of UFO witnesses who either get “The Feeling” to go outdoors or to a particular location, only to see a UFO appear to them, or another group of people who get “The Feeling” to shoot a photo of a particular scene, sky or mountain, lake or ocean, only to find a UFO prominently in there photos, and bemused because they did not actually see it when they got the impulse to take the photo. More…

The Night the Giant Rock Split by S.E McKone. If the aliens had not delayed their return to Landers, California, a thinly populated hamlet in a quiet corner of the southwestern desert, the Integraton might have been completed. Designed by the aliens and built by their human conduit, George Van Tassel, the Integratron held promise to reverse the aging process in humans. More…

Spirituality and the UFO Phenomenon: an interview with Gerard Aartsen by Jason Francis. Gerard Aartsen is an educator at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands. He is the author of “George Adamski: A Herald for the Space Brothers” (2010) and “Here to Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers” (2011). He has lectured about the Space Brothers in Europe, America, and the Philippines. Having been a student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings for over thirty years Mr. Aartsen is able to take a spiritual look at the UFO phenomenon. I had the privilege of interviewing Gerard Aartsen for OM Times about why he believes the people behind the UFOs are our “Space Brothers” and their purpose in coming to Earth. More…

Odyssey Phoned Home for Curiosity by Amy Shira Teitel. Like everything they build, engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) designed Curiosity’s Sky Crane landing system to work. But nothing is guaranteed in spaceflight. The team wouldn’t know for sure whether the mission’s entry, descent, and landing (or EDL) was successful until they got confirmation from the rover. The problem was that Curiosity’s landing site in Gale Crater would be out of range at touchdown, so the team brought in a communications relay: the Mars Odyssey orbiter. More…

Grounding by Louis Hart. Have you grounded your body lately? Over a period of time, due to the extremely stressful lifestyle we live, our bodies can become loaded with negative energies. This is especially so for those who live and/or work in cities. And, of course, some neighborhoods and lines of work are worse than others. Being filled with these negative energies can be a hazard to your health and darken your attitude. Oh sure, there are probably pills for the symptoms but here is a natural and more fun way that can help ease the stress. More…

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